Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


44. Chapter 39

A sigh brushed past your lips as you raised your wrists to your waist. The weapons disappeared from your fingers in a bright flash of luminescence. Katashi let out a breath of relief, closing his eyes for a brief moment to calm himself.


You chuckled mirthlessly, making his orbs reopen instantaneously with curiosity. He fixed you with a questioning stare, bringing a leer to the corners of your lips.


"You are going to die anyway. It only pleasures me more to know that you'll suffer for a few days before death takes its course." A deep laugh erupted from the man beneath you, but it quickly turned into a coughing fit.


"What makes you think I'm going to die?" he rasped. You gave him a disgustingly sweet smile, letting it spread to every corner of your face except your eyes.


"No one can survive a stab to the stomach, excluding one area...but that space is only big enough for the blade of a dagger or something smaller. Certainly not the jagged end of a chakram." For a moment, fear flickered in his eyes, but it easily calmed.


"Then I guess this is good-bye?"


"I suppose it is," you replied coolly. "And...I'll just take those hook swords off your hands." He laughed hoarsely.


"No matter; I have my katana," he stated nonchalantly. You gave a mirthless snigger.


"What do you plan on using it for? Ending the pain? Either way, you die. That's enough satisfaction for me." A crazy smirk spread across his face, causing your brows to furrow downward. It crossed his features as he looked directly in your eyes.


"Xevia, you are the most vexing Organization member I have ever had the displeasure to meet...but you're beautiful, all the same..." You drew back in appall, optics wide with surprise.


"That's enough! I'm not talking to you anymore!" Darkness shrouded your feet and entwined your legs, constantly moving upward before a globe took you completely. Finding yourself back at the castle, you sighed with relief and began heading toward your room.


Demyx flew past you, running at full speed. You gasped in annoyance at the almost-collision, turning to see what the rush was about.


"Hey! Do you mind? What's the rush for, anyway?" you called after him.


"Late for...meeting! Can't...talk!" he yelled back over his shoulder.


"What?" you basically screamed in astonishment. If Xemnas found out you were back and hadn't attended, he'd have your head for sure. You took off running after the blonde, taking a sharp turn into the meeting hall. Wait...duh!


Concentration was focused on Roxas's old chair, and you found yourself once again engulfed in the chilling night-like flames. A moment later, you could feel the cold marble seat beneath you, and you looked down to make sure you were in the right spot.


Taking a deep breath in horror, you realized that you were not in uniform. "Shit," came a muttered cuss word from your lips. Quite a few of the members were gazing at you quizzically. By the time Demyx entered, you were seriously tempted to quickly teleport to your room, change, and return, but by that time it was too late.


Xemnas appeared upon his throne, his hood shadowing his tanned face. Instantly, you could feel his hot eyes upon your flesh, making you hurriedly curl up, resting your head on your knees. He appeared to be attempting to put something together that he could say, but must have thought otherwise, for he turned to the rest of the members.


"All of you have attended as requested. Good..." he bellowed, his deep voice sending chills through your spine. "I would like to address the traitor."


You frowned in confusion, lowering your legs over the edge to lean in with interest. Who was this traitor he spoke of? Had you missed a meeting?


"Axel has been spotted in the computer room numerous times, but has somehow managed to get away," spoke Xigbar, eyeing you with a glare. Your jaw dropped; was he accusing you of something? Unfortunately, Xemnas followed the Freeshooter's gaze and was currently looking at you.


"I haven't seen him in the computer room at all," you spoke, your voice cracking. Silently cursing yourself for feeling nervous beneath The Superior's stare, you forced yourself to continue. "And if I had, don't you think I would have said something? He is my enemy...right, Xemnas?" You tore your own glare from Patchy to look up at the silver-haired man.


"That is true," began Xemnas. "But it seems you have a growing reputation with fraternizing with the enemy."


"E-excuse me?"


"I will not hide this information from the rest- Xevia," he said, facing the rest of them, "was seen locked in a passionate...embrace with Katashi, the very man that killed our next member." Instantaneously you felt six angry glowers in your direction.


"He kissed me; not the other way around!" you protested.


"If my vision was correct, you returned this sign of affection. This is direct betrayal of the Organization. Had you not a greater purpose for you in the future, I would have had one of my members finish you off." Your jaw hung agape in shock, but before you could say anything, Saïx added something to the mix.


"We have no need for someone only half useful..."


"Oh, I believe she could be used for other things," mused another voice in a British tone. You glared daggers at a smirking Luxord. "We could always use some entertainment."


"I don't think a freak museum is something Organization XIII could really be entertained with," droned Xigbar coldly. You curled your upper lip in a snarl, biting back a retort.


"I was thinking more along the lines of a human body museum," drawled the gambler thoughtfully. Demyx growled deeply in his chest, clenching his fists with angst.


"Enough!" Xaldin shouted, clearly perturbed. "We are here to discuss plans for Axel, not a walking whorehouse. Besides, I'd like to see you try to woo her again, Luxord." He sent an amused glance to you, which you returned with a grateful smile.


"So what are we supposed to discuss about Axel?" you asked, kicking your legs against the bottom of the chair.


"The pyromaniac will have to stay clear of our computers. We must change the passwords to prevent him from accessing," Saïx stated. "The new code will be...'access code'." Eyes wide with disbelief, you smacked your hand against the armrest.


"Are you kidding me?" echoed your voice. "Axel is a sharp mastermind. We all know that. He's been here long enough to know your tricks; access code will be one of his first guesses."


Xemnas immediately turned to look at you, the light hitting beneath his hood so you could spot his expression. Faint pride and surprise lingered in his eyes for a moment at your actions, but he hid them as soon as Xaldin replied.


"You prove a point, Xevia. Axel was our assassin...killers have to be sharp and on top of their surroundings. Otherwise they end up dead." He turned to look at the blue-haired man nearby. Saïx stroked his chin in thought.


"I say we do the obvious, but not-so-obvious." That was you again, drumming your fingers against the marble. "Why not make it his name? It's something he would never guess because it no longer is a part of us."


Once again, Xemnas's face lit up with admiration for his apprentice, the ghost of a smile upon his olive lips. Looking around at the rest of the members, you realized you must have struck gold, for they were all nodding in agreement. Well, except Demyx. He was dangling practically over the edge with his legs swinging.


"Xevia." When you'd heard your name, you jumped and quickly looked up at its speaker. Xemnas had lowered his hood and was now fixing you with a thoughtful stare. "In order for you to succeed, it will be required for you to put Axel in your past. Do you understand?"


Blinking, you bit your lip and stared at your feet with uncertainty. This would mean no more late-night visits from the firebug, and no more daytime visits from you, other than the times you would spy on him. Reluctantly, you finally gave a nod, which seemed to satisfy the aerial-blade wielder.


"That won't be a problem," you said cheerily, putting on a fake smile to fool them all. However, as you predicted, Xemnas saw right through it.


"You are not fooling anyone, Xevia. I will need your word that you will commit to this...commit to me." You blinked up at him with eyes wide and shimmering in the light. Opening your mouth, you chose your words carefully.


"I would give my life for you, Xemnas, for you were the one that kept it alive. You have my promise. I will view Axel as an...enemy," you choked with difficulty. The amber-orbed man blinked and nodded in dismissal.


Immediately, you teleported back to your room and turned to look at the picture of Axel and Roxas. It was almost a reaction that you reached into your pocket and pulled out the keychain you'd made and, luckily, stolen back from Katashi. It hung before you eyes as you raised your fist above your head.


Laughing faces were lit with amused glee from when the picture was taken. It was lies...right? All lies. Axel could not feel happiness, so you shouldn't feel remorse when hunting him down either, correct? Your sharp turn upon a coarse path was unexpected...and unobvious. The changes you'd made in yourself that day changed the course of your future, changed and...endangered.

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