Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


22. Chapter 21

Swaying green over the rolling hills. The rustling of grass echoing throughout the area. The blue sky glowing from above, its joyous light bringing color to the world. Storm clouds rolled in quickly, sweeping across and dimming the earth beneath.


The sky was now a dull gray, and gloom fell upon the land. A voice rang out clearly through the piercing silence, for the wind had ceased to blow. The words were not audible, but the tone was mournful. It sounded so familiar, but it was unrecognizable for now.


Your eyes fluttered open and you looked around the room from your sitting position. You had been meditating on the balcony that overlooked the Hall of Empty Melodies. Surprisingly, no one had disturbed you. It would have been the assumption that someone would have passed through at some point during the two hours you had been sitting there, but no one had.


You'd had a training session with Xemnas earlier that day, as you had for the past week. Thankfully your period was over, though you'd struggled to keep down your temper when your mentor would mock your mistakes. Now you were paying dearly for the times when you'd let your anger slip; you were being forced to go on a duet mission with Xigbar.


So now you were meditating to get your emotions in control before you went to do the dirty task. It wouldn't be good to have a temper and have to spend a day with Xigbar without anyone else's protection. No one would save you this time if Xigbar lost his temper.


First things first: food. It was an evening mission, so the Organization was having an early supper that night so you and Xigbar could head out. You stood up and stretched your muscles before turning around and making your way downward. The dining hall was in the basement.


It took you a while to get there, but when you did, none of the other members had shown up yet. You sighed and leaned against a wall. It took about five minutes before the first other person walked in. And who could it have been other than Axel?


He took a few steps toward the table before he glanced over his shoulder. Seeing you, he smirked and turned around. Oh no.


"Anxious to get going, I suppose?" You shot him a glare.


"Oh, yes! I just can't wait to go somewhere with someone who hates me." He chuckled and shook his head.


"Have fun with that," commented the firebug.


"Will do," you replied. "At least I'll have something to do. What do you plan on doing while I'm gone, lean against the wall and think?" One corner of his lips curled up slightly.


"Nah, I thought I'd busy myself in digging through your dirty laundry." Your eyes widened.


"Axel!" He started laughing at your expense, and you punched his shoulder. "You're such a pervert."


"Sticks and stones, remember?"


"Right...that would refer to your willpower being as strong as a stick, and your heart as cold as a stone?" you drawled.


"I don't have one...did you forget?" You blinked. The truth was, you had. It was so easy to forget that you were among beings without hearts...mere shells. It made you stick out like a sore thumb.


"I guess I did," you admitted. Someone else walked into the room. It was Saïx. The blue-haired man walked around the table and stood beside his seat at the end on the far side. The table was white and of a large rectangular shape, the Organization's symbol of a darker white and stretching out across the top...go figure.


The chairs were also white. Who would have known? Saïx gazed at you blankly with calm golden eyes. You blinked as Xaldin and Xigbar entered, following closely by Demyx, who was trying his best to get past them and get to the table. Darkness swarmed around the surface of the marble platform. You frowned at it curiously, but your unasked question was answered; mounds of food formed on the surface. You had never been there to see it yet.


Xigbar and Xaldin walked over and stood behind their chairs on the far side, at the top. Xigbar was at the very beginning. You assumed they must sit in order of seniority. Demyx ran to his spot that was second to the last on the side closest to you. How did you know it was the last? There was one chair at the head of the table.


You looked around, your eyes clouded in confusion. Where were you supposed to sit? You weren't really an original member; this was Organization XIII and you were number XIV. You didn't have a chair. Luxord strolled in and stood beside his seat that was next to Demyx: closer to the middle. With a salute to you, Axel reluctantly took his place beside Demyx at the end.


Frowning, you wondered why they weren't taking their seats. A moment later you were answered. Xemnas entered the hall, his hood up. He must have been observing something outside of the castle. He stood at the head of the table, and nodded for everyone to be seated.


The squeaking of chairs against the floor rang throughout the room as everyone got themselves situated. Xemnas lowered his hood and slowly turned his head to look at you. This was your first time eating with the entire Organization; you would often steal some food after people had left.


He nodded to you and motioned for you to take the chair beside him, opposite from Xigbar. You hesitated due to the Freeshooter's glare, but took the seat without protest. The Nobodies began to load their plates with food, but you only took one chicken wing, some pasta, a breadstick, and some salad.


You were about to reach for your fork when a snorting sound made you jump. You leaned forward to look past Luxord, who was eying you instead of his food, and wrinkled your nose in disgust. You didn't feel hungry anymore.


Demyx had two chicken legs in his hands and was taking turns biting each one. Barbeque sauce was on the sides of his mouth as he wolfed down the meat. You were about to look away due to the nausea that was now at the pit of your stomach, but something made you continue to watch. What was that something?


Axel reached for the chicken leg on his own plate, but right before his hand touched it, Demyx dropped the leg he was holding with his right hand and snatched up Axel's chicken. He sunk his teeth into it greedily, and your mouth dropped open in astonishment. You'd never seen anyone eat so rudely.


Axel blinked and shook his head casually, as though this was a routine. This made your mouth drop open even wider; poor Axel! The Flurry of Dancing Flames picked up his breadstick and began to raise it to take a bite, but Demyx leaned over and began to eat it right from the firebug's hand.


"Ugh..." you sputtered, your chin trembling. Luxord apparently thought you were staring at him, because he kept giving you smirks and nods, though you weren't really paying attention. You thought he said the two of you were at war. Frankly, you didn't really care as long as he kept his grubby hands off of you.


Axel cried out in pain and drew his hand back sharply, the remainders of the breadstick falling from his fingers. You leaned your head forward farther in attempt to understand what had just happened.


Demyx had devoured the breadstick so quickly from the fire manipulator's hand, he'd bit the redhead. Luxord's attention had finally been drawn from you, and he focused instead on the pair beside him. When he saw Demyx was doing it again, he immediately looked down at his plate. There was not but a grape left on it, which was instantly eaten by the Melodious Nocturne.


The Gambler of Fate stood up and out of his chair, wearing a look of pure repugnance on his face. He left the hall, apparently deciding not to eat supper that night. Or perhaps he would use your technique and stop by later to get some leftovers...if there were any. Currently Demyx had chicken, grapes, bread, and mashed potatoes in his mouth at once.


He turned his head to look at you, some potatoes and chicken protruding from his lips. "Are you gonna eat that?" he asked. It was barely audible behind all the food. You stared at him with eyes as wide as saucers and wrapped your arms around your plate before protectively scooting it towards Xemnas.


Demyx didn't waste any time with further questions before he started in on the cranberries. You gagged in repulsion and looked away. You could no longer watch it, and couldn't understand how Axel could stand such a thing.


Xemnas was eating slowly, even using his fork to pick up the grapes. You chuckled and shook your head; he was eating at the same pace that he talked. Picking up your own fork, you dug into the chicken. When you raised it to your lips, its sweet aroma already had you salivating.


You bit it off the fork and savored its juices. The food was delicious, though the place lacked atmosphere, and not only due to the plain white walls. With another apprehensive glance toward the Melodious Nocturne, you shoveled down your pasta, ate your breadstick as quickly as possible, and stood up.


Xigbar was keeping his gaze glued to the table...or his food, you couldn't tell which. Xaldin, however, had not even touched his food. He was staring at Demyx in awe, his deep blue eyes wide. It appeared Demyx was eating with even more sloppiness than usual. Saïx just seemed to be ignoring it completely.


You hurriedly left the room without another glance at the water manipulator and leaned against the wall. Groping at your throat, you held down another gag. Just the sounds of his open-mouthed chewing made you want to lose your supper.


You felt a hand on your shoulder, making you jump. Turning your head sharply, you looked up at Axel. His head was cocked, a smirk playing his lips. You frowned in confusion and he laughed.


"You alright?" Sounds of chewing made your eyes widen instantly. Demyx was walking out to see why Axel had left momentarily after not eating much (Axel could really put it down, but he actually ate with decent manners...unless he was doing an imitation of Demyx when number IX wasn't looking.) He was carrying his plate with him and still shoving food in his mouth consistently.


Your hand flew to your mouth, and your other hand touched your stomach. Axel's emerald eyes widened in concern as you dashed down the hallway to the nearest bathroom. You stumbled to the stall, and as soon as you stood over the toilet, the food made its encore.


There went your supper...thanks, Demyx. You flushed the toilet and wiped your mouth on your sleeve. A streak of brown was on the black material...gross. Making your way to the sink, your eyes traveled up to the mirror. You were a mess; your lips were all puffy from vomiting, and your eyes were bloodshot.


You turned the handle for cold and cupped some water in your hands. Splashing it onto your face, you grabbed a towel and dried yourself off. This was not your day. Your mission with Xigbar would be starting soon, and there was no doubt he'd be making fun of how terrible you looked. Then again, he had to watch it; you had a hold on insults for him.


The door creaked open and who would stumble in but Demyx? Foods of all sorts were painted on his face; it clearly looked as though someone had lost their temper, filled their plate with food, and smashed it on him. He stepped up to the sink and began to wash himself off. You looked down at him with reminiscence of disgust.


He glanced up at you and smiled, food decorating his white teeth. You took a deep breath of air and ran out of the bathroom. It still smelled like vomit, so it didn't help to see Demyx's meal all over again. Dashing down the hallway, you made your way to Proof of Existence. There you leaned against the wall and panted, your eyes closed. The upcoming mission was not going to be fun.

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