Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


38. Chapter 35

"It wasn't my fault Katashi found me first!"


"You could have watched your steps a little more carefully. I'm sure you'll find yourself entrusted with a lot less missions in the future." You narrowed your eyes at Xemnas, your jaw clenched. A moment later you had turned around and were heading back to your room.


An arm caught your shoulder and whipped you back around, and you found yourself staring into those intense amber eyes. He had a firm hold on you, and he did not look very happy with your actions. Perhaps you had spoken out of tone at least a few times in the argument?


"You cannot just walk out like that; I wasn't finished."


"That's too bad! I was!" You attempted to get away, but he held you fast.


"You should know better than to talk to me like that," he scolded sternly, and your reply came a bit more softly in a somewhat apologetic tone.


"I know...I'm just feeling guilty enough by myself for having failed the mission, and then I have you bashing on me too. The stress is unbelievable!"


"With every action comes a consequence. Stress is a part of life, and you should grow used to it." He loosened his grip on your arm, and you slipped free, rubbing where his hand was.


"I didn't say I wasn't, it's just...coming from you, it's a bit different than coming from even an angry mob." Your gaze fell to the floor shyly, and you could feel his stare hot upon your skin. It seemed like forever before he spoke again.


"Go take a rest...I'm sure you need it." Xemnas turned and wandered back into his office, and with a last apprehensive glance to make sure he wasn't kidding, you headed back to your room at last. Pain dug deeply at your heart, though you tried your best to ignore it. Tears wouldn't change a thing.


Demyx was found waiting for you on your bed, a smirk playing his lips. Xaldin was nearby, studying the picture of Axel and Roxas you'd left on the corkboard. "Hey, Xevia...let's make like a turtle," suggested Demyx with a grin.


"Demyx, first of all...I'm not in the mood. Second of all, I'm through making love to you." Your words were certainly harsh, and had the effect they were expected to. You could see the hurt flicker in Demyx's eyes, though he covered it up with a goofy smile that seemed to falter. Xaldin turned around to look at you.


"How can you read him like that?" he asked out of curiosity.


"He's not so hard to figure out when you stick around him long enough to learn the language of Stupid," you replied, setting your bag upon a nearby chair. Demyx had apparently had enough, for he left the room in a huff, receiving a chuckle from the wind manipulator.


"He's too sensitive for his own good. I'm surprised Xemnas hasn't kicked him out yet." He shook his head and moved toward you casually. "So how did your mission go?"


"It was a disaster! Not only did I not manage to get Xen back here safely, but I got into a tussle of my own with Katashi and came out with a bruise upside the head. Xen is dead because I failed to reach him in time." You angrily dug out your sais and tossed them on the bed, fishing for the blanket.


"You're not giving yourself enough credit." Xaldin glanced at the door. "Anyways, I really need to be going. Don't let this get to you." With that simple order, he left you to your misery. The blanket was tossed aside, and so were you...well, tossed on the bed, anyway. You threw yourself to a fluffy pillow and buried your face into its material.


The cloth still smelled of Axel, taking you back a ways to when he was still here. What you would give to talk to him now was unaccountable. His thoughts were priceless, and you missed them passionately.


There was always the option of going to find him, of course, but Xemnas was right; you needed sleep, and badly. Not only had you not gotten enough sleep on your mission due to certain interruptions, but the battles and chases had worn you dry.


Arms wrapped around your shoulders, sliding down toward your chest in a lustful nature. A body was pressed against your back, making you feel quite heated. "Demyx, I thought I told you..." You turned around and became taken aback to find bright green eyes right in front of your own optics. "A-Axel!"


A smirk crossed his features, and his hands slid about your waist, pulling you against him. His lips collided with yours in an instant in a passionate kiss that you easily found you could not break. He made himself just as irresistible as always, so you were naturally drawn to him like an insect to a blacklight.


A few second later you broke the kiss, giving a moan that sounded like you'd just had something tasty. "I thought you weren't coming back." He fixed you with his shockingly bright gaze.


"I wasn't...but I had a reason to sneak in and visit." Axel grinned and began kissing your neck greedily, making you squirm in protest.


"Axel, you know if they catch you here, you'll be a sworn enemy of the Organization. You'll be outnumbered...and I'll be forced to kill you." His nips came to a stop, but he did not raise his head from your collarbone.


"Who's going to catch me? We're in your room." He continued his procedure, his lower body connected with yours.


"Yeah, I-I know that, but that doesn't mean no one will come in."


"Will you stop worrying and just give in?" he mumbled, raising his lips to lock himself in another one of your kisses. You decided to take his advice, your fingers automatically traveling to his flaming locks.


He lowered you to the surface of your bed, nipping at your neck and slowly making his way down. Axel happily noted that you weren't due for your period this time, either. You groaned and shifted beneath him, throwing your head back in encouragement.


The sound of the teleportation devices at your doorway interrupted the both of you in your actions. Your eyes grew wide as you stared at the frame with apprehension. In an instant, Axel was gone in a burst of dark flames, and you silently cursed whoever had spoiled your evening.


The form of Demyx soon stared at you, a hurt expression on his face. A plot somehow formed in your mind to make him think you were only teasing flirtatiously earlier. It would normally kill you to use him like this, but you no longer cared.


You rose from the bed, slowly making your way toward him. He watched your motions carefully, his eyes already glazed over with desire, though it still did not wipe off the heartbroken appearance. He opened his mouth as though to say something, but hesitated.


"Xevia...what you said earlier...did you-" His words were cut off by your teeth clashing against his lower lip in a feisty manner. He squealed in pain and backed up a few steps in astonishment, the sharp tang of blood tainting both of your mouths.


You continued to use the aggression, your nails raking across his clothed back. Demyx separated from you quickly, staring at you with sheer horror.


"What are you doing? Trying to kill me?" A frisky smirk fell upon your lips.


"Why not find out? It's not as though you don't like it." You collided with him yet again, your hand rubbing the inside of his leg eagerly. You weren't surprised to find him hardening already, and you could clearly smell the scent of the sweat upon his skin.


His gloved hand wrapped around your neck, pulling you harder against him. If it was violent sex you wanted, he could easily play the game. Your own lips were bitten fiercely, his tongue jamming into your mouth with insisting twists.


Demyx began to pull up the zipper upon your cloak, opening it just far enough to pull your pants down a ways and rip off his glove. He inserted two callused fingers into your womanhood roughly, making you cry out in surprise. His wrist began to move in a rhythm, though he silenced any potential moans with his orifice.


The two of you rolled onto the bed, his body forcing you into the mattress. You squirmed and rested your hands upon his shoulders before returning his kisses eagerly. Your movements must have made him rather impatient, because he stopped prepping you and began to strip himself of his garments.


He made love to you on top of the sheets, surprisingly putting more passion and belligerence into it than even you. After "making like a turtle", you both collapsed on the bed, sweat covering your bodies. Once again, he carefully lifted you into the bed, taking the other side and wrapping his arm about your waist.


Demyx leaned up and rested his mouth against your ear. You tensed as his whispered, "I love you." What were you supposed to do? Tell him you'd used him to blow off some steam? That you didn't feel the same way?


You stared straight ahead, your gaze unfaltering. Not a muscle in your body, other than your heart, moved. He stared down at your face expectantly before giving up with a sigh and lying back down on the pillow. Long after he had fallen asleep, you were still awake, looking at the same place as earlier, complete shock holding you in place. It was like you couldn't choose to try to sleep, as tired as you were. Would you continue to make as many mistakes as you had been recently?

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