Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


33. Chapter 31

"My first solo mission? Are you serious?" Your joyous shrieking could be heard throughout the castle, much to some of the members, who currently had their hands over their ears, aggravation. "I can't believe it! Yes! No Xigbar!"


You leaped into the air, arms over your head in glee. It wasn't very often that you got the chance to get out of this dark place, so when you did it made it exclusively better. Xemnas waited patiently for you to finish your jamboree.


"What am I going to be doing?" you questioned eagerly.


"Since it is your first, and you will get a few very important missions in the future," he began, and you egged him on, almost panting. No Xigbar! You were free! "You will be..."


"Yes? YES?" A smirk crossed his features, alerting you that something was not as it appeared. Were you being sent to die or something related? "Oh...please don't let it be painful," you whimpered.


"Shopping," he said tersely. This caught you by surprise.


"Shopping?" This was the solo mission you were being sent on? How pathetic was that!


"Yes...I have compiled a list for you. Since no one else wants to do it, naturally, the inferior must do the job."


"But it's not my fault I'm the inferior! Why can't I be a superior?"


"He that would govern others first should be master of himself."


"But I am master of myself! Can't you speed up my training or something?"


"More haste, less speed," he replied calmly.


"What's that supposed to mean?" you yelled. "You just spoke two synonyms and put them in a sentence that should have antonyms. You need some help with your grammar." He chuckled.


"You will learn it's meaning in due time. You have much ambition. Do not let it become your number one priority, but keep in mind that ambition and love are the wings of great actions." You put a hand on your hip.


"This is coming from someone who can't feel love?" A smile crossed his face, and he shook his head.


"But you can. I have no doubt your future success will be great. Just make sure your heart is in the right place."


"It's in my bosom. Is that the right place?"


"Your bosom, eh?" He frowned thoughtfully. Not more wise words...that man needed some help.


"Yes, my chest! Get used to it...it doesn't always mean boobs." Crossing your arms, you gave him a smug look. He grunted.


"Our flatterers are our most dangerous enemies, though they often lie within our bosoms," said Xemnas coolly.


"OK, mister wise man! I'm going to call you Wise-san now." You shifted to the stance of akimbo, quirking a brow at The Superior. "That is enough wise quotes for one day. You read too much."


"But I do read. Now...go do your mission." He pointed to the doorway of his study room. Groaning, you gave him a last glance, snatched the piece of paper from his fingers, and left the room. Shopping...what a simple task. There was no challenge involved in it whatsoever.


This is what you thought...until you took one look at the list, which you soon discovered was folded in eighths. A scream emitted itself from your throat when you realized just how many items you would have to get. The note on the top of the page read, 'The password for the vault is 'password'.' You snorted; it figured.


When you typed in the proper keys, the vault opened with a hiss. Oh, the glorious sight you fixed your thirsty eyes upon! Loads of munny was piled up in the area, and you eagerly grabbed some and put the cash into a pouch.


The door closed behind you as you left Castle Oblivion and made your way toward the nearest grocery store, which was in: The World That Never Was. It was dangerously close to Twilight Town, so if any one of those teenagers went snooping in that mansion and touched a portal, you were most likely doomed.


Throwing your hood up, you stepped out into the cold and rainy streets. The blacktop was shimmering in the city lights, though the scenery was all-too-familiar considering you had been there not too long ago with Luxord.

A bell rang when you entered the one and only grocery store that you knew of. Isles of food and other supplies cluttered the large shop, which made you wonder just how many things they held in stock.


You grabbed a cart and began to run, jumping onto the back of it and grinning as you rode down the first isle. Xemnas wanted many, many essential things, which is probably what took you the most time. Each member had their own little section, and it made you a bit sad to see Axel's marking on the list; he had written something, but someone had scratched it out most likely due to his departure.


Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you crossed off the last thing on Xemnas's list. "Aw, sick!" Looking at Xigbar's list, you shivered at the fact that he wanted cow tongue. Not knowing how anyone could be interested in such a disgusting piece of meat from a cow's body, you grudgingly made your way to the freezers.


You dropped the tongue into the cart with repugnance and sighed as you gradually made your way down the list. Xaldin wanted this, Luxord wanted...pornography videos?! Your eye twitched as you attempted to read it over in case there had been some sort of mistake, but the written words were plain and clear.


"OK, I am keeping at least a five-foot distance from that man at all times." You had no idea where to find these videos he sought, nor would you look for them. "He also wants...agh, this damn hood!"


So the hood was thrown down and upon your shoulders. You glanced up at the man at the register. Fat hung out of the T-shirt he was wearing, and stubble decorated his not-so-good-looking face. Ketchup and mustard from a burger was slopped upon his clothing, but if his appearance wasn't enough, he was now drooling at yours with keen interest.


You shot him a glare and a look of disgust before moving out of view. He probably drooled at anything that walked...or anything that could cook...or anything that smelled like food or looked like food. Ah, the poor people like him.


"Demyx wants...a new Playboy magazine. What is freaking wrong with the people I live with?" you yelled, your voice reverberating off the walls. Flinching from the sound, you moved toward the magazine isle and plucked it from its spot.


"Aha! Xevia's list...okay, here we go. I want more tampons...hehe...not my fault I used up the last package." It was then that you realized your position: the Playboy magazines were rather close to the register. You sheepishly looked up at the man, who had another burger in hand. Not only had he frozen in place when you had said this, but hamburger insides quickly slipped from the bun and onto his shirt. More pretty colors on the T-shirt!


"Ahem...I mean... SHE wants more tampons. Yes...and SHE also wants..." You looked down and moved along the isle. It wasn't long before you stopped reading off the list. In fact, it wasn't much longer after you stopped reading from it that you were making your way over to the oh-most-hideous-looking-one to check out...your GROCERIES...yeah...


"480000 munny please," he slurred, holding out his grubby hand.


"Holy shit! Are you kidding me? 480000 munny, huh? How about...I give you..." You hastily counted the amount in the pouch. "...300000, and don't kill you. Does that sound even?" His beady eyes bulged, and he instantly handed you the receipt, took the money off your hands, and gave you your groceries. "Ahahahaha! Sucker!" you yelled as you waddled out of the store, arms full.


The plastic from the bags was cutting into your skin, making you grimace and quicken your pace. It seemed like hours before you finally got to the castle. It didn't help that you found the entrance locked.


Thus, you dropped the bags and began banging on the door. "HEY! HELLO, anyone in there?" Demyx opened the door and frowned at you. "Thank you. Oh, and..." You went digging. "Here is your lovely magazine." You shoved it in his arms, grabbed the items again, and stepped in. He stared at it blankly before shrugging and going back to his room.


Great...at the bottom of the list in fine letters, there was directions for the second part of the mission written. 'Put groceries away.' This was going to be fun.

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