Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


47. Chapter 42

Feeling a burning gaze upon your back, you turned to face your watcher. Intense aqua met _(color)_ in a stare down. You were silently daring him to speak.


"Where have you been?" he demanded to know.


"Why do you care?"


"No missions were assigned this evening, and you were not in the castle. So where did you go?"


"It's none of your business, Demyx. Why are you so interested all of a sudden? It's not like I stood you up on some date you asked me out on. Even if you did ask me out, it'd probably be another stolen idea."


He seemed taken aback by this comment, almost hurt. You whirled around and began walking toward your room. However, his voice stopped you before you reached the door.


"There's an urgent meeting in the hall. You just missed Saïx; he was going around and alerting everyone of the sudden change." A snort erupted from your nostrils.


"So much for him not telling anyone about the meetings we were supposed to attend." Shaking your head, you went back to going into your room.


"Hey! We have to be there in five!" You acknowledged this with a wave over your shoulder before entering the one area you could call yours. It had finally ceased to smell like Axe, and had more of a floral aroma. However, the bed still had Axel's scent, and you somewhat wondered if it would ever stop holding it within the fabric.


Checking the mirror you'd installed upon the wall, you put a few stray locks back into their place and slowly brandished a smile. He had kissed you...it seemed like you had spent forever just waiting for that moment. Ever since you'd fallen on him, there had indeed been that spark of attraction, but you'd gone down a different path, and he had his work.


Groaning, you figured you should probably be getting to the meeting hall. Closing your eyes, you were engulfed in black flames and placed upon the familiar throne. When you looked around, you took notice that they had rotated again. However, what you didn't expect was that you were sitting directly across the room from Xemnas, whose chair seemed to be only a few feet taller than yours.


Never before had the seats rotated you into such a peculiar position. Demyx, it appeared, was the last to arrive. The fool, once again, decided to walk into the room before teleporting. You presumed that he enjoyed annoying the others by showing up barely on time.


Xemnas looked around before taking a deep breath to begin. You took notice of a certain gleam within his eyes, and you briefly wondered if it was because of what had recently taken place, but understood a moment later just why he seemed excited.


"Sora has awoken. It is at last time to confer Xevia's true purpose." That certainly caught your attention, and you jumped with a start.


"M-my purpose? Is this the mission I keep hearing bits and pieces about?"




"But don't we all have greater purposes now that the keyblade has been brought back?" inquired Xigbar.


"We can discuss that later," informed Saïx. "Xemnas did not call this meeting to have you badger him for attention." A yellow glare was sent in your direction, making you raise your chin with a sly smile.


"What's the matter, Xiggy? Is your crush preoccupied with someone else?" The Freeshooter's hostile stare intensified. "But does Luxord know about this new obsession of yours?" You gasped dramatically and looked over at the blonde.


"Enough!" Xaldin ordered. "Need I remind you that we cannot feel, Xevia? Save your jokes for another time. Or did you happen to miss the memo that this was an urgent meeting?" You lowered your gaze to your feet.


"Sorry," you mumbled.


"What do you mean we can't feel?" Demyx protested. All attention was quickly focused upon him.


"Have you gotten so far into your act that you've forgotten we don't have hearts?" That was Xigbar again. The sound of his voice just set your nerves on fire. How you wanted to wring your hands around his neck and-


"At least it's mildly entertaining," said Luxord, playing with three of his cards.


"Everyone." There was no need to look around for the speaker that time; the dialect was slower than usual, so it could only be one person. "There is little time to lose nowthat our enemy is back on his feet."


"Why don't I just make more time?" The Gambler of Fate offered, glancing up at his leader.


"Can we just get to the point?" you snapped, fully annoyed. That seemed to silence everyone just fine.


"Xevia, it is important that you comprehend this: I cannot tell you what the climax of your mission will be."




"There is too great of a risk you will give away your position."


"Why is it I'm the only one who doesn't know?" you whined, pouting indignantly.


"You must understand this. Do you hear me?" You glared off to the side. "Xevia?"


"Yes. I hear you," came your reply through gritted teeth.


"You are to give Sora the illusion that you are his friend; his ally. No more questions asked. Make it a routine to spend at least two hours each day at Hallow Bastion in case he visits. I would send you to Twilight Town, but there would be too much of a possibility you would cross paths with Axel."


"Speaking of which," Saïx cut in, "we'll probably be seeing a lot more trouble from the pyromaniac now that Roxas's Somebody has had his awakening. Watch your back."


"An excellent point," agreed Xemnas. "You must avoid contact with any individual that might be familiar with you as a member here. I will be making a visit to Hallow Bastion myself, and will be bringing all of my warriors to introduce them to our dear enemy. It will be required that you attend, but you must give Sora no reason to believe it is you. So, you must be silent, and hide your identity as best as you can."




"While you are there, it would be advised you apply a false name to yourself. Otherwise, there is a great chance you could be caught. Your original name, if you remember it, would do just fine."


"_(Name)_?" He nodded slowly. Had your mother not reminded you of your true name, you wouldn't have known it. "When do I make tracks?"


"The keyblade bearer has not yet departed from Twilight Town. It is advised that you should find common attire and leave for Hallow Bastion as soon as possible. It is unknown just when he will arrive."


"Common attire?"


"What, do you believe you could wear that and still have that little brat believe you're a mere commoner?" asked Xigbar with scorn. You shot him a glare.


"If you need to go shopping, I would be happy to take you," Luxord stated with a smirk.


"Er...I have clothes, thank you. I'll just wear my old outfit." In your mind, you easily pictured the familiar bustier, twilight-shaded pants, boots, silver beads, and sterling armbands. Perhaps when waiting, you could wipe out some Heartless and practice a bit with those beads of yours.


"There will be no need to check with me before you depart. You now have full permission to leave the castle whenever you fancy."


"Yes!" you whispered loudly in victory, pumping a fist.


"Good luck, Xevia." You dipped your head in venerated silence. Apparently this was a dismissal, for the other members began to disappear in puffs of black smoke. Demyx gave you one last upset look before vanishing.


When everyone was gone, you turned your attention to Xemnas and took a deep breath. "Xemnas, are you sure you're giving this mission to the right person? I've failed one mission already."


"Two," he corrected.


"...Two?" There was no response. "But...don't you trust one of the others to-"


"I am fully confident that you are the only one who can succeed this quest." You sighed and looked down. The truth was, you didn't want to spend so much time out of the castle now that the two of you had finally shown potential of sharing something together.


"Very well. Are you sure you cannot tell me-?"


"I am sorry, but I cannot. Not until you have proven to me that I can entrust you with confidential information." You nodded slowly in acceptance, though it was anything but an agreement. "Please inform Demyx that he will be handling the garbage."


"Wait- what?" you blurted in astonishment. "Does this mean I have surpassed the inferior?" Numbers, you knew, had nothing to do with superiority in the Organization. Demyx happened to be the most naïve, who also loved to complain about whichever mission he was assigned; thus, he was one of the lowest on rank.


"I believe you can be awarded with a little bit of leadership." A smile graced your lips at these words, and you nodded your thanks before disappearing into the darkness to alert Demyx of his new duties, as well as ready yourself for your upcoming mission.

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