Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


32. Chapter 30

You moaned, rolling over. Throbbing pain sounded in your head, red flashing against your closed eyelids. Not only did you have that painful headache, but you also felt as though you were going to vomit any second.


"Pain..." you groaned, reaching up and touching your forehead. Had you fallen onto the concrete floor in The Hall of Empty Melodies? You couldn't still be there because you felt soft padding beneath you, making you assume someone had placed you in your room. That fall would have been so embarrassing. What happened anyway? You couldn't remember...you had been so out of it.


"Stupid wine," you muttered, opening your eyelids slightly. Okay, one thing was for sure- you were definitely not in your room. Sitting up, you almost wondered if you were dreaming. White walls surrounded you, like any other part of the castle; it just wasn't what you were used to waking up to.


You looked around the area inquiringly before your gaze fell upon a plate of food that was next to a glass of water and two aspirin. The food did not look very good, but you most likely shouldn't be taking painkillers on an empty stomach.


Thus, you grabbed the plate and fork and began to eat the food slowly, struggling to keep your gag reflexes down. It was a while before you managed to finish, and you were certainly anxious to get the aspirin in your system.


The glass felt cool to the touch when you picked it up from the end table. Popping the white pills into your mouth, you raised the glass to your lips and took a gulp of water. Afterwards, you sunk back into the blankets of the bed in which you were lying. They rose over the tip of your nose, making you feel almost completely emerged.


"Awake, I see," came a voice from the doorway. You didn't need to look to know whom it belonged to. "Tell me...does it hurt?"


"Like hell," you grunted. "Thanks for the aspirin. I'm hoping it'll help."


"It should," replied Xemnas. "Your first hangover is always a doozy...and so is your second." You chuckled.


"Thanks...I'll keep that in mind." He hovered over you, taking in your appearance. Apparently, by the look on his face, you didn't look so good. Your eyes were red and puffy, and as usual, your hair was sticking in different directions.


"I have never seen something so pitiful."


"Shut up," you mumbled, rolling over so that your back would face him.


"That wasn't very respectful."


"I don't care. I just want this pain to go away...and the nausea."


"Only time can ease that."


"Then use some of your magic crap and speed up time!" You didn't care if you weren't being nice. The pain hurt so bad it was worse than a bad case of cramps. However, as if he were reading your mind on kindness, Xemnas spoke yet again.


"Good temper is like a sunny day; it sheds brightness everywhere."


"Oh, aren't you a smartass?" you sassed.


"Brighten your attitude," he warned, causing you to stick out your tongue in a retort. "I have clearly failed as a mentor to teach you proper respect." To his dismay, you were not listening. Instead you were occupying yourself by playing with his metal drawstrings. You liked the sound when they clinked together, and it was much more amusing when they belonged to a collected man like Xemnas. "What are you doing?"


No response was given. You yanked on one of the chains, making one of his shoulders shift downward. A giggle that had erupted from you stopped short when pain arched up your abdomen. Stupid hangover...


Xemnas raised an eyebrow at your actions. You had apparently decided to see what happened when you grabbed both chains and yanked. Unfortunately, you never found out. When you wrapped your fingers around the ends, he snatched your wrists.


"Wha- let go of me!" You squirmed, still holding the ends of the chains. The Superior was entirely preventing you from tugging in any direction.


"Let go of the chains, and I will release you," he proposed.


"No." You were one stubborn little brat; that was for sure.


"Very well."


"What are you doing?" Your eyes widened as his thumbs slid to your wrist. "That feels weird, don't- owowowowowowowowow!" You pushed away from him, rubbing your wrists. "What the hell did you do to me?"


"Pressure points do come in handy," he drawled.


"You jerk." That was your biggest mistake. Ah, how you wished you had not insulted him after his small warning for discipline. Screams echoed around the room as dark bolts shot through your body. They were familiar somehow, but you were in too much pain to remember. In fact, you plain old just didn't remember anything.


The powers you'd known when you had lived as a villain...you were relearning them, and you had no idea that you'd known them the whole time. This power, for example, was one of them.


Xemnas's fingers were pressed between your eyes upon the bridge of your nose...yet another weak point on the human body. Regrettably, the use for this was indeed negative. By the time your muscles stopped their spasms, he was already at the doorway. You weakly lifted your head with a groan only to watch him leave the room.


The silver-haired man returned a moment later with a wet washcloth in his hands. It was lain out across your forehead gently. Man, what a jerk. He nearly kills you, and suddenly he's extremely concerned about how you were feeling. Yet, somehow, you weren't angry with him for treating you that way. It almost made things...interesting.


"Hey, Xemnas?" He turned to look at you.




"Who..." You hesitated, unsure of whether or not you should ask the question. It was possible he wouldn't remember; would be sensitive about it, which you highly doubted, or he would go on with an incredibly long speech in his slow dialect. "...Who were you before you became Ansem's apprentice?"


The man sighed and sat down at the edge of the bed thoughtfully. "Do you really desire to know?" You nodded, silently urging him forward. He sighed again, his brow creasing in thought. "I was..."


There was a pause of silence. He turned to look at you, showing vacillation and pain in his eyes. Rough past, you guessed. "I was a lot like you, in a way." It was your turn to frown.


"How so?"


"Well, I was...I..." He leaned toward you as though to whisper something in your ear, making your curiosity grow.


"Yes? Yes?"


"I was...I was...A MURDERER!" He yelled the last few words at the top of his lungs, making you jump as his fingers jolted against your abdomen. You screeched in protest before you shot him a glare. He started laughing.


"You jerk."


"Sleep well," ordered Xemnas before he got up and officially left the room for quite a long time. You were left along once more; making you wonder yet again what room you were in. In fact, you began to wonder about a lot of things.


For one, Xemnas had been acting very strange lately. He couldn't have been drinking again, yet he had been a bit more playful than his usual self. He'd actually begun treating you as though you were someone dear...like a family member.


The thought made you feel warm inside. Now if you could only order Xigbar around somehow...or maybe get a mission. What would be even more satisfying would be to get Luxord away from you for good.


Power...wasn't that the answer? You need authority to do those things; Xigbar was second in seniority. By some miracle you had to have power over him...and you weren't sure that was going to happen any time soon.


You could actually picture yourself with a human-drawn buggy, slashing at Xigbar with whips made of chains and watching him bleed. OK, so you weren't that mirthless, but the thought still brought a smile to your lips all the same.


Your eyes fluttered shut and sleep began to overtake you. Somewhere in the castle, two Nobodies quietly discussed your fate. Yes, you were a great weapon for the Organization to have...an excellent weapon.

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