Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


31. Chapter 29

"Stupid Luxord," you mumbled as you wandered back to The Hall of Empty Melodies. You'd found the wine glasses, alright, but it had been the Gambler of Fate that had them. They were apparently of his ownership, and it didn't surprise you considering how much he tried to woo women, and how much he drank.


The smell of Mexican food filled your nostrils as you walked up to it and set down the thin glass. It would certainly be interesting to eat while sitting on the floor. Thus, you took a seat and began to dish out the food onto some fine china plates you'd discovered in the storage room. Next came the silverware.


The only thing left now was the arrival of Xemnas. Though it didn't take too long, it did seem like forever before your 'dinner date' showed his face for the meal. He actually seemed impressed as he sat down to accept his plate.


"Mexican?" he asked aloud, amber eyes gazing at you. You hesitated slightly, but nodded before scooping some rice onto your fork and taking a bite. The food was almost gagged back up when you realized you hadn't poured the wine.


One of the glasses sat near The Superior, and it was quickly filled with the red liquid. You'd never had wine, and it only made you even more anxious to try it. So the alcohol was poured to the rim of your glass.


With a malicious grin, you eagerly took a mouthful. If you hadn't swallowed it fast enough, you would have spit it all over the man sitting in front of you. Now in a coughing fit, you covered your mouth and set the glass down, eyes watery. Xemnas chuckled.


"I presume you have not drank alcohol before?" Still coughing, you shook your head. "Try a smaller sip." He picked up his own glass and waited for you to finish, as to drink with you. You took this turn with a bit more caution, but the two of you raised your glasses and once again your mouth was filled with the tangy substance.


The wine certainly was different than what you'd ever heard it to be. This particular kind burned of cinnamon, but was replaced by a cold feeling as though it contained menthol. It wasn't too bad, you had to admit, as one sip led to another, and yet another, before you finally put it down.


Drinking on an empty stomach...it was something you had always been informed not to do. When thinking such, you shoveled the dinner into your mouth quickly and swallowed without chewing. Xemnas was eating his as slowly as usual, ignoring your bad manners.


"Was Mexican exotic enough?" you asked, quickly gulping down your food and looking up. He raised an eyebrow and gave a short nod. Satisfied, you raised your wine glass again. He eyed you with amusement. "What?"


"If you drink too much of that, you will no longer be sober."


"So?" you mouthed back, taking another drink. Besides, you wouldn't mind being drunk. Perhaps it would ease the pain you were feeling over Axel for a while. Xemnas shrugged and gulped down the wine in his glass. Your mouth hung agape. "That's hypocrisy!"


"Live with it," he grunted, pouring himself another glass. "Aren't you going to finish your meal?" You looked down at the food. It suddenly made you feel nauseous. Perhaps the alcohol was already getting to you.


"I'm no longer hungry," you mumbled before reaching out for the wine bottle. He snatched it up and held it away from you, chortling at your cry of desperation as you attempted to reach it, falling over in the process. "Gimme!"


"Now, Xevia...where are your manners?"


"GIMME!" He gave you a strange look. You sighed and rolled your eyes. "Gimme...please." Satisfied, The Superior handed it to you. However, he was completely taken aback when you began to laugh wickedly. "Mine! It's all mine!"


With that, instead of pouring it, you took a swig from the bottle itself. Xemnas shook his head and drank from his glass. You hiccupped and swayed slightly, though you were still sitting.


"This is really good stuff," you slurred. It was obviously strong as well; it seemed as though even your mentor was loosening up. "We should get some more...ehehehehehehe...tha's funny."


"You are hogging it," he said simply, taking it from your hand.


"Hey!" you protested. Oh dear...you were beginning to act like Luxord. Xemnas laughed and tipped the bottle upward, drinking the liquid. "I want more!" He stopped drinking and snapped his fingers, then continued to guzzle the wine. "You pig! You're drinking all of it!" You lunged at him, once again falling on top of the man. It was only a repeat of what happened before except you were now drunk, and Xemnas was holding a bottle.


Situating your head beneath his hand, you reached up and tipped the bottle downward. He watched, dumbfounded, as you drank the falling liquor. He laughed and shifted the container to his other hand. You sat up and stared at him angrily.


"Give that back...right now." You stumbled to your feet. Clearly you hadn't eaten enough to hold off the affect on your brain. Either that, or you were very alcohol-intolerant.


"I'm your superior. I don't have to listen to you," he guffawed. If you were sober, you would be looking at this man so strangely. The both of you were already smashed, making it obvious that Xemnas did not drink often, either. Either way, it was weird seeing him act like this.


"So what if you're my superior? Maybe I'm your inferior! You have to listen to me because I'm a 'rior!'" He raised an eyebrow at this. What made this even more abnormal was that you were still on top of him...how pleasant.


"What is a 'rior?'"


"I dunno...I don' remember. Do you?" He shook his head. You sighed and let your head fall onto his chest. "You know what we should do?" you said into him, your voice muffled.




"We should waltz."


"Waltz?" You lifted your head.


"Yeah...waltz. Look...all this space. Oh, and do you hear the pretty music? I hear pretty music." Truthfully, there was no music. However, the two of you had been sipping at the wine between sentences, therefore making yourselves worse. You were both dangerous weapons, even out of battle. There was no saying what you might do, even though Xemnas might have an upper hand at controlling you.


"I don' hear no music," he said gruffly, finally sitting up in attempt to listen. You fell off of him and whined in doing so. "Oh, now I hear the music. It's sort of a hum."


"No, you dimwit. That's your ears ringing." The two of you laughed. "Let's dance. Come on, I wanna dance. I wanna-"


"Alright, fine." He pulled you to your feet, swaggering slightly himself. "Do you want to lead?"


"Lead what?"


"The waltz, remember?" You gasped.


"You know how to waltz?" He sighed and shook his head. "Oh, you dont know how to waltz?"


"I know how to waltz!" Grumbling, he placed his hand on your hip and held out his other hand.


"What's that for...and why are you touching me?" you wailed. He groaned and reached down, placing your hand on his shoulder before taking your other hand and shifting to the side. You stumbled after him, but after a few side steps, the two of you were waltzing throughout the hall.


"Whoa...this gets me all dizzy," you slurred, laughing giddily. He chuckled at your comment as well, picking up the pace. "Where did you learn how to dance, sir?"


"A book. Ansem certainly had many," he replied in remembrance, though things were a bit cloudy for him at the moment.


"A book?" you asked incredulously.


"Yes, a book. Where did you learn to follow so well?" he teased, mocking your tripping on his feet.


"Students take after their teachers!" He laughed and spun around again. Someone cleared their throat from the doorway. Xemnas stopped and stared at the man inquiringly.


"Am I...interrupting anything?" questioned Saïx. Xemnas shook his head.


"We were just eating," you answered, hiccupping.


"I see that," he observed, looking over the pair of you. "Drinking as well. There is spilled wine on the floor."




"I am taking in the scene. There is no need to get up in arms about it, Xevia."


"I am not getting all arms up!" He blinked and shook his head. "Besides, Xemnas was just showing me...showing me how to...showing..." You looked up at the silver-haired man and giggled. "You look funny."


"Why, thank you," he said sarcastically. You tittered again.


"It's kinda cute." That one seemed to surprise him. Once more, you laughed giddily. "You're really handsome..." That was the last thing you slurred before your body fell limp in his arms. He looked down at you, eyebrows raised in bewilderment. You had officially passed out, the alcohol finally taking its affect on you in a different sort of fashion. Well, at least you hadn't thrown up again.


"That was out of the ordinary," he said aloud.


"Oh my..."

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