Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


51. Chapter 46

"You called?" Xemnas's voice resounded around you, piercing through the darkness in which you were blinded by. Footsteps could be heard before Saïx spoke.


"You're doing well."


"Who's that?" It was easy to pick out the Keyblade being summoned; that was for certain. That must mean Sora was whom your superiors were addressing. So that was what Xemnas wanted when he told you to come here. But when would he call you out of the darkness? When would you be able to see again?


"This calls for a celebration." There went Xemnas again.


"What's going on?" you shouted blindly. A hand enclosed around your mouth, and you got a brief taste of stale smoke. Luxord. Even with as much as you squirmed, it took quite a deal of effort to release yourself from the gambler.


"Maintain your silence until we have been beckoned. Who knows what your racket could give away?" For that comment, you gave him a sharp kick to the shins. How you knew where they were was oblivion to you. It was still impossible to see even your own hand in front of your face. However, you knew you'd struck gold, for Luxord gave a howl of pain, bringing a smirk to your soft lips.


"The Keyblade...a truly marvelous weapon. Were it only in more...capable hands." Laughter started erupting around you, and you instantly picked out Demyx's cheesy snicker. Apparently you were supposed to join in on the fun, for Luxord jabbed you in the ribs with his elbow. That brought a cough and a farce snigger from you.


"Show yourselves!" demanded Sora with little effort. A few seconds later, black flames shrouded your heels and brought you elsewhere. It was certainly a different experience to be summoned; the very breath was taken right from your lungs and replaced with an icy piercing to your heart. This way of travel was evidently not meant for those containing hearts within their bosoms.


Before you could cry out, your vision was back. Sora was glaring up at your comrades, shocked and angered into silence. Xemnas lowered his arms from his beckoning and returned to his proper stance. A sneer played your features as you stared down the keyblader in hushed quarrel. Disgust was written all over your face, though he could not see your true form due to the hood that shadowed it.


"Organization XIII!" Goofy cried, stating the complete obvious. The trio nodded to each other with determination before Sora spun around, enclosing his fingers into a fist.


"Good. Now we can settle this!" It was all you could do not to scoff at his feeble attempt to look strong.


"What a shame...and here I thought we could be friends," Xemnas said with dispute, voice dripping with venom. You had to hand it to him; that was an excellent choice of words to use against poor Sora's heart. The young boy was easily tweaked, and you had no doubt your superior had angered him further.


You were actually laughing this time, joined by the rest of your allies. However, you could not make yourself loud; a feminine voice was easy to pick out amongst a group of males, and you wouldn't put it past Sora to put two and two together.


Teleporting away, the Organization distanced themselves greatly, making it back to the castle without a scratch on them. Xigbar, it seemed, was the only one missing. You frowned and glanced at Xemnas.


"And...the purpose of that was...?"


"To properly introduce ourselves to the Keyblade Master, of course," he replied coolly. "It would be advisable that you return to Hallow Bastion in full mission attire." When you opened your mouth in protest, he held up a hand to stop you. All eyes were focused on the both of you, all beings fully absorbed in the conversation. It seemed as though your astonished face was rather amusing.


Taking a deep breath, Xemnas readjusted himself in his chair. The Organization had teleported back to the meeting hall, all of them placed in their assigned seats. The Superior raised his head to the ceiling in thought before focusing himself upon you once more.


"Sora will doubtlessly be seeking your company to be sure you are safe." Anger welled up within your chest as you took in what was around you. Xemnas was the only one who wasn't giving you some version of the same look- mockery. They all thought of you as a puppet, and they were nonverbally taunting you with the thought. Dammit! You were not going to make yourself a main concern in Sora's life; it would only encourage them to send more jeers.


"But what if he isn't? Maybe he's-"


"You dare question your leader's direct orders?" That one was Saïx. Gritting your teeth, you glared daggers at the man. "Instructions are instructions. Dutifully return to your mission..._(Name)_."


Laughter of derision echoed through the room, making you shake with unhidden annoyance. Most of your strength had to be applied not to snap at the Luna Diviner, but to teleport instead. Once you were clear of the presence of your companions, you inhaled deeply to compose yourself.


"Xevia!" That was clearly not Sora. Slowly, you turned to stare coldly at Demyx. Had he come to continue the fun? By the time he caught up to you, however, it was obvious that there was a different purpose for his pursuance.


"Hold on." You raised a hand and closed your eyes. A light flashed, revealing your common accouterments. "What is it?" You had finally noticed something glittering between his fingers, composed in the light of the world and shining brightly against the material of his gloves.


"I wanted to tell you that I was sorry about before. I hope you'll forgive me?" He held out the object, allowing you to gaze at the silver locket that had ancient script engraved on the front. It was of a heart shape, brilliant designs etched into the metal.


"First you send jaunts at me, and now you're courting me with a locket?" you questioned in disbelief and repugnance. Demyx looked taken aback.


"I-I wasn't laughing."


"Don't even try to lie about it." Your eyes were like icy flames, delivering the correct message to the Melodious Nocturne. "It isn't hard to pick out your horrible laugh." A mixture of pain and anger overtook his visage, and he grabbed your wrist sharply, shoving the necklace into your palm.


"I intended it as a gift, a treaty of peace...but clearly you don't want such a thing."




"What I said that night...I meant it. Since that's the only heart I have to offer, that's the one I must give to you. I don't care if you don't want it, Xevia, but at least keep it." It was evident what he was seeking, even through his outburst of hurt rage. Stifling a sigh, you only just realized what a manipulator you had become.


Your lips connected with his in fake lust as you cupped his cheeks with your hands. He returned the kiss, wrapping his arms about your waist in response. Nothing felt like it used to; the fire for him had died. Your passion burned for Xemnas, and kissing another only felt like it was forced. But you knew that if you hadn't done this, Demyx would find some way of making your life difficult.


When the two of you broke your locked orifices, he gazed at you with a small smirk. What had been attractive in his smile then was long gone. Now all you saw was your friend, whom was overtaken by lust for something he could no longer have. Finally, he broke into a true grin, stepping back from you and staring down at the locket.


"Open it," he instructed, nodding to the gift. Raising your eyebrows, you obeyed, parting the sides of the decoration. A soft tune reached your ears, causing your eyes to soften in what was actual remorse. How you'd treated him...he didn't deserve it. There was no doubt that this had truly come from his 'heart', for it was customized to make you think of him, that much was obvious.


The Reason, the song that had linked the both of you together, was composed into this small trinket, the tune played by sitar. You looked up at him in revered shock. He returned your gaze with a gentle smile.


"Did you make this?" A slow nod was his reply, allowing you to return your attention to the locket. His hand descended upon yours, gently taking it. Its response was immediate; you looked up at him with shimmering eyes of gratitude. Demyx looked back at you before slowly sliding his fingers across yours and taking the necklace with him. Before you could ask, however, he carefully turned you around and raised the chain above your head and down upon your neck.


The metal felt cold to the touch, making you shiver with delight. Nimble fingers tickled the nape of your neck as he linked the chain together. You turned when he was done, smiling.


"Thank you, Demyx." Footsteps made you snap out of your stupor, and Number 9 disappeared in a cloud of darkness. Sighing, you turned to face the approaching hero.

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