Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


37. Chapter 34

Screams echoed around you, waking you further from your slumber. The stars were driven into invisibility by the smoke rising into the night sky, and flames lit up the surrounding area with an orange glow.


You rose to your feet and looked about you wildly. Whatever had started the fire could have meant danger, and you had to take precautions. They could very well be trying to ruin your mission.


Without signs of threat, you reached down and began to roll up the blanket before stuffing it back into your bag and summoned your sais. You were soon among the trees, moving swiftly within the shadows of the darkness and hiding with cleverness. The village was blazing before you a moment later, sparks lifting themselves into the air and dying out as they climbed higher in altitude.


Commoners rushed from building to building in search of their loved ones, and yells of orders were being sent to one another. Somehow you were walking down an alleyway, gazing straight ahead as though unaware of the hazard around you. A young child was wailing for his parents in the distance, yet strangely you felt no sympathy.


This was not your home, not your town. These were not your friends or your family. It was so surprisingly hard for you to understand their pain that you were rather taken aback. Since when had you become so uncaring?


The important thing was to find Xen. Anything else was none of your concern, and it was a good thing it wasn't; you'd find yourself stuck in that village when you should be back at the castle. A large piece of flaming wood crackled and crashed directly in front of you, embers flying everywhere.  You jumped back with a scream, the heat biting at your flesh.


You shifted one sai over to your other hand and lifted your hood to protect your face. Now you had to find another way into the center of town, but that shouldn't prove to be too difficult. Returning the weapon to your other hand, you made your way through a tight squeeze between two buildings and found yourself in another alleyway.


The heat was intense, but you had grown used to it. This was no different than sparring with Axel, and since the Organization did regular infighting, which wasn't full intense fight-to-the-death battle, it made it easier to adjust to. The pain of losing Axel seemed to be subsiding as you found yourself more important things to care about, such as your training and missions.


The alleyway quickly came to an end, leaving you in the town square. Your cloak was ruffled this way and that as villagers rushed past you with haste. Once person nearby caught your attention, however.


A masked ninja in black material glared at you from the other side of the space. Instantly you took off at full speed in his direction, but instead of taking defense, your target smirked beneath his mask and turned around swiftly before dashing in the other direction.


So he was putting up a chase? It was no matter. Concentrating on a few feet in front of him, you teleported and faced the masked stranger. In an instant, he was gone as well, and you found yourself looking about, only to find him staring down at you from the roof of a burning building.


Having practiced a little Ninjutsu yourself, you were easily able to flip from wall to wall to get to his level. He took off running again, and you pursued, your sais making whipping sounds at your sides. With a quick whip, you had assaulted your sai upon him, but without even looking, he had drawn his sword and knocked it away.


Before you had time to react, he had disappeared again to the streets, dropping between two houses. You snatched up your sai and leapt downward, the wind howling in your ears and pushing back your hood slightly, but not enough to unmask your identity. The Ninja led the way to the town square again, though he gave a little time to catch up when he faltered as to which direction to take.


In a flash, your sai was spinning through the air when you took advantage of his hesitation. This time it made its mark, hitting him squarely in the back. It was only then that you realized you were no longer pursuing the Ninja that had begun glaring at you. This new stranger had a completely different body shape, and was broader around the abdomen.


He dropped to his knees and doubled over, taking his last breath. Your boots surprisingly still made noise against the stone flooring of the streets considering the roar of the fire. The weapon made a crunching noise as it was torn from the spine. It was sheathed before you turned around and narrowed your eyes.


The opponent you had begun to chase was crossing his arms and smirking at you. What mockery! Your kunai were summoned instantaneously and tossed at your target, but he merely caught them and threw them back at you. Your eyes widened briefly before you quickly summoned a katana and knocked them away.


"Where is he?" you yelled over the flames demandingly. A chuckle came across the area.


"Wouldn't you like to know?" The voice was rather high-pitched, and almost sounded as though it could belong to a girl or a guy. A moment later, he was gone. A grimace crossed your lips in frustration, and whimpers reached your ears.


You turned your head to observe the source. A woman in her early thirties stared at you in complete horror, her clothing charred from the flames. Matted black hair clung to her face and shoulders, and wide brown eyes were deep with fear. She shuffled toward a burning building when you approached.


"Please...please don't hurt me. I don't know where he is. Please!" she pleaded, shielding her face. You cocked your head and frowned quizzically. You open your mouth to reply when screams make you whip around in surprise.


Bodies dropped to the ground as lives were taken by another masked stranger. This one wielded a jagged katana, and his emerald eyes glinted with pure hatred. You did not need to question the identity of this man- it was Katashi. You whipped out your chakrams and charged toward him with burning determination.


He slowly turned to look at you, shaggy hair falling around his eyebrows. His locks were of a light brown, strange for a Japanese. Your arm was drawn back to strike, but when you made a move he easily raised his sword in a block.


"Where is Xen?" you demanded instantly, whipping around and spinning a chakram toward his abdomen, which he blocked yet again. A sadistic glint came to his eyes as he gazed into your own.


"You're interested in finding him?" Your optics were narrowed before you sent strike after strike at the man in all the speed you could find, but he blocked every one of them. Not to mention, you had received a few slashes from his sword. One had his you in the shoulder, another across the stomach.


"Bastard," you spat, groaning and doubling over at the wound below your chest. He began to laugh, throwing his head back in mirth.


"You certainly have some spunk, I'll give you that. But you're wasting your time meddling in something that is not your business. The Organization has no use for you, ma'am." He reached forward and removed your hood, his gaze falling upon your naked face. A flicker of interest came to his eyes for a brief instant at the helplessness showing within your expression. He had expected a plain fighter sent by Xemnas, but certainly not someone as young as you were, and definitely not as strikingly beautiful.


You tried to take advantage of his distraction by weakly throwing a strike, but he easily dodged it. You fell to your knees and lowered your head slightly. Unless some miracle occurred, this mission was as good as over for you. You fingers fell to the blade of your dagger, and you felt its cold touch through your glove.


Groping its handle, you held it in a stabbing position and kept it hidden beneath your cloak's ripples. Katashi stared at you with a smirk and ideas flashing through his head. What he would give to have a woman like you at his right hand, one that would satisfy his needs and love him...but the risk was too high.


Not only would you protest, but Xemnas would come looking for you if you didn't return. So now Katashi had to decide whether or not to satisfy one joy with you before taking your life. A second later, his decision was made up due to an action of yours.


"Please...let us meet again. I will be ready next time, and shall give you a proper fight. Just...leave Xen..." Your eyes met his for a long moment before he spun his sword backwards and struck you in the head with the handle.


Your body fell to the side and you lost consciousness. Katashi shook his head and looked down at your limp form. If you wanted to meet again, he would prepare to kill you then. If not kill you, convert you to his side. It would take some convincing, but he was certain he could pull the stunt off.


As for Xen...Katashi had no interest in filling out your request on those matters. Xen was something to get in the way, and things would get worse if he happened to reach the Organization. He would be a new enemy to Katashi, and a good fighter to boot. You must have been a rookie, for he hadn't seen you before. If this was so, he could imagine the Organization morphs their members into skillful warriors quite hastily, and he could not take another risk with Xen.


Katashi wandered through a crowd of burning people, his gaze set on one form in the distance. His eyes were on Xen, who was gazing around the village in confusion. In a flash, Katashi's blade was in his gut, and blue eyes stared up at the Ninja in shock. Shaggy black hair fell around Xen's eyebrows as he fell forward and inhaled for the last time.


His corpse crumpled to the ground, a young and handsome face tilted in your direction. He was about your age, though his age would have never changed, as yours would have. You were human, and he was a Nobody. However, there was another human that had become rather intrigued with you himself. Katashi strained his eyes to gaze upon your form from far away, a light glitter in his emerald eyes. He looked forward to meeting you again...to do some persuasion.

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