Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


30. Chapter 28

It hadn't been long since your meeting with Axel in Twilight Town, but already you were beginning to get used to not having him around. That was outside of his room, however. The bedroom previously occupied by the firebug seemed to swim with haunting memories of him.


Saïx appeared to be enjoying watching you suffer; he wouldn't usually do such a thing, but since you had taken the liberty to bother him for so long, he had finally given in, but with a small exception. Now it seemed as though you didn't even enjoy the change, but why would you, considering the situation?


Every time the Luna Diviner saw you now, it seemed as though your eyes were as hollow as empty caves. He thought that perhaps he had been wrong to put you in Axel's old room, and almost considered moving you to Zexion's old room.


But Xemnas had stopped him from doing so. The Superior thought that staying in Axel's room might help you get over his departure. So you were left to rot in such a memorable cell.


Axel...the thought of him continued to drive you crazy. He was like a plague that seemed to drain more life's energy from you each passing day. It wasn't just his memory, but the words he had said that struck your heart so hard. They weren't cruel, but simply neutral...in his mind.



"Please come home..." Axel rested a hand on your hair, petting your head in a comforting fashion. You lifted it from his chest and looked at him. You could see everything...it was all in his eyes; you knew what he was going to say before he even said it.


"_(Name)_, you know I can't go back," he said gruffly, receiving a grunt of disapproval from a frustrated you. "I've left. They won't accept me now that I've betrayed them."


"Just say you went on a mission!" you suggested eagerly. He frowned in a you-know-better-than-that look.


"You know that won't work. Just look at the state of you! They know that I've left for good. Besides, you have my room now, don't you?" Your breath caught in your throat as you stared at him inquiringly. How did he know you had his room? He chuckled at your confusion. "I visited one night while you were sleeping. 'Had to grab a few things."


"Axel," you whined.


"You're starting to sound like Demyx, cut it out. It's scaring me." _(Color)_ orbs glared at him with intense color. He laughed. "Look, all I'm saying is not to worry about me. You'll see me now and then; you'll just have to look. I haven't left you forever."


"So you're not coming back?"


"No, Xevia...I'm never coming back."


~*End of Flashback*~

'No, Xevia...I'm never coming back.' He had used your Organization name, something he had never done before. Somehow, though Xemnas pronounced you as Xevia regularly, it saddened your mood. You were actually having one of those days when the walls seemed to close in around you. If your child form could see you now, she'd scold you for getting so depressed over one simple person...more particularly, a man.


"Xemnas?" you called, poking your head into your mentor's office. How pleased you were to find him sitting in his chair. The silver-haired man turned around in his chair and raised an eyebrow in questioning...his form of a response. You see, Xemnas was a very conversational person. "Um...since we already had our training session for today, and considering I'm bored out of my skull...if you aren't too busy, want to get a bite to eat? I could go get takeout if you're not interested in leaving the castle, and then we could eat back here, but..."


The truth was, for the first time in about a week, you were hungry. If it weren't Xemnas you were speaking to, you would have instantly blurted, 'I'm hungry!' and would have gotten away easy with it. But your respect for the man before you was far too high for you to pull such a bold move. However, you did it anyway.


"...I'm hungry!" you whined. "Any food would be just fine, just please say yes!" He stared at you blankly for a moment before laughing. Your eyes widened in shock and bewilderment; it was the first time you had heard him laugh, and you had to admit that the throaty chuckle suited him quite well.


"Allow me to finish up what I am currently working on. I suppose takeout sounds just fine. Why not make the meal something we're not used to...make it interesting. I'll meet you in The Hall of Empty Melodies when I'm finished."


"Thank you!" you said desperately. He had just granted you permission to leave the castle! You almost gasped, but assumed he might give you a rather strange side-glance if you did. "I know just the thing."


Darkness surrounded you as you gave way to it. Steadily your heart was growing weaker from the submission, but you continued to keep yourself balanced. As much as you took your heart for granted, it wouldn't surprise you if you lost control one day and your heart was stolen, but luckily your will was strong enough to hold that off.


The smell of Spanish rice filled your nostrils as you stepped into a Mexican restaurant. Xemnas would most likely be a while, so it would be no problem getting quality food. A waiter walked up to you and nodded politely.


"¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?" You gave your head a vigorous shake. Where was your Spanish knowledge when you needed it? Agh!


"Estoy muy bien. ¿Y tú?"


"Estoy bien, gracias. ¿Uno?"


"¿Perdón?" The man chuckled. "I'm sorry...I only know a little bit of Spanish. I picked up a few basics when I decided I would like to converse with my..." You stopped yourself before you said victims. "...clients."


"Are you the only one eating today?"


"Actually, I'd like to get dinner to go if possible." The man's eyes traveled down your cloak. "Excuse me? Hey, buddy...I'm up here." You snapped your fingers, which was a bit difficult to do considering you were wearing gloves. But once you saw Saïx do it a while ago, you had practiced, telling yourself, 'If Saïx can do it, so can I.'


"I am...very, very sorry, señorita. We are a sit-in restaurant only." You chortled coldly. Not for long. Your eyes grew icy as you shot him a glare.


"I'm sure you'll reconsider."


"That is not my decision to make, I'm sorry. That's the manager's." You smiled sickeningly sweet and removed part of your cloak to reveal a pair of sais glinting in the light from the ceiling fixtures. His eyebrows shot up instantly.


"I'm sure you'll reconsider."


"Y-yes, señorita. What will your order be?"


"Menu," you ordered, holding out your hand. He gave you one and waited while you looked it over. "Spanish rice, refried beans with cheese, six enchiladas, and a bottle of your best wine."


"I have to apologize; we do not sell it in bottles." In an instant, a blade was to his throat. He made choking sounds and tensed.


"You do now." He nodded and dashed off to retrieve your order. Glancing around, you slipped your sai back into its place and waited patiently. He returned moments later with containers holding the food you'd ordered. Considering good Mexican food took much longer to make than a few minutes, you assumed you'd gotten someone else's meal.


"Your wine," he gulped, handing you the bottle. You smirked and set down the Tupperware, taking the bottle in a firm grip. He was shaking like mad. You reached into your pocket, which seemed to make him even more nervous, and pulled out one hundred munny.


"I do hope this will cover it." You tossed it at him, picked up the Tupperware, and disappeared with a sneer. When you arrived at the castle, it was only a matter of time before Xemnas got there. You weren't old enough to drink of course, but no one needed to know that. Your major concern was to find wine glasses...hm...that might be a problem.

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