Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


28. Chapter 27

The pain had not eased up over the next few days. You were still brooding about Axel, and it didn't help when Demyx actually had the courage to come around you to attempt to cheer you up. The 'attempt' plays a significant role. He would often have to sit in his room and tell himself over and over again that the next time he visited you, you wouldn't be so temperamental; you would welcome him with a smile and a hug...but you didn't, and every time, he learned the hard way.


You had been extra snappy to everyone, though none of the Organization members could figure out why. It seemed they were unaware of Axel's disappearance. When they did find out, however, it wasn't pretty. It didn't help that you were put into custody for questioning. It really didn't help that Xigbar was the one questioning you...at first.


"When did you last see Axel?"


"Who cares?" you would drawl in a monotonous voice.


"Is he gone?"




"Where is he?"


"How should I know?"


"Because you're his friend."


"So?" Then Xigbar's usual vein in his forehead would begin to twitch, but you would just stare ahead with a dead gaze that could even make Barney sad.


"I know you know where he is, you little twerp. Tell me!" It was after a few tries that he had finally lost it and tried to choke you. One never saw Xigbar lose his temper to anyone else so quickly. In fact, he was a rather easygoing man, usually taking up a hobby of teasing someone for fun. But just looking at you pissed him off to the extreme extension.


Saïx had to take over after that. It was much easier to answer questions with him considering he stayed in a calm manner and went easy on you. He must have sensed your pain, though it was not like he truly cared. He knew the firebug hated his guts, but he needed Axel's strength and wits. All he needed from you was the information.


After a while, even the Luna Diviner had given up. It was Xemnas's turn. The Superior had sat directly in front of you to make sure you weren't just staring off into space; you were looking straight at him. The sudden impact of his burning gaze almost sent you falling out of the chair.
But there you were, and still you remained listening to him drawl on and on about the betrayals in his pitiful Organization.


"So if you would be so gracious as to telling me of Number VIII's whereabouts," he finished. You were practically falling asleep from the slow dialect of his; it always seemed to calm you, no matter how fired up you were. That is, if what he had to say had nothing to do with insults about you.


"I've told you people time and time again, I don't know where Axel is." Dark circles had formed under your eyes from lack of sleep. Saïx had finally granted you permission to change rooms, but the room he had given you was not the one you would have liked. Thus, Axel's old room was now yours, as well as all of his belongings. It made it difficult to sleep at night with the reminiscence of his warm arms wrapped around you underneath the satin. Along with his absence came the lack of heat within the room. The bed covers were like ice, making it even harder to relax when you were constantly shivering...and wishing that just once more Axel might pull a, 'You looked cold,' and somehow magically appear.


"Surely you must know something?" Xemnas raised a silver eyebrow in inquisition. You stubbornly shook your head.


"All he told me was that he was leaving to find Roxas. Nothing more." Your voice had cracked, though no tears were even close to forming. You never allowed yourself to cry anymore; it wasn't worth the tears and time.


Xemnas grunted thoughtfully and stood up, frowning in concentration. His amber optics were fixed upon you as though judging your appearance. So what if you hadn't showered since Axel left? It was as though when The Flurry of Dancing Flames had departed, so had your dignity. You no longer cared about your appearance...or maybe that was just the depression.


Still, you had no idea why you'd done it. Those hadn't been welcoming arms; that had been talking with your hands. You had only reinforced Xemnas's suspicion that day though, when he had opened his mouth to speak just as you had weakly stumbled to your feet.


His arms reached out to the side as though he were about to emphasize something, but a sudden impulse had sent you leaping forward. You had wrapped your arms about his waist and clung to him, closing your eyes and seeking comfort.


Xemnas looked down at you with surprise and sighed with frustration. It seemed he wasn't going to get any more information out of you, and now you were basically asking him for reassurance and sympathy. When your chin trembled, he blinked and gave in, pulling you upward and into a straighter posture before lightly embracing you.


You buried your face into his chest and hung on tighter. The Superior gazed down at you in bafflement as to what to do. He was not used to playing some sort of fatherly figure, and he certainly had never played the role of a friend.




"Why did he have to go?" you said into his chest, the message muffled by his form. He blinked and gripped your shoulders before pulling you away from him. You, in turn, avoided his gaze instantly, keeping your sight fixed upon the floor.


"He is not worth mourning over." Boy, that was comforting. Go Xemnas. You finally looked up at him with a frown and a cold glare.


"How so?"


"He is your rival now. It is time you began thinking of him as a traitor, nothing more. He is no longer your friend." Your mouth fell open slightly in awe. How dare he say such a thing? You had gone to him in hope that he might share some reassuring thoughts with you, and he had given you this.


"He is no more a traitor than you are." Xemnas's eyes hardened warningly. Respect was highly promoted in the Organization. It certainly wasn't required, but if a member was disrespectful, they were often a shame to the whole team.


"Watch your tongue," he said coolly. Your glare grew icier.


"You really are heartless." With that, you turned around and ran from the room. He called your name once, but after you kept running, gave up. Your destination was unknown, but you soon found yourself in Axel's room...your room.


Throwing yourself on the bed, you buried yourself into your pillow. It still smelled strongly of Axe, but you truly wished the scent would never fade. It was almost like a piece of proof that Axel had once been there, and was almost a reminder that he still lived on, though you wouldn't see him every day.


A daring action made you sit up instantly. You were feeling rather rebellious, and your anger towards the Organization only made it worse. Axel couldn't be too far off...could he? You were about to find out as you stretched your arm to its extent and closed your eyes.


A portal opened not too far from you, and you eagerly stepped into it. Your eyes remained closed as winds of darkness whipped around you. As soon as it had begun, it stopped. You opened your eyes and eagerly drank in the scenery.


"Twilight Town?" you asked aloud, wrinkling your nose. If those teenagers saw you here, you'd never get away again. That's when you saw him.


Axel was leaning against a wall not too far off, looking like you had always remembered him. His eyes were closed, his arms crossed, and his chin tilted downward. You walked forward cautiously as though you were afraid it was some sort of illusion. Xemnas's words echoed in your mind.


'He is your rival now. It is time you began thinking of him as a traitor, nothing more. He is no longer your friend.'


"Axel?" Jade eyes opened lazily and fixed themselves upon your face. The pyromaniac grunted and pushed off from the wall.


"I didn't expect to see you here," he admitted.


"H-how is everything going? Did you find Roxas?" His eyes averted to the side, somewhat of a hostile glare marring his face. "I guess not." You looked down and shuffled your feet in awkwardness. You wanted to hold him, let him know just how much you missed him being there, how much you missed his laugh and his jokes.


Axel's arms snaked around your upper back and pulled you close. You looked up in surprise and responded by sinking to your knees. His eyes widened briefly, and he blinked before looking down at your crumpled body. It was obviously worse than he'd thought.


The Flurry of Dancing Flames kneeled in front of you before falling backwards and against the wall. He reached forward and grabbed your upper arm to guide you toward him. You fell into his arms, your torso oddly resting between his legs. Closing your eyes, you relaxed your head on his chest and rested your own arms on his shoulders in what you could call a limp embrace.


Axel laid his face in your hair once more, like he had the night when you had showed up in his room, cold and shivering. The memory of it almost made him regret leaving, but there had been no stopping it. He'd been planning to leave for quite some time, and one person wasn't going to change it.


Your eyes opened as you stared ahead sadly. Your left hand slid down his abdomen and rested near your chin. "Please come home..."

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