Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


27. Chapter 26

"Yeah...so I got in trouble for 'wandering off.' Honestly, does Xigbar have to be such a lying jackass? I just wish I could get something on him other than his looks that I could just..." You clenched your fists and gritted your teeth. Axel laughed and shook his head, wrapping his arm around you playfully. The two of you wandered down the hallway, now staggering from side to side due to Axel's clumsiness when pulling you closer. Your muscles stiffened at the sudden shrink of promiximity.


"Eh...I wouldn't worry about it. Braig has some issues with competition. Ever since Saïx pretty much stole his position-"


"Braig?" you repeated.


"His original name was Braig," explained Axel casually. That was it! He'd given it to you...the one thing to tease Xigbar about. Braig...what sort of name was that? Of course, it wasn't nearly as bad as the name he held now, but it was still something for you to pick on him for.


Axel lowered his head and rested his nose in your hair. Closing his eyes, he inhaled, enjoying the sweet scent of milk and honey. You smiled and pulled away from him bashfully. He gave you a weird look, his red eyebrows burrowing downward. This gave him somewhat of an innocent expression. It was almost...attractive. What?! No...don't think those things! You were just blowing off some steam on him. It wasn't your fault it had been right before your period! you thought angrily to yourself with a scolding manner.


"Look...Axel? Let's just stick to friends for now, okay? I-" You sighed and scratched the back of your neck. "I don't think what we had that night was real. It was sort of...an impulse, you know?" His eyes wandered from place to place as if to avoid your gaze. He opened his mouth and took a deep breath, still not making eye contact.


"So it's still you and Demyx, huh?" A feeling of guilt hit the pit of your stomach, making your own eyes drop to the floor. It wasn't as though you didn't like Axel...in fact, you liked him quite a bit. You just didn't want to waste your time on a relationship that was doomed to fail. However, you couldn't deny that you had a strong liking for the guy.


"Demyx and I-"


"There's no need to explain," Axel said hurriedly, grabbing your wrist. "Come on; I want to show you something." With another look at you, he added with a smirk, "And don't worry: Demyx can come too." This got you curious.


He led you through the halls, still holding your wrist. You trailed behind, tripping over your own feet multiple times. The two of you ended up in front of his door, and he smiled at you as though he were about to show you some big surprise. You raised an eyebrow; he was obviously trying to get his mind off the subject of you and Demyx.


Axel disappeared next door and returned a moment later with the water manipulator himself. Wait...why was Demyx in swimming trunks? You blinked as Axel tossed you a crimson bikini.


"You might want to get changed," he suggested, nodding toward Demyx's room. "When you're done, come on in."


"What, have you installed an indoor swimming pool in there?" This was definitely weird.


"You'll see. Go on." Whatever it was, it wasn't good news if there was a crimson bikini involved. The fact that it was a shade of red instantly indicated it had been Axel that had picked it out...either that, or he'd had it already. That was even creepier.


With one last apprehensive glance, you stepped into Demyx's room and began to strip yourself of your clothing. Your boots were not agreeing with you that day; they did not want to come off, no matter how much you tugged at them. When one finally did come loose, it sent you flying backwards and onto the bed. You shook your head vigorously and worked on the second one. That came easier.


Once the boots were off, you could remove the rest of your attire. Slipping into the bikini, you smiled to yourself when you realized that Axel had been modest in his choice. It didn't reveal too much at all besides what most swimsuits show, your stomach, and a bit of cleavage. At least it wasn't a thong. That made you grateful it wasn't Demyx that had picked it out. The thought made you shiver.


You walked out of the room and into the cold hallway with a shiver. Whatever you were getting into, this pool had better be heated. Then again, it was in Axel's room.


When you walked into the chamber belonging to The Flurry of Dancing Flames, the two guys immediately turned their heads your way to "welcome" you. You become very self-conscious of your attire and just how much it really did reveal. What surprise was awaiting you?


"A Jacuzzi?" you asked, blinking in astonishment. "You stick me in a bikini and then drag me into a lust machine?"


"It's not a lust machine!" he argued instantly. "If you don't want to go in, no one's making you." You raised an eyebrow.


"You just sounded like him." Pointing at Demyx, you grinned mischievously.


"Hey!" the guys said in unison, both defensive in their own ways. Heaving a yawn, you threw your arms into the air and stretched, walking toward the pool of bubbling, warm water. You slipped in and rested your elbows on the side, laying your head back and enjoying the feel of the jets on the knots that had grown on your back from the laborious hours of training.


"Cannonball!" Demyx yelled, and was about to charge for the pool before an agitated Axel grabbed his shoulder and stopped him in his tracks.


"Observe, misfit," he mumbled, climbing in calmly. Demyx blinked in observation, his face straight. He didn't seem to change his mind.




"Fine, get paralyzed. If Xemnas asks, it was her fault." Axel pointed at you, and your head jerked up instantly, your _(color)_ eyes burning playfully.


"Gee, thanks. I'll just pull some of my lady charm on him and get away without charges," you threw in with a grin. You had power, and you were proud of it.


"Why not save some of that lady charm for me?" he growled lustfully.


"Yeah, why waste it on Xemnas?" Demyx pitched in, finally putting his legs over the side one by on and sliding in.


"Because Xemnas actually treats me like I'm worth something," you replied calmly, a light tint reaching the corners of your cheeks. You silently hoped they thought it was the heat from the water. Axel must have noticed, for a knowing smirk came across his face, and though he wasn't looking at you, the smug look made you feel uncomfortable. He was going to say something...


"So you like him, huh? 'Doesn't matter," he assured you. "You wouldn't be the first." You gave him an odd look, but his jade gaze never faltered, so you were certain he hadn't seen it. You would just have to speak up. You cleared your throat.


"Axel? Is there something you want to share with us?"


"Huh?" He turned to look at you, finally seeing your expression. "What? No! I mean...I meant Larxene."


"Uh-huh..." you commented sarcastically.


"No, really. She 'liked' Xemnas, but he blew her off. She then went after Marluxia. 'Just a hungry power seeker is all."


Even though Axel and Demyx hated each other, you must have kept them together. Looking at them both, you realized that they, along with Xemnas, were the only ones you knew that knew you had a heart left. Unfortunately, it seemed they were fighting for it. You had noticed the tension in Axel's voice, though he had covered it with a skillful laugh, and Demyx had tensed up instantly when Axel had mentioned the topic on feelings.


"Kind of like you?" you teased, smiling. Bright green eyes shifted to look at you.


"Nah...I was more of a troublemaker when Roxas was here. Now that he's gone, there's really nothing to do."


"Well you should find something. Then maybe you won't be hanging on me all the time!" He snorted.


"If I ever see Roxas again," joked the pyro. He laughed; his eyes didn't. You took a deep breath and felt your heart pounding. You hadn't told him about Roxas because you'd hoped that you could keep Axel in the Organization longer. "I mean, I've seen him, but it wasn't really him, you know? He couldn't even remember me...or us. He recalled my name, but not out of long-lasting memory. Besides, he's probably long gone now. Sora's waking up."


"A...Axel?" you sputtered. He raised his eyebrows, his eyes now closed in relaxation as he leaned back against the jets. "I...I saw Roxas a little while ago. When Xigbar left me in Twilight Town, remember?"


"Yeah. Saïx had a field day when he found out the truth." Saïx had found out the truth? It didn't really surprise you. He couldn't stay in the dark for long. Well, at least someone knew. However, Axel had not told you that he'd already known the story. You'd wasted your time telling him.


"Saïx?" you echoed in confusion. Where had Xemnas been in all of this? Even though it was excellent that someone knew, you would have thought Xemnas would have taken action.


"Yeah, he had a fit; thought Xemnas would have his head for sure." Axel chortled. "Hell, I wouldn't have minded it." You didn't question that that. You knew Axel's hatred for the Luna Diviner ran deep.


"But...Roxas and I hung out. He asked about the Organization and everything, but-"


"Thanks," he said mirthlessly, and somewhat coldly.


"He- huh?"


"You didn't tell me immediately. How am I supposed to work with the situation now?"


"Well..." your voice cracked. "Axel, I didn't mean anything by it. I just didn't want you to go," you pleaded desperately. Demyx, who had been playing with the bubbles in the water, suddenly grew stiff and stopped abruptly. Axel heaved a sigh, his emerald eyes fixed upon you.


"You- thanks for telling me at least," he said breathlessly. "And you were right about me leaving. I'm heading out as soon as possible."


"What? Why?" you gasped incredulously. With a glance at Demyx, Axel turned to look at you.


"We'll discuss it later."

Having just left Demyx, you and Axel meandered through the halls, both of you in dry clothes. You were back in uniform, though only added to the weight you now felt on your shoulders. Axel was leaving you. Now the only people you would have were Demyx and Xemnas...not the best pair. Xemnas had problems sharing a conversation, and Demyx had trouble staying on a topic, much less a serious one. It made you wonder who you were supposed to talk to once Axel left.


The firebug grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a basically empty room, minus the vacant desk and chair in a corner. The floor and walls were white...who knew? Axel poked his head out the door frame and checked for occupancy in the corridors before he ducked back in and shut the door.


"Why are you leaving?" you demanded immediately. He didn't seem surprised you had jumped back onto the topic instantly.


"If you think about it, there's no reason to stay. I have nothing left." A sinking feeling formed at the pit of your stomach once more, making you feel nauseous. You blinked, avoiding his gaze. The pain stung you like a sword to the heart.


"...You have me." Axel's form stiffened, and after a few seconds of waiting you realized you weren't going to get an answer. "But I guess that's not enough." You turned away from him and began to leave, but he grabbed your shoulder, spun you around, and held you fast. You stared at him in shock, taken aback by his blazing gaze.


"That's more than enough."


"Then why are you leaving?"


"Because I don't deserve you," he shouted angrily. You glared at him coldly. Gritting your teeth, you shook your head slowly and backed away from him.


"Then perhaps you shouldn't have gotten involved with me in the first place." (What a hypocrite you were.) Your words were like ice as you turned and opened the door, leaving a befuddled pyromaniac behind you.


"_(Name)_!" He called out your name repeatedly with no avail. You were well on your way down the hall. You thought that would be the end of Axel, but it was only the beginning of the trouble he would cause the Organization...and you.

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