Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


49. Chapter 44

Stars winked from above, shining their light for all to see. The heavens were wide open and easy to observe from the desolate cliff in Hallow Bastion. Needless to say, it had become one of your favorite places to spend your time.


Currently, you were leaning back on your elbows, your body stretched out before you. Your legs were crossed at the ankles, and your head was tilted up to the sky. Thoughts shifted from your current mission and strategies to do your best at it to Xemnas, and then to other members that seemed so insignificant.


You were caught within your own world, your own life. Your superior was clearly the most important one in current settings, and the rest were simply pieces of memories and future events. It hardly felt like anything had even happened with Demyx, even though the memoirs were incredibly impacting.


The silence that hung thickly about the entire area was relaxing. It was relieving to know that Sora would not be making any unexpected visits there during the night; or at least, ones that you would have to attend to. There was no reason you should get less sleep than necessary, right? He was a stupid kid for such a great responsibility. Was your act not as obvious as you thought it was?


You knew he probably wouldn't be back the next day, but were certain you would have to go back to the commons of the town anyway. "Man, this mission is stupid," you grumbled aloud, bringing your arms out from underneath you so you could lie back properly to look at the stars.


A near scream erupted from your chest when you did so, and you quickly sat up before spinning your torso around. _(Color)_ eyes wide, you gazed upward in mystified horror and surprise at your sudden visitor.




"I do hope I am not interrupting something?" he politely questioned.


"No, I was just stargazing." The silver-haired man gave a grunt and stared upward as well.


"You mean worldgazing."


"Hmm? Oh...right. Whatever. What are you doing here, anyway?" His amber eyes fixed themselves upon you, shadowed by the frown that marred his visage.


"I am not welcome?"


"Well...it's not that. I suppose I just find it strange that you would be here. Is there something I forgot to do back at the castle?" Xemnas shook his head in declination. "Well then...are you just here to be here, or what?"


"I came to visit you. Is that not evident?" His low voice was plunged into a piercing cold tone that sent shivers up your spine. "Can you not just be content with my presence?"


"I-I'm sorry. I was just wondering..." Touchy, touchy...  "Did something happen at the castle? Like...did someone make havoc again?"


"No...why do you ask?"


"Because you're in a bad mood." He shot you a glare, immediately stopping your lips' movement. Sighing, he took a seat beside you, obviously having rethought his attitude. Taking your hand in his, he murmured and apology. A true giggle was emitted from you, giving Xemnas a confused look.


"What is so humorous?" Your hand broke free from his, and you smiled while shaking your head.


"That whole romantic apology thing does not work for you. By now, you should be aware that I would respect you- sour or not- and you would be forgiven even without having to say 'I'm sorry.'"


You were receiving a look of deep thought from The Superior, and quite frankly, you didn't like the gleeful sparkle in his eyes. You stuttered his name for a moment before he snapped out of it and gave you a quizzical expression.


"I should take my leave before I am missed back at headquarters." He stood, brushing his cloak off and nodding a farewell to you, to which you returned with a weak smile. With that, he departed to Castle Oblivion.


In fact, you were just about to head there yourself when you caught sight of a shadowed figure in the darkness. Though you could barely even see the silhouette of the castle, which was hard to miss, it was not difficult to tell just who had been eavesdropping on your conversation.


"Still chasing after him?" the form asked in a vigilant manner, clearly not expecting a reply to his question. "By now it almost seems as though he has at least given into your desperate calls for romance. Or is Mansex still hung up over his pet, Saïx?"


"Haha...funny, Axel," you retorted, voice dripping with sarcasm. 'He is your rival now. It is time you began thinking of him as a traitor, nothing more. He is no longer your friend.' Your breath caught in your throat as the memory of those words hit you like wildfire. What if Xemnas were to return and see you standing here with the very man he'd told you to stay away from?


"You didn't come to visit."


"Huh?" you blurted, dumbfounded.


"I told you to come to Twilight Town. Hayner, Pence, and Olette really want to talk to you."


"You really have a problem with eavesdropping, don't you?" He jolted and unfolded his arms to straighten his posture. "I mean, you listen in on them on a daily basis, and then Xemnas and I too?" A low growl resounded from around him.


"I'm looking for Roxas, alright? You should know that; you were the one who held me back from leaving!" he practically hissed through clenched teeth.


"But you still left, didn't you, Axel?" The ghost of the pain he caused you filled your very being. "You left me to suffer beneath Saïx's torture, and the Organization's pressure to unfold the mystery of your position."


Gaze averted in another direction, you turned away from him. Instead, you faced the dark and broken castle, face filled with the sadness that you'd worked so hard to rid yourself of. A hand lightly touched your shoulder, astonishing you that he had moved your way with such stealth; not a sound had been made in his shifting.


"I didn't want to leave you behind, Xevia. You've got to believe me on that."


"You were...my best friend. And now you're not there anymore."


"You can still talk to me..."


"No, I can't, Axel. Not anymore. I've been forbidden to see you. And Xemnas most likely already knows about this meeting. He seems to know everything nowadays." You grumbled in frustration, wrinkling your nose.


"Well, I'm sure he does; he has that crystal ball that any of the members are allowed to use."


"What?" You looked up in astonishment.


"Yeah...we looked into it all the time back when Sora was roaming the castle. It lets you keep an eye on people." Sighing deeply, you let your forehead fall onto his chest. A smile graced Axel's lips before he wrapped his arms around you and pulled your body against his. Almost reluctantly, you returned the embrace.


"Why is it that no matter how hard I try not to, I always end up coming back to you?" came your muffled voice. He laughed.


"I don't know...I really don't. But I do know one thing." You looked up at him in curiosity, meeting his jade stare. "We should have some fun." Eyes widening, you declined by backing up and shaking your head.


"Axel, I can't. I told you that. If I'm caught-"


"How many people really wander into your room in the middle of the night?" Opening your mouth to reply, you realized that you had nothing to say. Admitting defeat, you looked down. He lifted your chin with his forefinger, smirking at you in his general manner. "Come on; it only makes it more exciting when you take the risk."


"No," you stated firmly. "I made a promise to Xemnas. The consequences would be great if I were found with you. I'm sorry, Axel, but this is good-bye." Darkness shrouded your feet, engulfing your figure and giving you that empty feeling at the pit of your stomach that you had never quite gotten used to.


By the time you overlooked your room, however, you found that one thing was extremely out of place- Axel was laying upon your bed. Now normally, this would only bring you back to old times when you had just wandered into his room for a chat, or...because it was raining. However, slight adjustments had been made to the living space.


Instead of his usual red satin, you had replaced the bedding with silver sheets, matching pillowcases, and a black comforter, all in the silky material. The upper area of the mattress was covered with the gray pillows that were enclosed with identical cloth.


In addition to the bedding, the rug had been replaced with plush black carpeting. The walls, as well, had been painted in a rich coat of midnight. If it hadn't been for the silver, one would say that there was nothing in existence within your room, for you could not see the difference between the floors, walls, and comforter.


"I see you've made some changes," he noted with another smirk. "I must admit this does look better. A bit more on the homey side."


"It's not lustful, if that's what you mean," you replied coldly. He shrugged and grinned stupidly, instantly making you loosen up. Damn him for being so cocky and adorable.


"Is that a smile I see upon your face?" Color rose to your cheeks as you stubbornly denied it. "I think it is!"


"Shut up."


"Hey, Xevia?"




"...Are you still ticklish?" Instantaneously, your grin was replaced with a look of terror. Axel had begun to advance on you, fingers outstretched.


"No! What gave you that idea-ahahahahahaha!" His fingertips were dancing down your sides with torturous conduct. "Axel! Axel, stop!" you yelped between breaths. He only laughed and picked up the speed.


Managing to scramble away, you fled from the room and dashed down the hallway in attempt to escape. This, clearly, was not a good idea; he was hot on your tail. Laughter reverberated from the halls as you and the redhead dashed down their floors in a wild goose chase. Axel was clipping your heels, and you were running madly for your life.


Axel leapt and grabbed your ankle, tripping you and pulling you to the floor. You burst out in giggles, looking back at him with amusement. Someone nearby cleared their throat, making the two of you look up in panic.


"Xemnas!" Your eyes widened in sheer horror as you stared up at The Superior. The sound of Axel's teleportation came from behind you, alerting you that he'd gotten away safely. The silver-haired man's eyebrows furrowed in a glare as he thought over what a proper punishment would suffice.


You had broken your pledge, and there was no doubt that you deserved a harsh treatment. There would be indeed no compassion, love or not. A promise is a promise, and you had been disloyal to your comrades by fraternizing with the enemy. Oh, yes...you would suffer the pain required, though he was certain much of it would not be physical.


Sharp pain hit your wrist as Xemnas grasped it roughly, yanking you to your feet. You yipped in surprise, but he took no heed. Rather, he pulled you down the corridors and into his office. He released your wrist, but there was no doubt that he expected you to pursue.


Bright lights lit up the white room, the luminescence blinding in itself. You stood in the middle of the floor, following Xemnas with dread. His back was facing you, and there was no telling what was on his mind. In a sudden motion, he whipped around to face you.


A sharp nip stung your cheek in an instant, making you cry out in shock. With reaction, you brought your hand to your face and cupped the struck area in defense. Xemnas's amber eyes were as intense and cold as ever.


"You are never to see him again, do you understand me?" he yelled roughly. "You swore yourself to me. Don't you remember?"


Slowly, you brought your hand from your face and examined it. Crimson liquid stained its surface, making it clear just how hard the man had struck you. You held back your tears and sunk to your knees with silent sorrow. The Nobody was truly terrifying you, his expression intimidating enough, not to mention his sudden temper.


"Xemnas," you whimpered softly.


"He is your enemy!" came a scream of anger. Your eyes widened and you quickly used your legs to kick yourself against the floor in attempt to get away from him; your hands were occupied with your face. Fear was etched into each line on your visage as you stared up at your 'hero'. He growled and spun around hastily, stalking away in annoyance. A low wail escaped your throat as you whimpered gently to yourself. It wasn't the pain on your cheek, but rather the pain in...your heart.

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