Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


45. Chapter 40

Had there been a refuge from Xemnas's sudden haste to get things done, you would have given anything to find it. He was running his members ragged, getting ready for some big event that supposedly everyone had been waiting for. Everyone but you, that is.


Having questioned the man more than a thousand times, you still couldn't figure out why he wouldn't answer. Your superior simply stared at you in deep thought before appearing to realize something and turning around to write it down. However, even with his demanding attitude, you were still finding every excuse to spend another moment with him.


On the other side of things, Demyx had been getting on your last nerves. Loaded down with training, you were thoroughly fatigued by the end of the day, and the blonde never seemed to understand why. At each minute, he would either be in your room, or following you around the castle and endlessly rambling.


Now, while you walked toward your bedroom, you almost feared what was awaiting you. It might be Demyx, but then again, it could be Luxord. The Gambler of Fate had decided to make his presence well known once more and had been paying you little visits now and then.


Had you been getting any redheaded visitors lately? Though you would never admit it to anyone else, yes. Axel had refused to take 'no' for an answer when you'd told him that you couldn't see him anymore. In fact, it seemed that ever since you'd ordered him to stay away, the firebug had been appearing more frequently.


This made it possible for your seductive buddy to be awaiting you as well. Whoever happened to be there, you considerably pitied them. You were in a worse mood than usual; Xemnas had been giving you letters to deliver again.


The portal was numb against you as you walked into the room with a yawn. Not even bothering to look at the bed, you knew who it was instantly. The stance was one that only someone of a childish stature would take.


"Demyx, take my dish duty. I'm too tired tonight to do a thing," you mumbled in a soft tone.


"B-but I just did it three days ag-"


"That's an order," snapped your voice bitterly. The young man's eyes widened in surprise, but he obeyed nonetheless. You were too weary to take notice of the fact that someone had listened to a command of yours.


The bed was undoubtedly a comfort as you dropped onto its surface with a moan of exhaustion. Had anything decided to prevent you from sleeping, they'd better have said their prayers before making an approach. For not only were you tired, but it was closing in on your time of the month as well.


Breath felt warm against your neck, and you didn't need to think twice before knowing who it belonged to. The warm body was pressed against your back, an arm draped about your waist casually. You flipped over to face the pyromaniac with a snarl. It seemed to catch him by surprise.


"Aw, not in the mood?" he teased, pouting.


"Axel, seriously...it hasn't happened before. What makes you think I'd be willing to now?" you retorted, glaring.


"I can have hopes, can I not?" he replied, red eyebrows raised. You sighed and rolled your eyes.


"Even if I did give in, you are aware that I would not be able to actually do anything with you, correct?" His confused expression told you otherwise. Sighing, you continued. "If anyone ever heard us, someone would be sent to investigate. I would be killed, do you understand? Or worse: thrown out." A smirk crossed his features as he eyed your visage.


"Hear us, hmm? Does that mean I'd make you scream?" You scoffed in disgust and turned back over, your back facing him. The only change was that your tensed muscles clearly gave the message of 'back off'.


Axel seemed to rethink speaking, for a deafening silence fell upon the room. As much as it was forbidden for you to see the man, you couldn't help yourself but looking forward to his visits. Not only was the company more enjoyable, but the room was back to its usual temperature during his stay.


"Does that mean you're not going to give it a shot?" he asked at last, inquiringly cocking his head. Pursing your lips, you gave him the cold shoulder.


"Go away, Axel." The movement of The Fluffy of Dancing Flames could be felt through the mattress as he climbed from the bed and stood up straight.


"Promise you'll come visit me? At least in a few days...you can see your friends then too," came an unwanted suggestion.


"My...friends?" you echoed with confusion.


"Hayner, Pence, Olette, and...Roxas." Wrinkling your nose in disgust, you turned your head to face him.


"You've got to be kidding me. Why should I-"


"They keep talking about you. Perhaps you should say hello? I'm sure Olette could use some guidance..." And with that, darkness engulfed the man, leaving an empty area, as well as a puzzled you behind.


"Axel, wait-!" It was too late to stop him. What had he meant by Olette needing guidance? Wasn't she just fine? A gasp escaped your lips as you thought of the possibilities. Oh, how terrifying it would be if her fish had died! Or better yet for you- Omar had been brutally murdered.


It was sad to say that a maniacal laugh echoed throughout your room as you pictured the slaughter of the annoying teenager. After that had passed, you began to think seriously. Was it possible Olette was pregnant? It would almost seem like a typical situation needing advice.


You groaned with fatigue. Your mind was far too foggy to be thinking up situations for role modeling. However, just as sleep was about to overtake you, a sound erupted near your door.


"Oops," mumbled a high voice.


"Oh no," you moaned, sitting up. "Demyx, what are you doing in here?"


"I finished the dishes!" he replied cheerfully. "You owe me."


"Not a chance..."


"Anyway, what'cha wanna do?" Your eyes widened as you realized that he intended on spending time with you.


"Er...sleep. Thank you very much. Now good-bye."


"Eh?" he croaked in confusion. "You don't want to take a walk? It's a lovely night..."


"Demyx, it's almost always a lovely night. The moon never changes!" He stared at you before shrugging with a hurt look in his eyes.


"I just wanted to-"


"Oh, fine!" Your legs were tossed over the side of the bed before you straightened your posture. "I no longer owe you for dishes. Go on." You pointed to the door in indication that he should lead the way.


The blonde took the hint and would have soundlessly obeyed except for one difference. Demyx opened a portal in front of him and motioned for you to go in. Too tired to question, you entered the depths and walked the distance through the tunnel. Colors swirled around you before you exited through the other side.


The musician was right behind you, but you could only feel his presence...literally; his hands had covered your eyes in an instant, and he was now leading you somewhere in the unknown.


"Demyx, what the-?"


"Shh," he cooed softly. "Just wait a moment..."


"Where are we?" you demanded to know, letting him guide you even though you stumbled here to there.


"Hollow Bastion. This is where Xemnas said you'd be doing most of your mission. Just...not here..." His hands released themselves from your face and allowed you to look around. You gasped in astonishment, eagerly reaching out to touch the glittering walls.


Crystals lined the cave, their dim blue luminescence lighting up the faces of its visitors. Its magnificence was strong as the moonlight hit the quartz and caused an even more abnormal shimmer. Your breath was caught in your throat as you turned to smile at him.


"It's beautiful..."


"I thought you would like it here," he said proudly. A frown crossed your face as you looked downward, not noticing just how much like Xemnas you were becoming.


"...Who's idea was it for you to come here?" Suspicion was a part of you now, and questions were a second language. The world itself was no longer self-explanatory, and you wanted to know every side of every story.


"H-huh?" he sputtered, dumbfounded.


"Did Axel give you the idea to take me here?" Apparently you were right, for a blush hit his cheeks so suddenly, it was like lightning.


"I- erm- well..."


"He was going to take me here, wasn't he? And he told you, but now that he's gone..."


"It was my idea to take you here," declared Demyx defensively.


"Oh? You mean it was your idea to bring me to this place once Axel was out of the way?" He fell silent, arousing a sigh from your lips. "You're really something, Demyx. Y'know...you almost had me fooled."


You left him in that cave, crushing his hopes of any potential of piecing the lost relationship you'd had with him back together. At last you were able to rest upon your bed with not only exhaustion, but a slight twinge of anger as well. Demyx had deceived you...now it was your duty to keep a watch out for that in the future. Who knows what he might decide to steal from someone else?

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