Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


23. Chapter 22

"Where are we going?"


"You'll see."


"But I wanna know now!"


"You'll find out soon enough."


"But I don't want to find out soon enough! I want to find out NOW!"


"Would you quit whining?" You smiled to yourself at the annoyance in Xigbar's voice. Man, you loved ticking that guy off. The two of you weren't even on your mission yet, and you were already getting on his nerves. In fact, you were waiting for Xemnas's approval to leave.


The battle-scarred man glanced at you, and you flashed a large proud grin at him. He groaned and rolled his yellow eyes, mumbling something close to, 'Why couldn't it be someone else...anyone else?' Hey, you weren't happy with the assignment buddy, either.


Xigbar sighed and finally reached into his pocket, removing a silver key. Your eyes lit up immediately. He began to move it closer to the door, when...


"SHINY!" you yelled. No, this was not like you...but you would do anything you could to get on this guy's nerves...and that included becoming drastically hyper. You snatched the key from his hand and started running.


"Hey!" He chased after you angrily, gaining on you easily.


"AAAAAAAAH! SHINY! SHINYSHINYSHINYSHINYSHINY!!!" You turned the corner and immediately fell backwards. Why? You'd run straight into Xemnas's chest. A tint of color rose to your cheeks as you got to your feet. Sure, you were acting especially annoying for Xigbar, but you hadn't wanted Xemnas to see.


"Having fun?" he asked you, and because of the sugar pumping in your veins (you'd helped yourself to quite a few sodas before you met up with Xigbar), you were tempted to give an enthusiastic nod, though you could tell he didn't care.


Xigbar caught up with you at last, eyeing The Superior warily. Xemnas raised a silver eyebrow at the Freeshooter.


"May we go?"


"Wait, better yet: can we not go?" you butted in, receiving an intimidating glare from the sniper beside you.


"You do not need my permission," Xemnas informed him with a frown. With a smirk, Xigbar grabbed your wrist tightly.


"Wha- ow! Let me go, you jerk!" You struggled against him, but the darkness quickly overtook the two of you. The new scenery was of a technology lab, a computer flashing text on the many monitors. "Where are we?"


"Twilight Town," he replied curtly. "Please make an effort to memorize it; I don't want to say it over and over again." He was insulting you! How rude! How dare he question your IQ? You were suddenly filled with sadistic glee as your eyes slowly traveled to his face.


"Where are we again?"


"Twilight Town, like I said. Didn't you-" A look of realization came across his face, and he looked down at you. You had a big childish grin playing your lips...well, it was way more than childish. The grin was very wide indeed; it stretched from one side of your skull to the next...well, almost. "Don't you dare-"


"What's the name again? I'm sorry, I just can't remember!" He rolled his eyes and started toward a door on the far side of the room. "Was it Dawn Town?  Twinkle Town? Terror Town?" You continued to pester the poor man as the two of you made your way through the doorway. "Tinkle Town? Tarnish To- whooooooooooooooooa! It looks funny! What is it?"


"Immature brat," he muttered.


"What was that, Scarface?" you called back. You were currently examining what looked like a cloning tank. He rolled his eyes and continued walking down the hallway. "What is this thing?" He didn't answer. "Scarface!" You took after him, running to catch up.


"Scarface, where are we?" Something inside of Xigbar must have snapped, because before you even got the chance to see a pulsing vein, his hands were wrapped around your throat and he was lifting you slowly. Your feet left the ground, and you kicked and gasped in protest. Well, you tried to gasp.


"Stop...calling...me...that," he said through clenched teeth before he dropped you. You stumbled backwards, rubbing your throat with your hands. He continued walking.


"Sorry, Scarface." He hesitated before glaring forward and made his way through the hall. You could have sworn you saw a vein twitch in his forehead. Chuckling, you ran after him.


The two of you passed through a door and into a large white room. This received another large 'whoa' from you as you looked at the thing that looked like a cloning tank that was rather large and in the middle.


"Who were those animals back there?" No answer. "Xigbar? Why are we here? Why is your eye twitching? Why-"


"Shut up!" he yelled. "We're here so you can have a look at Sora and understand a bit more about him, not that your stupid mind would be able to comprehend it, so you can finally follow us when we're talking about him in meetings!" You blinked in astonishment and content. He was pissed...yippee! Heh, you were so cruel sometimes.


"So...this is Sora?" You pointed to the large white object. "What's so great about it? How is it a threat? How-"


"Just please be patient." You smiled at the emphasis on the 'please.' The sides of the tank began to unfold toward you in a flower pedal fashion.


"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" If this had been Xigbar's first time meeting you, you were sure he would have guessed you were about nine, despite your appearance. "Can we see that again?" A moment later, a young man was revealed floating in the tank. "Is he dead?"


"No, he's not dead," Xigbar snapped. "How could he be a threat when dead?"


"Well, technically you're dead, considering you can't truly live without a heart." He fell silent, and you knew you'd said the wrong thing, and yet the right thing at the same time. You walked up closer to the tank, cocking your head to the side while examining the boy. "This is Sora?" Xigbar nodded, only to notice you weren't going to look back at him.


"The keyblade bearer, yes. Roxas's somebody."


"He looks so..." You struggled to find the right word. Young? Weak? Unworthy for the keyblade? "...peaceful," you finished. "Don't you think?" You turned around and faced the scarred nobody, blinking in astonishment. Xigbar had given a twitch that he had apparently not noticed, but something else had. He was gazing at Sora intently, a look of concentration on his face.


"Is that the key in your pocket, or are you just happy?" You eyes were as wide as moons as he gave you a frown of confusion. You smiled with disgust and pointed to his pants. He looked down and gave a startled cry, whipping around. "Snerk. Pedophile..." you muttered.


"Oh, shut up," he yelled back, hunched over in attempt to stop you from seeing it.


"Did ya take your Viagra today, old man?" He shot you a yellow-eyed glare, to which you laughed at. It was the perfect opportunity to insult him; he was too busy getting himself under control that he wasn't going to even attempt to hurt you, plus the fact that you had just caught him hardening when looking at a boy of a much younger age...even younger than you. "This will be an interesting report."


"If you dare tell Xemnas, I will kill you while you sleep, do you understand?" he growled.


"What, tell him that you're a gay pedophile like Michael Jackson?"




"Never mind," you replied. "The fact is, you got horny by looking at some male kid?" You raised an eyebrow in questioning.


"No...that's not it," he insisted. Your eyebrow shot up higher. "I don't know what it was, but..." He sighed and gave himself a quick shake before turning to face you. "Now that you've seen him, we can head back." He seemed confused by your giggles. "What?"


"You're still happy!" You pointed at him, doubling over in laughter. It was just too much. "Would you like me to-haha-close the-ahahahahahahaha-sihahaides?" you gasped, still laughing. He gave you a disapproving glower, but this did not stop your fits of laughter. You sank to your knees and continued to laugh. He rolled his eyes.


"Alright, that's quite enough." You kept laughing. "I said stop!" Xigbar seemed to be having a hard time getting you to settle down, but you couldn't help it! The situation was absolutely sickening, but that's what made it so wickedly funny. "Very well, then...I'll just tell Xemnas you went off on your own and disobeyed my orders." You stopped abruptly and looked up just in time to see his portal opening.


"W-wait!" You reached out to him, but he disappeared. It didn't matter, anyway; you could teleport on your own now just about as well as the rest of them. You held out your hand to open the darkness, but nothing happened. "What the-?" You tried again with no avail. "Xigbar! I know this is your doing, you cheap bastard!" you yelled, your voice echoing through the large area.


"Well, Sora...I guess it's just you and me." The boy clearly didn't hear you in his deep slumber. You sighed and sunk to the floor, wrapping your arms around your knees and gazing up at the keyblade bearer thoughtfully. "To think...just how much you're missing out on. Adventures, knowledge, friendships, romance..." your voice trailed off.


Leaping to your feet instantly, you left the room. If you were going to be stuck there, you might as well make the best of it and do what Sora couldn't: go adventuring.

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