Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


48. Chapter 43

The familiar ruins of the castle in Hallow Bastion loomed over the rest of the town, casting eerie shadows upon the stone streets. Not many people bustled about, but a few shops were open and awaiting customers. The sky was a murky gray, clouds hiding the usual baby-blue.


There wasn't a bag to carry this time around, much to your relief. You were leaning against a wall, in much of an Axel fashion, and impatiently hoping Sora would make haste and arrive. After an hour ticked by, you grew to be immensely bored. One hour felt like a lifetime when you were merely standing in an alleyway without entertainment.


You must have drifted off to sleep, for distant voices were drawing you from a slumber. You opened your eyes slightly to take a look around before waking up completely and pushing off from the wall. That was Sora, all right. He and his buddies were walking through the center of the kingdom.


From the shadows you appeared, feigning a curious look upon your features. When the Keyblader turned to give you an inquisitive stare, you smiled gently and held out your hand in a friendly greeting.


"You must be Sora, wielder of the Keyblade. I've heard so much about you," you stated warmly in a flattering tone. He looked astonished that you might be a fan, but instantly replaced the expression with a cocky grin before shaking your hand. "It's an honor..."


"Thank you. What's your name?" Quite glad that you were a decent actress, you realized that you were already pulling this off. Sora seemed like the type of person to consider an acquaintance worthy of giving his life for.


"Call me _(Name)_."


"Pleasure to meet you. This is Donald," he motioned to an oversized duck, "and Goofy," the brunette finished when pointing to a large dog with extremely long ears. They looked as though they might have come straight from a cartoon you'd see on TV. The pair nodded to you in acknowledgement, to which you bowed in return.


"The both of you are rather famous as well, aren't you?" you continued with obsequiousness. Donald gained a look of glee upon his face. "You must feel incredibly privileged to subsist within the shadow of someone so important to all of the worlds." Flashing a flirtatious smile at Sora, you were content to find that your act was getting its desired effect; the duck was looking fairly jealous, and Goofy appeared to be rather confused.


"Well...thanks, _(Name)_!" said a bashful Sora. "So where did you come from? You certainly weren't here the last time we visited."


"Oh? You came recently?"


"Um...not exactly. It's been about a year, but Leon said nothing about anyone new."


"Actually, I'm just passing through. I like to daydream here, but I really live in another world."




"Gawrsh, do you have a Gummi ship too?" Goofy questioned. You threw in a giggle and shook your head.


"No. I train in Ninjutsu; I can teleport."


"Wow," the three drawled in unison. You gave an embarrassed grin and shrugged.


"So how often do you come here, then?" inquired Sora with inevitable interest.


"Oh, usually on a daily basis."


"Just to daydream?"


"Well, I do other things, too...but this is a great place to pull your thoughts together. It's really quiet, and lovely around the Bailey..."


"The Bailey?" Donald echoed.


"Yes, the Bailey. No doubt you've heard of it?" With one glace at the blank looks upon their faces, you guessed not. "It's in town. Anyway, the Bailey gives you a great view of the castle, and if you wander a bit further, you'll find the crystal caverns and everything. It's beautiful there..." Most probable of you, your mind wandered to Xemnas for a brief moment.


"So you can fight?"


"Hm?" You were snapped from your thoughts by the sound of Sora's voice.


"You're a Ninja? Have you met Yuffie yet?"


"Who is-?"


"She's another Ninja...though, not a very good one," he whispered, blue eyes shifting.


"Gee! Some friend you are!" you joked, crossing your arms with a shake of your head.


"She's not a very good cook either," the duck complained.


"Donald!" scolded Goofy. You laughed and settled upon a smile.


"I'll keep that in mind. But to be honest, I really should be going. People will be starting to miss me at home..."


"What world are you from?" asked Sora. He was beginning to get on your nerves a bit; the kid asked too many questions for his own good. However, there was no time to dwell on that reflection. Oh, why hadn't Xemnas given you information to use in case something like this came up?


"I...er...you probably haven't heard of it." He raised an eyebrow, egging you onward. "Nami Islands?" The Keyblader shook his head in defeat.


"Can't say I have."


"Me neither," Donald pitched in.


"Nope," piped Goofy. You silently praised yourself for finding such a response. You were only halfway lying; Nami Islands was the place you grew up, though you were almost certain they wanted to know your current location.


"I wonder if it's anywhere near Destiny Islands?" Sora pondered.


"Or how about Hope Islands? Faith Islands? Islands of Love!" That brought a laugh out of the young man. His orbs glittered up at you, making you gladly notice that you were at least taller than him. Damn Roxas for leaving the Organization. Had he stayed, you wouldn't be the shortest of the group.


"Well it was nice to meet you, _(Name)_!" he exclaimed vigorously. "We have to be going, too. Not much time to waste. Right, guys?"


"Right!" agreed Donald and Goofy. A smile graced your lips as you waved good-bye.


"Likewise. I'll see you around, Sora. Keep an eye out for me, will you? Maybe I'll help you out on a mission sometime."


"Sounds great!" he replied with enthusiasm. "See you later!" The trio dashed off in the direction of Leon's house, leaving a smirking you behind them. This mission was falling right into place. Organization XIII was lucky to have such a gullible fool as their enemy.


It was a relief to be able to return to Castle Oblivion. The cool interior of the citadel washed over your overheated body, letting you happily readjust to the temperature you were at last accustomed to. You were just about to enter your room when a voice made your skin crawl.


"Did it go well?" Your hopes of speaking to Xemnas immediately vanished; Saïx would not be ordered to wait for your return if The Superior was not busy. You turned around to face the Luna Diviner with your chin up in a confident fashion. Knowing Saïx loved to intimidate others and manipulate their feelings, you got the best of him by making sure he never did that to you; it was always required for you to be proud, and act like the two of you were equals in order to surpass his ordeals.


"Transparently. I'm not panicking and fleeting to Xemnas's office, am I?" He gave a grunt of amusement.


"It does not appear so. Keep in mind that this mission could define whether or not we become whole. Do not take it lightly." Evidently, he was feeding upon your fear, coaxing you to believe that you could not handle the simple task of 'befriending' somebody.


"Do you think I am stupid? Every mission I am assigned, I treat it as though it were my life on the line. Don't be fooled into thinking I do not wish for you to gain a heart." A frown of disapproval marred his scarred features; he clearly did not like your attitude. Nevertheless, he had nothing to say about it...or couldn't, for you spun around and disappeared into the secure atmosphere of your room.

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