Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


46. Chapter 41

"Your eyes betrayed you once again..."


"Well what the hell?" Your voice echoed throughout The Hall of Empty Melodies as you stood in combat stance. Currently, this training session was on pure skill; no weapons involved.


"Xevia, adjusting to this does not have to be hard," droned Xemnas thoughtfully. "Tell your mind not to look where you are about to strike, and it will no longer be a problem."


"It's not that easy! I have to look where I'm going to hit. Otherwise it'll be off." A sigh escaped The Superior's lips as he scanned your form briefly. Though it was anything but lustful, it still sent shivers up and down your spine; hopes for him to take sudden interest had not faltered, but had indeed weakened.


"While making it appear you are going to palmstrike, kick me. I do not wish to know where, just follow through, and do not look where you are kicking."




"Try it in the least." It was your turn to sigh with exasperation before you shuffled forward to face him. Amber eyes made easy, though critical judgment of any action running through your muscles. Your hand flexed to prepare for a palmstrike, and you twitched your arm for a quick moment to make the distraction. Xemnas, already knowing the entire plan, did not have his attention waver even for an instant.


At last, your leg swung upward and struck your mentor across the head in a high-kick. It fell back to its place beside your other lower limb, and you stared dumbfounded at the male before you. Despite the fact that he looked immensely perturbed that you had kicked him in the head, a small glimmer of pride was shining in his optics.


"Excellent," he declared with a nod. "You were looking at my abdomen, and even still, your targeting was just fine. Do you understand this concept now?" A light blush tinged your cheekbones; you hadn't, in fact, been gazing at his abdomen at all, but rather a bit lower. It was, as you had learned, a spot that men rather feared to be tackled. Thus, you had hoped to intimidate him.


"Yes, Xemnas," you mumbled, your stare flicking up to his face. He was watching you intently, and somehow you had presumed you had spotted a flicker of curiosity in his eyes. What was he thinking about? An idea blossomed in your mind- another 'date'. "Um...may I ask for a favor?"


The Nobody blinked slowly and nodded, turning his head upward to gaze through the ceiling. His Kingdom Hearts still seemed so empty. It made him glad that the keyblade wielder would soon be awakening to begin the job of collecting more hearts.


"Would you please meet me...later tonight? I will be waiting in the crystal caverns of Hallow Bastion." Whence he looked down upon you, a gentle smile graced your lips. A chuckle was emitted through his sealed lips.


"You do not plan to kill me? If so, it would be a worthless effort, I can assure you." You gasped, entirely taken aback. This only seemed to amuse him to a further extent. "One must assume you deny it?"


"Xemnas, I would never-"


"Understood. Crystal Caverns in Hallow Bastion. The time?" You sputtered; had you really chosen an exact moment? It was difficult to tell what part of day or night it really was.


"Ten...o'clock?" An estimate, you supposed, would do fine. Once you reached Hallow Bastion, you'd be able to tell what time it was, anyway.


"Agreed." He dipped his head in acknowledgment before walking toward the exit. When he stopped, he turned his head to the side. "I will see you there." With that, he was gone. Now what you had to figure out was what to make him.


Onto the kitchens you strode, different thoughts racing through your mind. The best thing you could decide upon was steak, which wouldn't be too hard. You had lived on your own for a while in an apartment back in the city. Of course, you'd gotten the place for free when the landlord had considered her life was on the line. But since you'd made a living by your lonesome, you'd had to learn to cook by yourself as well. It looked as though Xemnas would get to try your amazing marinated steak.


Checking the cupboards, the freezer, and the refrigerator, you were happy to find that all necessary ingredients were already purchased and stored. Thus, you got to work. It wasn't long before you were packing things up. Wine glasses, which...yet again, you had to borrow from Luxord. He was beginning to suspect something was going on between a man and 'his woman'. You had replied, "Really? I don't understand why anyone would want to take Xigbar from you." He didn't like that...


Sighing, you glanced up at the ceiling. Kingdom Hearts still shone, never altering its light upon the empire beneath. Muttering, you assumed you were probably running a bit late already. Grabbing the picnic basket, you disappeared into the cool, dark depths.


A blue hue touched your visage as you stepped into a lighter world. It was indeed night, for stars were shining in the heavens above (outside, anyway), and a great full moon had risen over the ruins of the old castle. Luckily, your date- if you could call him that- had not yet arrived.


Stepping out of the cavern, you laid a blanket near the edge of the cliff nearby. You kneeled beside it and pulled out plates, silverware, and the wine glasses. These were followed up by the food and napkins. For finishing touches, you lit some candlesticks that were fit snugly into candleholders.


It was out of pure fortune that you'd made it back into the grotto just in time for Xemnas to appear. You greeted him with a smile and a slight bow, to which he responded to with a nod.


"It's ten o'clock, I presume?"


"Precisely ten o'clock. Now...what is it you desire to show me?" he inquired, amber optics narrowing with curiosity. Another smile spreading across your lips, you held out your arm in the direction of the picnic.


"After you, sir." A frown marred his features as he walked past you before stopping.


"I am not at all reassured you aren't attempting to take my life. You did not help your case just there." With an exasperated sigh and a roll of your eyes, you grabbed his hand and began dragging him toward the cliff. "Wonderful...a ravine. Are you wishing my neck to break at the bottom?"


"And I suppose you expect me to think you're suddenly blind?" you snapped in retort. "There are candles, you fool. Take a seat...I made the dinner myself."


"Oh...death by food poisoning. I suppose it wouldn't be an incredibly painful way to pass on, but-"


"Shut up! It is not poisoned! Argh..." You forced him to sit down before taking position on the other side of the blanket eastern-style. When you looked up at him, however, it only annoyed you further to see that he was smirking. Had you ever thought Xemnas smirking possible, you probably wouldn't have been so shocked. So, naturally, you stared at him with an odd look. Laughter erupted from the man before you as he shifted into the same sitting stance as you. "You- you're mocking me!"


"No, I am not. I am merely taunting you."


"Same thing!"


"I can assure you that there is a difference." And with that, he reached for his silverware and began to dig into the steak. Along with the meat, there was a siding of freshly baked biscuits, green beans, and twice-baked potatoes.


It was then that you realized you hadn't poured the wine. You did so, filling the glasses nearly to the brim with the rich red liquid.


"It's not Spanish this time. In fact, I made sure it was decently weak. We wouldn't want a recurrence of what happened last." The Superior raised a silver eyebrow. "What? That hangover hurt!"


"You do not recall what took place within The Hall of Empty Melodies that night?" he asked disbelievingly. Your cheeks flushed with color as you bashfully looked down at your food.




"Truly smashed, weren't you? How pitiful..."


"Oh, and like you can talk! You were the one that got me like that in the first place!"


"Oh? How so?" You opened your mouth to reply, but hesitated. Why was it his fault?


"Be-because you made competition! The wine was getting hogged by another, and it only made me want it more." Xemnas rolled his eyes at your pathetic attempt to convince him. "You know what?" His gaze flicked upward to you, a stern expression marking his face. "You know- never mind..."


Originally, you would have told him to shut it, but considering the circumstances, it was best not to. Especially with that intimidating stare he brandished. Damn him for overpowering you so easily!


"The steak is wonderful," he muttered after swallowing. This instantly caught your attention. Happiness swelled within you, and it made you briefly wonder just when it had become so important to impress him.


"Er...thank you," you stuttered, reaching for your glass. You raised it to your lips and sipped it, nearly coughing it back out again. Upon his questioning look, you mumbled, "It's not...mixed well enough."


You went to swirling the liquid inside the goblet until you decided it was worth another try. Much to your relief, the next swig was much better than your first. Lifting your face to the sky, your eyes widened with curiosity.


"Is it true what they say? That every one of those stars is a world?"




"...That's a lot of worlds." Going back to eating, you silently cursed yourself for such a weak try at making conversation. Your mind certainly was not in the stars, but closer to home. "H-how are the potatoes?"


The man nodded slowly in approval, and you immediately took the hint to stop asking about the food. It was evident he was enjoying it, so there was no need to question that. But what were you supposed to say? The silence was incredibly awkward, making dialogue necessary.


"After this, there is something I would like to show you as well," declared Xemnas. Your eyes flicked upward in surprise.


"Really?" He looked at you and nodded, and it was then that you realized he was over halfway finished with his meal, and you had not even started on the food. Luckily, your dinner was of a smaller portion.


Quickly, you began to intake the edibles on your plate, swallowing them nearly whole in order to catch up. He must have noticed your urgent need of haste, for he cleared his throat to get your attention.


"Hmm?" you hummed.


"Slow down; you'll choke. I don't want to have to explain to the rest of the Organization why you came back from dinner as a corpse." You flashed him a weak smile and obeyed, now shyly eating your meal.


A few moments of silence passed before the two of you were finished and drinking wine with content. Though your concentration was purely fixed on the castle and the scenery behind it, you could still feel Xemnas's eyes upon you. When he'd caught your attention, he raised his brows.


"Are you ready?" He had apparently completed his alcohol. Swallowing yours quickly, you nodded faintly.


"I just have to teleport these back to the castle," you informed, indicating the picnic supplies. Within a minute's time, you had blown out the candles, repacked the dishes, and disappeared into the darkness. You returned a few seconds later, only to have your waist cradled by Xemnas's arm.


Instantaneously, your cheekbones had turned a bright shade of pink. It was unnecessary, however, which you had realized once you discovered his intentions. A portal surrounded the both of you, bringing you to a different area.


Swirls of black and purple darkness surrounded you, bits and pieces of rock making stepping-stones within the pool of shadows. Chills crept up your spine as you took in the outlook of the area. However, much of that had to do with not only the climate, but also the man removing himself from your form.


Nonetheless, he didn't truly get a chance to step away from you, for you had leapt back into his arms with your teeth chattering. When he stared down at you in confusion, you grinned weakly.


"It's cold..." came your explanation in a small voice. He gave a disbelieving grunt before lowering himself to the ground. Of course, you followed, positioning yourself in the crook between his legs.


Leaning backward, you snuggled yourself into his figure, seeking any heat he had to offer. A sigh heaved through his chest before he cradled your waist yet again, but this time with two arms, not one. Tingles pricked through your skin at his slightest touch, and it wasn't hard to admit that you felt immensely secure in his embrace.


The man's form finally spread heat to your back, applying comfort to your nerves. You rested your head backward and onto his shoulder, looking up at the heavens. Xemnas stiffened at once from this action before it hit you with hard realization that this was a very intimate pose. With a nervous laugh, you increased the distance between the two of you by sitting upward only slightly.


"So...does this beat filing paperwork?" you questioned with a smile. He shook with laughter, making you shudder in surprise. It was a bit different to truly feel the vibrations throughout his torso than to just hear the laugh that suited him so well.


"Indeed. I rarely seem to have time to clear my mind and accept the moment the way it is. When I am not working on my studies, it appears there is always need to calm a frustrating situation with one of my inferiors."


"Why would you have that sort of problem?" It hadn't struck you that anyone would be unhappy with Xemnas's leadership, nor had you truly ventured into thought that it wasn't only you he guided, but quite a few other people as well. Sure, you had attended meetings and watched him show leadership, but it had never really dawned on you that he had other responsibilities in addition to paperwork, your training, and missions.


"Some still have yet to accept my superiority," he calmly explained. "They do not trust me to follow through with our plans, and believe we should do it differently. Many of them hate me, but that is to be expected when you are a leader."


"Well I like you..." you said meekly. Your only answer was hardening muscles against your back. Once again, your face flushed with color. "I mean...I think you're a great leader. And...oh, I don't know...please respond," you pleaded.


Feeling him lean forward against you did not help your embarrassment, nor did his next action. With his lips dangerously close to the nape of your neck, the distance was closed between your figures. His breath felt hot and misty against your skin, making you shiver with delight.


"Does it kill you to know that I cannot feel the same?" It was your turn to stiffen, recognition striking you hard. Understanding that he could not feel was so easily forgotten, and you had to confess that you had indeed disregarded it. Sputters rushed through your lips as you hurried to find a way to reply.


"Xemnas..." you whispered with uncertainty. Turning your upper body around, you faced him with eyebrows curled upward and eyes shimmering with undeveloped tears. He grunted with mirthless amusement and touched your lips with his.


The movement had caught you by surprise, but it sent ripples of shock and pleasure into every tingling nerve within your body. You eagerly returned the heated kiss, flipping the rest of your body around and throwing your arms around his shoulders. His hands rested upon your hips in a neutral fashion, which you failed to recognize as another sign that he could not feel this emotion; for once again, it had been overlooked that he was a Nobody.


Upon your knees, you inched closer, fervently trying to increase the intensity of the embrace. You nibbled his bottom lip while he worked your top, though this kiss was destined to go no further than it already had. It was undoubtedly not lust you had flowing through your veins, pushed by your beating heart that desperately desired that this continue. But, just as quickly as it had begun, the spark of bondage ended.


Never before had you felt such an extreme passion for another soul; the overwhelming emotion was nothing like you'd had for someone else. The attraction was undeniable, and it did not falter for even a second after that shared memory.


Amber orbs stared into yours with their intensified nature, making you smile, lightly brushing his lips. Unbeknownst to you, Xemnas had noticed how easily you forgot that he could not feel even a bit of that. Had you not cared, or truly failed to recall what he had previously stated? He couldn't quite figure it out, but whatever it was, it could prove useful in the future. Besides, who was to say if he had a heart that he wouldn't love you?

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