Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


40. Chapter 36

Your evaluation was that Nami Island had a lot of H²O. You had just passed a very large lake, and you were now standing in front of a pool of water. It reflected the sky, its completely still surface complimenting the scenery.


It was obviously man-made, for its rectangular shape was much like that of a pool, though the water was only about two feet deep. As much as you wanted to touch it, you resisted as to not disturb the liquid.


Your _(color)_ gaze flicked upward coldly North. The forest was just ahead. You could see the treetops risen against the sky, magnificence surrounding the wooded area. It was astonishing just how breathtaking the scenery really was, but you had no time to stop and tour the place.


Passersby gave you a few odd looks, which was not surprising, hence your attire. You'd found the place much warmer than you'd expected, so you'd shed yourself of the Organization cloak. Had you been wearing the true uniform, you would currently be standing around in gloves, boots, black pants, and your bra. However, you had chosen your own set of accouterments.


Your hair was unusually pulled up into a bun, though two locks of hair accented the flanks of your face. A midnight blue bustier clothed your torso, strings in a corset fashion, though in the front rather than in the back. Black pants hid your legs, but they were anything but tight. Instead, they gave you about an inch of airspace around your entire leg between your skin and the material. Black laced boots rode high upon your knees, ending the 'poof' of the pants at your kneecaps. Silver beads that had been wrapped many times decorated your wrist, but the bracelet was not your average female's accessory.


 A baldric rode upon your shoulder, a katana sheathed within its hard casing. Brushing against your hips were your sais, neatly strapped within your usual belt. At last, you brought over your face a black veil, hiding your lower facial visage. No one that didn't see you on a daily basis would recognize you when clothed so differently, for now you had apparel much like that of a Ninja.


When had you gone shopping? On your free time of course! The timing had actually been quite perfect to leave; for it just so happened Luxord was looking for you just as you had grabbing your munny pouch.


You barely made a sound as you moved swiftly through the trees. A sound echoed behind you, making you question whether or not it was possible you were being followed. Not a second was wasted before you shimmied up a tree and moved through the branches, never slowing.


At last you took a break upon a lower branch that was about eight feet from the ground. You straddled the wood, your legs dangling beneath you. Water felt good against your dry throat as you guzzled the liquid from a canteen. It was certainly about time for a small meal.


You nibbled on a biscuit and some smoked fish. A moment later, you were gazing thoughtfully east. The crumbled ruins, not too far off, looking promising for a place to find a hiding Katashi. They would offer adequate sheltering for a rogue like him, and his legions could be within an underground tunnel. You had no idea how precise your guess had been.


The stone loomed before you, glowing in the moonlight. You reached out and touched some ancient writing that was painted upon one of the sides. It was of a rich red color, but was harder to see through the maroon hue that was cast upon the earth by the bloodred sky, which was now dotted with billions of stars.


Fresh frost beneath your feet glistened upon each blade of grass, and crunched quietly as you moved into the relics. Shadows engulfed your form, making only your silhouette visible. This would often help, but not in this case; if someone happened to spot you, they wouldn't think just a traveler, for they would see your glinting sais upon your belt, as well as your katana slung across your back. One could easily think you were some sort of bandit or assassin, even though in the past you were not too far off from either of those titles.


The area was vacant, but by the looks of it, the usual occupants had recently left. Perhaps they knew about your mission of conquest. It would be no surprise; Katashi wasn't an idiot. One leg at a time, you lowered yourself over the edge of the crater in the center of the remains.


A small cavern was dug about twelve feet into the ground, its walls rocky and easy to maneuver yourself upon. All it took was a matter of planning where to put your foot next and where to grab next with your hand.


You shifted your right leg over and pressed it onto a rock, shifting your weight in that direction just slightly. A few grains of sand crumbled beneath it before the entire leverage gave way. You let out a yelp instead of a scream, your stealth skills still winning over in a startling situation, as you plummeted toward the cavern floor.


Your back collided heavily with coarse gray stone, the wind knocked clear from your lungs. A cough escaped your throat as you groaned and writhed in pain. Had you been any higher, the fall would have shattered a hip.


You propped yourself up using your arms and let out a mixture of a wince and a groan. Much to your surprise, a pile of burned logs rested directly to your left, ashes crowded around them like a black cloud. You reached out and touched the scalded wood, drawing your hand back and letting the heat leave your fingers. By your guess, Katashi and his partners had left about an hour before your arrival, for the charcoal was still quite warm.


A little ways off, beneath an overhang of rock, rested a pile of more logs. With a sigh of relief, you heaved yourself to your feet- painfully, mind you- and stumbled over to it. One by one you lifted the firewood and added them the heat-emitting embers.


"Flint...where did I put the flint?" you murmured while searching through your bag desperately. Shivers were already racking your body, alerting you that it was definitely time to set up camp.


The flint was buried within your blanket, and upon the discovery of the lost items, you let out a cry of joy. Kneeling beside the wood, you struck the two pieces together. It took quite a while for the fire to start, making you silently wish you had Axel's companionship for such a mission. Not only would the pyro come in handy for a source of heat and company, but his presence might ward Katashi off long enough for you to let him know that the two of you shared very similar blood.


Your _(color)_ gaze flicked upward as though expecting The Flurry of Dancing Flames to suddenly appear on cue. Instead of seeing a friendly face, only silence greeted your lonely eyes. With a sigh, you sat down next to the fire and dragged your bag over to a spot beside you.


A blanket was laid upon the rock flooring when you had found a flat enough spot that was within the heat range of the flames, and you climbed onto it in exhaustion. Right after you'd pulled out your other blanket for warmth, you grabbed a few things to eat as well.


You tore at the smoked fish, gulping it down with a drink of water. Your expression was unreadable as you stared directly ahead, making sure that you couldn't even see the fire within your peripheral vision; if an emergency were to occur, you would need your sight to be clear. A fire blinds its watcher during the night.


Your thoughts strayed to Xemnas, as well as to the Organization members. It was interesting to be sitting here and reminiscing memories with yourself, for you often had no time to think back at the castle. When you weren't busy, you were meditating, which required either no thinking at all, or focusing on a faraway paradise. Now that you could actually daydream by yourself, you wondered what was going on back at Castle Oblivion.


~*--Castle Oblivion--*~


"Must you keep pestering me? What makes you so sure I know where she is?" drawled the voice of Xigbar, tweaked with annoyance at the fact that The Melodious Nocturne was following him everywhere, demanding to know of your location.


"You're an authority figure! Surely you would know about a mission or something?"


"Don't you think she would have shared that with you? Maybe she's out for a walk or something. I don't really care. She has her own life, and so do the rest of us. Let's leave it at that." Upon his leave, Demyx silently wondered if Luxord had possibly kidnapped his companion. With narrow eyes, he set out to find you once again.


A few hours later with no success, Demyx trudged back to his room, completely distracted to feel the intense heat radiation throughout the room. He must have sensed something, for his aqua eyes looked up and widened in alarm.




~*--Forest-Nami Island--*~


Heat welcomed you when you settled into the blanket. The cave flickered in the light of the flames, Axel's face swimming into your mind as a result. It was strange not having him as a comrade any longer, and though he'd been gone for quite a while, you still found it hard to adjust. There weren't any more walks through the empty corridors for the two of you to share, deep in conversation with one another.


A smile graced your lips as you recalled when you first joined. Man, what a stuck up you had been to the poor guy. But he had called you a whore! That deserved punishment of its own...right?


Still you felt the guilt that had weighed heavy within your chest for never saying sorry to your good friend. Never saying sorry for being so rude to him, and starting off on the wrong foot. Had he not pulled rank on you that one day and ordered you to take a walk with him, you most likely wouldn't be worried about him so much during an important mission as such. Damn him for inhabiting your heart like he had.


Hours had passed since you had first started the fire. It was hard to believe you had been thinking for so long, your mind mainly on the trio of the members you were closest to: Xemnas, Demyx, and Axel...though Axel was no longer a member.


You sighed and buried your face into your arm, closing your eyes. The pyromaniac forever haunted your memory, whether you were training, or even spending the night with you watery neighbor. He was like a plague that forever burdened you, and it hurt you even more to think about how he'd left you. Had you not been a friend to him, or was Roxas just better?


Sleep took you swiftly and without a sound, and you were lulled in the thick blackness of a good rest for hours on end. Certainly it was late into the night, or perhaps very early into the morning. Sure enough, light was beginning to spread across the horizon as the sun made its way to the world above. Clouds hid its shining features however, allowing you to sleep even longer. A drop of water made you stir. There it was again. Your eyelids fluttered, but stayed shut.


Pouring rain suddenly came showering upon you, making you sit up with a start. How long had you been out? Your fire was certainly long gone, the embers no longer warm. When you reached for your bag so you could quickly pack the blankets to keep them dry, you froze and stared straight ahead at the figure that was standing before you. He smirked at you cheekily, eyeing you with interest. Just as you grabbed for the handle of your sword, you caught the glint of a very sharp blade in the sunlight. Another flash could be seen, making you squint before widening your eyes in recognition.


Katashi stood in front of the pile of coal, a pair of hook swords at his sides. You certainly weren't dull enough to know that this was not the only weapon he brandished. Just as you had feared, the Organization was not the only group that had mastered the summoning of deadly weapons.

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