Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


2. Chapter 2

So his name was Xemnas. What an odd name compared to your own. Especially with the circumstances of when you rearranged the letters...no, you pushed the thought from your mind; he hardly seemed the gay type. Though he WAS rather controlling...did that mean he was-? You pushed the thought from your mind again; it was certainly not the time to be thinking dirty thoughts about your superior. Especially since he was facing you in a battle stance, prepared to test your strength.


You had summoned your bo and you now stood in your own stance as well. Xemnas's cold eyes stared you down from across The Hall of Empty Melodies. You counterbalanced them with your own _(color)_-eyed stare. He motioned for you to make the first attack. You hesitated; you never attacked anyone you were sure was ready to counter it. But what choice did you have?


Your feet pounded against the hard floor as you charged toward your target with your bo raised in preparation. To your surprise, your "new mentor" didn't bother to wait for you to follow through. Instead he was already spinning through the air, two glowing light sabers in his hands.


In a split second you felt a heel in your stomach, and you let out a gust of breath. Xemnas used this leverage to flip backwards from your body, before he kicked the bo staff straight from your own fingers. You brought your hand down and gazed at it in astonishment. You hadn't known your grip was so flimsy.


Xemnas landed with a soft clap of his boots against the flooring. You looked up and found yourself face to face with the striking nobody. He almost looked disappointed due to your lack of effort.


"Surely you can do better than that? That was pathetic. I could see what you were about to do before you even began to run," he mocked, insulting you to your dismay. You were used to using your skills upon unworthy opponents; the ones who couldn't fight to save their life...and they couldn't. They knew you were going to kill them from the moment you appeared, but it didn't make them any better.


"Let me try again," you ordered.


"Very well. Do something worth my time this round," he proposed, once again insulting you, but this time you didn't care. You were too busy getting ready to battle again. Your bo was back in your hands and you were ready to attack. The stunt you were about to pull you had often used on those that had some skill in defense, so you hoped it would work on this one.


You took a few running steps forward and leapt with the strength of your right leg. Doing a front flip through the air, you held the bo straight forward, making it appear you were going to strike your target in the head. As you neared Xemnas, you quickly changed your form, spinning your weapon so that it would strike the right shoulder without giving your opponent time to move.


But once again, Xemnas found a way out of your attack. He simply stepped to his left, sending you crashing to the floor beneath you. You kissed the floor and sat up, running your fingers through your hair in frustration. You sighed and ignored the pain in your nose as you turned to look at him.


"OK, what did I do wrong this time? That technique has always worked in the past," you said dryly. "What gives?"


"Your eyes betrayed you. Your body was focused on a blow to the head, but your mind was focused on the shoulder. In that instant, your eyes flickered to my right shoulder, and I instantaneously knew what your true destination was to be. Try something different." He narrowed his eyes and moved farther down the training ground. You groaned and picked up your weapon, bruising pain aching through your muscles.


You brought yourself to your feet and made your way to the opposite side of the hall. Grasping the bo firmly in your hand, you quickly searched for a plan. He had outsmarted the simple strike, and then outwitted your best strategy. Now you had to make something new, so what would it be?


The method formed in your mind and you immediately took action. Charging forward, you held your staff at your side. Xemnas seemed to be mocking you just by standing there idly and watching you with a frown. But this time you were smarter.


When you came within a foot of proximity, you took an unexpected sidestep to your left and spun your bo against the back of his knees. You were actually surprised when you have found the attack was successful in knocking him to the floor. He took a breath and looked up at you with a nod before bringing himself slowly to his feet.


"I see you have already made improvement. Good. Now try defense." He raised his arm and pointed for you to go to the opposite side of the room. You dashed over and got into a defensive stance, ready to meet his weapons.


Xemnas, however, did not charge toward you. The lack of movement essentially made you feel as though you might have done something wrong. Were you supposed to attack? But his next shift answered your question. In no time at all he had disappeared as though he had never been there in the first place, but just as you started to question yourself, he had reappeared directly in front of you, and had a light saber on your shoulder before you even had time to react.


His weapon sizzled against your skin, making you grit your teeth in pain. He fixed you with an intense stare. The saber shut off and he stepped back, crossing his arms. Your eyes flickered for a brief moment in uncertainty; what was he thinking?


"You must be ready for anything. You do not know your opponent's moves until later in the battle. By acting as you were, you made yourself completely vulnerable to whatever attack I should pull on you. Do you understand what I am saying?" You nodded blankly. He had given you no time to even think! How did he expect you to fight back with such a small amount of reaction time?


"You need to give me time to think!" you retorted. Xemnas gazed at you thoughtfully.


"Maybe so, but some antagonists you encounter will not," he replied. You frowned and heaved a sigh. He was practically saying he wasn't going to do a bit of letting up for your sake. "Try again." You had no idea how many times he said that on that afternoon. In fact, you had no idea whatsoever why he was even taking it upon himself to train you when you already knew how to fight.


By the evening you were so worn out you could swing your bo with enough strength to even break a board. Xemnas, however, seemed entirely immune to any sort of fatigue battle might bring upon him. This tended to get a bit on your nerves; didn't he ever rest? He could be up at late hours with nothing better to do than watch you sleep and plot some way to take advantage of you. The thought made you shiver.


Of course, as you reconsidered the theory, that would be something a pedophile would do, and Xemnas seemed far from any sort of pedophile you'd ever met. But then, little to your awareness, there was a potential pedophile currently roaming the castle as well, but you had no recent fate of meeting him as of yet.


Now all you had potential to do was sleep, and that's exactly what you were going to do. Xemnas must have noticed your weariness, for he gave you a look of judgment before leaving the room for the top of the castle. Your eyes followed him dryly before you used as much energy as you had left to climb the slopes to your "room" as you would call it.


"Hey!" A voice called after you just as you slipped into Proof of Existence. You knew the voice; you were just reluctant to answer it. You groaned as the certain someone pursued you, easily matching your pace. It was clear he didn't notice your look of pure annoyance as he gave you a friendly smile.


You answered his greeting with a raised eyebrow. He seemed to reassess his outgoingness before he continued. Demyx reached back and scratched the back of his neck.


"I don't even know your name," he admitted. "You ran off yesterday without even a good-bye." His aqua eyes seemed to twinkle in the glowing light of your doorway.


"And why do you care?" you questioned with cold curiosity.


"Because...we're comrades, right? Just as you said. If I'm going to help you, I'll need to know your name." You narrowed your eyes and stared off to the side; he was in your way. How you would have loved to just leave him standing there, to have gone through the doorway to your room as he waited for a reply. But you couldn't because the stupid dope was standing in the way.


"We're a team, not comrades. I had a grammar error. We are acquaintances," you corrected. "Let's leave it at that for now."


"Fine. I'll go first. I'm Demyx." He raised his eyebrows, and you realized with disgust that he just wasn't going to give up. If he would just get out of the way!


"_(Name)_. There. Are you happy now?"


"I suppose so," he said with satisfaction, a stupid grin on his face.


"Now move." You took it in your liberty to shove him aside so you could go to your room. You didn't mean to be so harsh with the poor guy, but aside from being tired, this whole darkness thing was wearing off on you. You were no longer just the secluded villain, but now you were becoming the cold-hearted villain as well.


You barely had time to see a flash of red appear from across the room as another nobody exited his room before you looked upon your own. It was nothing special; the room looked like any other part of the castle, only this one was more of a balcony than anything else. It overlooked the World That Never Was, as well as was right next to the moon.


The moon, of which you knew nothing about, was the only light that made your room glow, but it cast an eerie gloom about the place that made you feel right at home. Your cot was in the corner closest to the portal. You eagerly stripped yourself of your cloak, leaving only the rest of the black clothing the Organization members wore beneath.


Bending down, you removed your boots and then sat down upon the bed. Your muscles ached form the strain of constant brawling, and happily acknowledged the comfort of relaxation. You laid down and rested your head against the pillow, and in no time you were fast asleep.

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