Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


21. Chapter 20

At last you called to me
Beyond our destiny
So far
The memory of you is fading now
I don't know why, I don't know how
I'm happy for you
I'm just not happy for me


You sang the last note of the tune before Demyx finished off the song with a few more chords from his sitar. Taking a breath, you sighed in contentment and sat down on the floor. Demyx set the bottom of the instrument down and leaned against it.


"So...how does it feel to make a song and master it?" he asked.


"Like I never want to sing it again." You laughed to yourself. "After you practice it so many times, it gets old."


"That's just because you're not as dedicated to music. If you were like me, you'd appreciate it more." He wore a cocky grin on his face. You felt the need to knock it off.


"If I were like you, Xemnas would have given up on me by now." He gave you an indignant pout and shifted his body weight, resulting in the sitar falling to the floor with a clatter, followed by Demyx, who hit the surface with a loud thud. You started laughing and pointed at him to increase the effect you were having on his ego.


He glowered at you and made his way to a sitting position. You were still laughing for a decently long time, to Demyx's obvious displeasure. It didn't help that you didn't stop pointing at him. What could you say? It was funny!


"Alright; that's enough!" the water manipulator shouted dryly. It echoed throughout the room, and your laughter stopped abruptly.


"You know...I guess this hall isn't all empty melodies now, hmm?" He stared at you quizzically, making you roll your eyes and shake your head. "Never mind," you muttered. The truth was, you would rather be spending your time with Axel, but he was out on a mission. It was nothing against Demyx; it was just that you weren't in a playful mood. It was no question why.


It was the second day of your period...oh huzzah! The heavy bleeding had forced you to switch to pads for cautionary issues. But then again, you were doing whatever you could not to think about it. The cramps were becoming a distant memory, and you were ignoring the fatigue.


On lighter terms, the bad weather had come to an end. However, the temperature was still too cold for you to return to your room. You certainly didn't mind; it gave you another reason to pester the Luna Diviner.


You laid back and stared up at the stars with a dreamy expression on your face. The glass ceiling was a wonderful touch to the castle, even though it was in almost every room. It did give you a chance to get a view of the sky, however, which was something you normally didn't look at it. Now it had become a past time of yours.


Demyx shifted to lie down beside you, and you gave him a sideward glance with a smile. He seemed to have a slight frown on his face, his eyes focused on the moon. You were about to question him when he spoke before you could say a word.


"You know...the only light offered here is Kingdom Hearts." You looked up at the moon, to which he was indicating. The shining heart cast an eerie glow upon the entire citadel.


"There's that chandelier in the library," you replied cheerily, hoping to get the same Demyx back. No, you weren't playful at the time, but that didn't mean he couldn't be. Besides, it was awkward for you when he got serious; it made you think there was something terribly wrong.


"I suppose it must be a bit strange for you not to see the daylight."


"Well...kind of. I've gotten used to it. That heart thing is my sun and my moon. You adapt," you responded, shrugging. He was silent for a moment, a mournful appearance falling on his features.


"I guess I've forgotten what it was like to once live in the light." You sat up slightly, your eyebrows bunched in concern.




"You had it easy. Why did you come here?" His aqua eyes focused on you in an instant, sending you back to the floor in somewhat of a drop.


"My life wasn't easy, actually. I wasn't happy, and I'm sure the city wasn't happy with me. All I did was kill and steal. What sort of a life is that?" Demyx did not give an answer to that, and you didn't expect him to. It was one of those questions that didn't require such a thing. A star flashed with brightness, twinkling and sticking out among the rest.


"Do you suppose that's where the Keyblader is?" He reached up and pointed to it.


"I don't know...don't care. I know nothing about him." Demyx chuckled and shrugged.


"All you need to know for now is that he's the enemy. That's good enough." You nodded and closed your eyes for a moment, images sifting in your mind. You could see the horrified look on the face of the person you'd first killed. Her memory had haunted you, but it was only the beginning of how many souls would remain on your conscience forever.


The reminiscence changed to when you were staring down at the bustling streets from your place upon a tall building. It was the one you'd jumped from. The memory played through, ending at when you had looked up at Xemnas in surprise. It had been sort of a shock to think anyone would even try to save someone like you.


It was a simple flash of remembrance as a picture of Demyx's face lit up by the reflection of the rain on the ceiling. The pattern danced on his face as he gazed up at you with uncertainty in his eyes. You had lifted his chin with your fingers, and when seeing the reassurance return to him, you had continued your lustful torture.


Your eyes shot open and you glanced at the Melodious Nocturne apprehensively. His eyes were closed as well, and it almost appeared as though he were reminiscing as well. His lips curled up at the corners, making you wonder what it was he was remembering.


A sharp pain shot from your lower abdomen and up to your head. For a moment you thought it might have been another attack from the cramps, but when the pain shot back down, you realized this was an assault of a different kind. Your hands flew to your head and you gripped it in pain, though you didn't cry out. You couldn't; you didn't want Demyx to go up in arms over a small migraine.


Wincing, you open your eyes and gasped for breath, your hands still wound in your hair. Aimi flashed before your eyes...flashed, like she was being shown from a faulty projection screen. She blipped in and out of your sight, her emerald eyes blazing with a fierce willpower you would never have.


You rose to your feet and stumbled slightly, which must have caught Demyx's attention. He sat up immediately, eyes wide with surprise. It only took a few staggers before you fell backward and into his arms. He caught you with a mirthless chuckle, and as you looked up, gazed down at you with concern.


"'You alright?"


"I think so...I don't know what happened." You looked around the room wildly. There was no sign of Aimi. Why did she haunt you so? Her eyes were twice as intense as Axel's, and when you saw them, you were always taken aback. So when her image was before you, it was almost twice as shocking as thinking you're looking at a ghost.


"You're probably just tired," suggested Demyx.


"Yeah...I'm just tired." It didn't sound very reassuring. He helped you to your feet, his hands still on your waist for support. "Thanks, Demyx, and...sorry for falling on you." You chuckled. He smiled and shrugged, his gaze averting to the floor.


"_(Name)_!" You whirled around and blinked at him. "You're dying!"


"What?" You looked in the same direction, finally realizing what had captured so much of his attention. A burning sensation rose to your cheeks as you stared at the spots of blood on the floor. It seemed you had overestimated the durability of the maxi pads. "Demyx, that's just-"


"We need to get you help right away!" You were swept of your feet, and you stifled a small scream as Demyx held you bridal style. He took off running with you bumping around in his arms.


"Demyx, I'm alright!" you urged.


"No! You're dying! Didn't you see the blood?" He turned a corner, and whom could you have met but your declared arch nemesis: Xigbar. "Excuse me! We have a dying person!" Demyx rudely shoved back him in his hurry to reach...wait, where was he going? Anyway, you couldn't help but laugh slightly at the look of surprise on the Freeshooter's face at the collision of his and Demyx's shoulders.


The water manipulator turned another corner, and you were horrified to see Axel leaned against the wall, arms crossed, and eyes closed. At the sound of heavy footsteps, he opened one jade eye to observe the scene. Demyx ran straight past him, you in his arms and smiling weakly at the Flurry of Dancing Flames. The other green eye shot open and Axel pushed himself from the wall.


"What the-?"


"She's dying! Make way!"


"Demyx!" he yelled. Demyx stopped running and turned to look at him. "What's wrong with her?" The Melodious Nocturne blinked.


"She's bleeding! She fell on me and left blood on the floor." He was about to turn and keep running, but Axel's chuckle stopped him. Clearly Axel had noticed your recent PMS...and the uncomfortable look on your face. Either way, it was obvious he knew you weren't dying.


"She's fine."


"No, she's not!"


"Yes...she is." He closed his eyes and shook his head in amusement. "It's just her time of month." Demyx's eyes widened, and he glanced down at you weakly.


"Is that true?" he asked incredulously. You replied with an embarrassed grin. "Oh, ew!" He dropped you and you fell to floor hard. "That's disgusting! And she bled on me too!" His arms were held out to the side in disgust as he stared down at his cloak and began to walk away. "I'll have to take a shower now."


"Ouch," you said harshly, pulling yourself up. You rubbed your head in pain and watched him leave, his sounds of repugnance echoing through the hall. Did he ever shut up? He could at least help you to your feet and apologize for dropping you. "Wait! Demyx! Demyx, I'm dying!" you yelled after him in attempt to get his attention again.


"Oh, that's gross! How am I ever going to get the smell out?" he whined to himself. You sighed, pulling your feet closer to your body. Once more you were picked up in a bridal carry. You turned your head in surprise to look at your carrier. Axel's eyes were narrowed in suspicion.


"Are you really dying?" he questioned seriously.


"No, but I-" You were dropped again, your body falling to the floor once more. "Ow! Why do you people keep dropping me?" Axel began walked away, now muttering in repulsion at the fact that he now had to take a shower as well. You sighed and rolled your eyes. "Men!"

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