Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


34. Chapter 32

Life was at ease. Peaceful waters trickled throughout the carrying earth, bringing nourishment and hope to the world. Oh, happiness...it was a blessing. Unfortunately, this is not how it truly was. Instead, bloody saltwater filled the ocean, crashing against the shore with deafening sound.


The sky was a dark black, and only a gigantic blood-red moon lifted itself halfway over the horizon. No stars shone in the sky, but the earth was plunged into a sickly red light that made shadows grow.


Even with the dim lighting, you had been here enough to know where you were, but you'd certainly never seen it like this. Those books you'd found in the library proved useful; they were a teleport to the world that you had visited so often in your dreams.


The land was empty...desolate. You sighed and sat down upon a rock that overlooked one of the many cliffs. You had very often seen Aimi here, collecting her thoughts. There was no sign of the gorgeous woman now. Was this the present world? Had it become one of such destruction and death?


Mist flew into the air, stinging your eyes but making the atmosphere smell of sweet salt. There was motion on the sand below you. Straining your eyes, you tried to see what it was. It was a woman and her young daughter. Black hair whipped in the breeze, and you caught sight of stunning emerald eyes.


Certain it was Aimi, you began your decent to the bottom. Another woman was traveling with them now. Could it be the present? It was possible you had been visiting another world in your dreams.


"Korin? Are you coming?" Aimi's friend hurried to catch up, and you could see seaweed hanging from her hair. Her locks were white, contrasting completely with Aimi's. Her hair, however, was the same length, and her eyes were the same shade of green.


The little girl turned around, holding a seashell. She ran toward them, but kept going, charging straight through their bodies. You had to take a double take, but their forms were disappearing light dust into the air. The little girl just kept going as though nothing was wrong, giving you the hint that she was real and Aimi and Korin were nonexistent. Had you imagined them?


An elderly couple made their way along the beach. It wasn't long before you reached the bottom, having tripped on many rocks along the way. "Excuse me!" you called, chasing after them. They were clearly startled by your appearance, for they backed up in fear. "May I ask you something?"


The man stepped forward, giving you a scan of judgment. He looked oddly familiar in a way, but it was so difficult for you to put names to faces. You stopped to catch your breath, and then stood up tall.


"Who are you?"


"I am..." You paused and frowned. Who were you again? Perhaps you'd hit your head on the rocks without knowing it? Yet oddly enough, you could remember everything else...kind of...right? The only name coming to mind was Xevia...so, naturally, that's what you used.


"Xevia...I have not heard of you before."


"I'm new here. Have you ever heard of Aimi and...Korin?" A wide and haunting look came to his eyes, and he took a few steps backward. "What? Did I say something wrong?" He looked both ways before ushering you to follow him.


The little girl jogged after him, but the woman walked slowly at his side. Sighing, you reluctantly followed. What was so important that you needed to leave? The four of you came upon an old and worn down manor. Wood that was used to build it hung from the sides, gray and rotting. Torn and dusty curtains were hanging limp in the windows behind the broken glass. The porch had many columns holding up a balcony from above. It was quite the mansion, and looked as though it might have been beautiful at some time.


"Where are we?" you asked aloud. No one answered, but you were led through the gate and up the walk. The door creaked when the man opened it, and the floorboards moaned beneath weight. You stepped in after the group, your eyes widening at the large entryway. Whoever had lived there had been very lucky.


The gigantic chandelier had caught your eye immediately, but the man led you to a room beneath the upper hallway. It appeared to be a living-room of some sorts, though sheets covered the furniture.


The man picked up a picture frame and handed it to you. "Do you mean this Aimi?" he questioned. You stared at the picture and nodded.


"Yes, and that's Korin," you pointed out among the four that had been the subjects of the photo




"And that's...that's..." Your bewildered mind was buzzing with thoughts as you looked from the picture to the man repeatedly. "Is that-?"


"Aimi was my wife. We brought a daughter into the world...only one, and we were very happy, but things changed when Korin drowned. Aimi's personality went flat, and she was no longer the woman I had fallen in love with. Even so, I was loyal to her and was certain that her true heart was still there underneath her strange exterior."


"H-how did she died?" you pressed curiously. He looked away.


"I try not to remember. We do not speak of it here. Terrible things seem to happen when we do. He gave a look to your questioning glance. "Her ghost and Korin's haunt this island. They are often seen together, but people have seen them separately. The worst one to see for most is the spirit of my wife, for they say she puts her victim into a trance, and soon afterward they become fatally ill."


"That's horrible. Have you seen her?" He nodded.


"Yes, I have. But naturally, we talk as though nothing happened. She is unaware that I have remarried, but I am certain that she knows that I have adopted another little girl."


"What happened to your first daughter?" Once again, his gaze averted in the opposite direction. You frowned in curiosity and cocked your head. Had the young female died as well? Perhaps she had gone with her mother.


"We really don't know. After Aimi's death, she disappeared. I assumed her for dead, but my heart is telling me I am wrong. Her name was _(Name)_," he said. You scratched the back of your neck and smiled gently.


"_(Name)_...that's really pretty. I can't say I've heard of her." His eyes studied your facial features.


"She looked just like her mother. 'Would most likely look a bit like you if she were your age, but she had a different hair color." He sighed sadly. "Such a sweet little girl." His adopted daughter was showing her mother an old vase that she must have found pretty. "I do wish I could see her again some day."


"I'm sure you will, sir. Just give it some time." You looked at the sky. "Uh...speaking of time...do you have it?" He looked at his watch.


"It is a little past seven PM." You nodded.


"Thanks for your time. I have to go, otherwise you can call my ass dead." His eyes flashed dangerously, and you laughed nervously, having easily forgotten there were young ears in the room. "Ehehe...right...ta-ta!"


Dashing out the door, you cursed at the fact that you couldn't use darkness to get out of the book. But now you understood why the man had looked familiar; you had seen him so many times in your dreams. Once again, you trudged up the rocks.


The ocean roared beneath you, its rich red color making you feel slightly sick. Green eyes appeared directly in front of you, their depth making you back up. It was clearly Aimi, for dark hair fluttered in the way of her sight. You, however, could see quite well considering the fact that you could see the horizon right through her head.


She reached for you, but you turned around and ran. When you glanced to your side, she was floating beside you at a high speed, optics narrowed with determination. She spoke something in a foreign tongue, but you did not recognize it for what it was: words pronounced backwards.


"Please! Leave me alone!" you yelled, running faster. "I have a reason to live! I am not hostile!"


"_(Name)_..." she hissed, reaching for you again.


"No! I am not _(Name)_! I do not know her, but your husband does. Please, leave me alone!" She continued to pursue you, but in a flash, you were gone. Light whipped around you. You were in a world you no longer recognized.


Green eyes still glowed amongst the white, but you could also see shadows among white locks blowing wildly in the wind. Pale pink lips were accented against the lack of color, and though you could not see the full form, you knew it was Korin.


"Please! I am just passing through." You certainly could not fall ill, especially with your duty to the Organization. "Let me go!" The light stung your eyes terribly, and still Korin did not leave. Instead, she slowly moved toward you, hands outstretched. "Go away!" You reached your own arm out and opened your palm in a wave of dark.


The blackness touched her, and she let out an ear-piercing shriek. It was very lucid that her element was light. The white disappeared quickly, and you instantly found yourself sitting upon your bed, panting.


Axel's old room welcomed you, and for once you felt comforted by the presence of it. You glanced over to the corkboard, where you had left the picture of Axel and Roxas. Shivering, you hugged yourself and closed your eyes. Korin's screech still echoed in your ears.

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