Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


18. Chapter 17

"You...have improved," spoke Xemnas.


"You taught me," you replied, lowering your head. He frowned at you with puzzlement, holding up a hand in protest.


"I do not want your respect, only your cooperation." You blinked and straightened your posture, gazing at him in confusion.


"Cooperation?" Xemnas began to walk around the area slowly, his arms behind his back in thought. He stole glances at you before turning sharply and raising his hands to the sky.


"Kingdom Hearts! It is almost complete..." You frowned, your mind even cloudier with bafflement. "But not quite." He lowered his arms and turned to face you. "The time is nearing that you must fulfill your most significant mission." You cocked your head to the side inquiringly. "I shall assign you a few beginning missions that you must complete before you may fulfill your greatest purpose here."


"And that would be?"


"You shall learn of it in due time," he assured you. "In the meantime you must continue to practice. I shall continue to hold regular training sessions with you, though I would much prefer if you showed up when you are meant to." You laughed nervously.


"Yeah...sorry about that." You knew you had been missing the training sessions on purpose. Hey, you couldn't help it if Demyx kept bugging you. You froze. Demyx...was he still mad? The hair incident had nothing to do with you, and you silently wondered how long it would take him to figure it out.


"Do not tell me; I would like to see it. You have yet to improve before you take any chances with this mission." Xemnas's amber eyes burned strongly with seriousness. His silver locks glinted in the reflection of the moon, and you had to resist the urge to reach up and touch them.


"Right..." you stuttered, giving him a nod. "Every day then?" He nodded as well, frowning and looking off to the side in thought. "Would you like me to take a small mission?" you said after a moment of awkward silence. His gaze snapped back to you.


"Not quite. I would like to see some more progress. Then perhaps you may do a duet mission with another member." Your shoulders slumped. Did he not trust you to do it on your own? Not only that, but there was no congratulations from him on how well you had fought. He had simply stated you had improved...what sort of a compliment was that?


"Whatever," you mumbled barely audibly. You dipped your head again, even though Xemnas had told you not to. Man, you were getting used to this teamwork thing! Normally you'd snob off to him...and get punished.


Turning around, you stole one last glance at The Superior before leaving the Altar of Naught. You set off toward Proof of Existence with a yawn, stretching your arms to the sky. Not only was it late, but the battle had worn you out.


Stepping into the portal to Demyx's room, you closed your eyes in relaxation as the cool blue flames licked at your skin and numbed your sore muscles. A moment later you found yourself staring at shelves upon shelves of CDs. The water manipulator was on the bed, though he was staring at the ceiling.


"What do you want?" he asked coldly, his gaze not even flicking over to you.


"Uh...to go to sleep?" A frown marred his features as he sat up to stare at you. "Great job today, by the way." You began to walk toward the bed to sit down, but Demyx's cold glare kept you glued to the spot. "You're still angry. Right...I'll just...go..."


You slowly backed up into the portal. This time felt colder going through because you had a pair of icy aqua eyes fixed upon you with hostility. A sigh of relief escaped your mouth when you safely got out of his room, and you shook your head to clear your thoughts. Great. Where were you supposed to sleep now?


Your feet led you to Axel's door, but you immediately protested. You were not going to waltz in there and sleep with...him. Especially after he admitted to hearing you and Demyx earlier. You shook your head again; you had to keep your mind away from The Melodious Nocturne.


The next thing you knew, cold blue flames were licking at your skin, but you weren't cool for long. As soon as the scenery changed, so did the climate. The temperature spiked dramatically, and you silently scolded yourself for going into Axel's room anyway.


The floors were free of carpet, and had some ash stains, which, to your assumption, were from Axel's fire practice. The walls were a crimson red, along with much of the furniture. If it wasn't red, it was black. A corkboard was hung at the far wall, and you could barely make out a picture of what looked like Roxas, with Axel giving him a playful noogie. You smiled to yourself and chortled.


"Hey." Axel snapped you out of your thoughts and made you jump.


"H-hi." You gave a little wave of greeting. "Can I...um..." You frowned and scratched the back of your head. You were not going to ask to spend the night. Come on...think of an excuse... "Can I borrow a blanket?" you asked. Axel's brows lowered in a frown.


"Sure." The pyromaniac guessed that was not the real reason you were in his room, but if you didn't want to talk, he wasn't going to ask. "If you're going to bed with Demyx, I want it back. Got it memorized?"


"Yeah, of course!" You shuffled your feet as he got you a red fleece blanket. As he handed it to you, you took it shyly. "Thanks..." His jade eyes were glittering with question, but he would go unanswered. It wasn't his concern whether or not you and Demyx were fighting. "'Night."


You left the room quickly and wondered where to go. There was always the option of bugging Saïx, but you assumed if you did, you'd most likely have fingers around your throat in a moment, though that hardly seemed like something Saïx would do.


Your own door was not far off, so you unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around you. The material smelled like a mixture of smoke and Axe cologne. It figured.


You walked over to the portal and entered, shivering instantly at the touch of the cold on your skin. The snow had disappeared, but it was still extremely cold out. It was no surprise to you; you had just been at the Altar of Naught with Xemnas, and since that was outside, you knew very well just how cold it was.


As you snuggled onto your cot with the blanket wrapped tightly about your body, you closed your eyes and welcomed sleep...or tried to. It wasn't exactly willing to join you. Your eyes shot open as a sudden impact of something wet and cold hit your cheek. It happened again.


You sat up and glowered around the space in confusion. A moment later, a steady rain began to fall. Great; now it was raining and it was freezing cold. The water began to soak to your skin, your body racking with shivers. You were dripping wet, but you had nowhere to go. You supposed you could always sleep on the floor inside, but what good would that do? You'd just wake up with sore muscles, and it wasn't like they weren't sore enough already.


A cold wind picked up, sending ripples across the thin pond that had already formed across the floor. Your teeth rattled, and you shut your eyes tight in an attempt to make yourself stop shivering. This was Demyx's fault; he had kicked you out, and you had done nothing wrong!


"That's it...who am I fooling?" You stood up from the cot instantaneously, your boots making water fly into the air as they hit the pond with a splash. You ran into the portal, the flames actually feeling warm this time. Proof of Existence was still empty, still, and silent, but with the noise you made, one would assume there were about six occupants.


Your boots squished with every noisy step you took while you dashed over to Axel's room. There was nowhere else to go, and your cheeks flushed with embarrassment once you entered the room. Axel was lying on his bed, his cloak, gloves, and shirt off. His arms were behind his head as he too stared at the ceiling.


Glancing over at you, The Flurry of Dancing Flames sat up abruptly, chuckling at your expense. You were dripping wet and water was falling to the floor and making a puddle at your feet.


"Nice with a capital 'N,'" he commented.


"Shaddap, Carrot-top," you shot back. "I need a place to stay." He raised a red brow in curiosity.


"Oh do you? I thought you were staying with Demyx? I mean...why else would you be so wet?" You closed your eyes momentarily in attempt to ignore the smirk on Axel's face; it was quite clear he was not referring to your clothes.


"I was trying to sleep outside, but it started to rain, and-"


"I'm only joking. You can stay here...you'll just need some dry clothes. Unless you want to sleep in the nude." You shot him a glare, and he threw his hands up in defense. "OK, OK. I'll get you some dry clothes." He got up from the bed, and as he passed by you, held out his hand behind him. Flames erupted in the center of the room.


You turned to look at him with questioning, but he had already left the room. The fire crackled, sitting upon the area of the floor that was already charred. You sat down Indian-style and warmed yourself beside it, taking the moment to gaze at the picture you'd seen earlier.


The blonde was grinning with a desperate cry for help on his face. Axel was smirking mischievously and was digging his fist into Roxas's head. You chuckled again and shook your head.


"That was, uh...before he left us," a voice behind you explained, some dry clothes thrown over his shoulder and two mugs in his hands. Axel handed one to you before tossing the clothes to the floor. The contents of the cup steamed and drifted into your nostrils. Hot chocolate...how did he know you had been craving it?


You raised the mug to your lips and tilted it, savoring the warm chocolaty flavor. Setting it down on the floor, you stood up and began to strip yourself of your clothes. With a glance, you happily noted Axel had fixed his gaze on the fire in order to give you your privacy. At least he had the decency to do so. Demyx had just stood there and gawked last time.


The dry clothes felt good against your skin, though your hair was still sopping wet. You sat back down and grabbed the mug once more, taking small sips. "Thank you, by the way," you mumbled to the male beside you.


"Huh? Oh. Yeah." A look of concentration fixed itself upon your face as you swallowed the beverage.


"So...what do you mean 'before he left?'" You shivered as shocking emerald eyes locked with your _(color)_ optics.


"Roxas?" The firebug frowned and scratched his head. "He was...the only one I liked. He left the Organization in search of his somebody."


"He just...left?"


"Everyone else would say he betrayed us, since his somebody is our greatest enemy."


"Who's that?"


"Sora...you didn't know?" He cocked his head to the side, turning back to the fire. "I guess Xemnas has told you less than I thought."


"We don't...talk much. We're mostly just training." This caught the pyro's attention, and as he looked at you, he smiled faintly.


"Good job today, by the way. I had no idea you were skilled in chakrams." A tint rose to your cheeks as you shifted your glance. "If you had trained just a bit more, you would have whipped Demyx's ass." He chuckled and shook his head. "I can't wait to see the day when that arrives. Speaking of which, why aren't you staying with him again?"


"We got into a fight," you said quietly. "He accused me of dying his hair pink. It wasn't my fault, I swear! Even if I did laugh at it..." You glanced up at Axel to see a look of guilt on his face. "What's wrong?"


"I did that..." he mumbled. "Oops?" You laughed. "I'll let him know tomorrow."


"Jeez, you sound so eager to be rid of me," you observed with a tone of amusement. He flashed a charming grin your way, making your heart flutter slightly. Where had that come from?


"Of course! You can't play with fire, little girl; you might get burnt. Got it memorized?" Axel shook his finger at you as though giving you a lesson. This brought a dainty smile to your cheeks. "So...do you know about your mission yet?"


"No," you replied sadly. "Xemnas won't tell me what it is. He just told me that in the near future I'll be going on a duet mission with someone." You grimaced in disgust.


"Those suck ass," commented Axel bluntly. You chuckled and took another drink.


"So what about you?" He looked at you inquiringly. "Do you have any plans to fulfill?" He shrugged.


"I'd like to see Roxas again if possible. You know," he said with seriousness, "I'm thinking about going after him. You know, leaving the Organization." You blinked and looked down.




"Yeah. There's really nothing here for me anyway." Your eyes wandered around the room and you felt a tingle go through your body as your gaze fell upon the shirtless pyro. He had a small build, but abs complimented his abdomen nicely.


"I can think of something," you mumbled shyly, quickly averting your gaze to floor in case he noticed.


"Hmm?" he grunted.


"...Me." You were afraid to look up, but when you finally inclined your head to do so, you found he was already looking at you. By his facial expression, you could certainly tell he was thinking intimate thoughts. You hadn't meant it like that! Wait...had you? It hadn't occurred to you that it was possible that you were attracted to him.


Axel shifted and sprawled out beside the fire, leaning on his elbows. His head was nearly touching your arm. It put you in a rather uncomfortable position as you felt yourself grow warmer, and not because of the fire.


The fire manipulator's jade eyes stared up at you contentedly. You looked back down at him and slowly sipped your hot chocolate. The cup was lowered to your lap as you blinked at the sudden grin that spread across his face. "What?"


"You're blushing," he pointed up, chortling. This made your face become even redder, and you gave him a smack to the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?" He rubbed the spot where you'd hit him with a frown. You smiled innocently and drank your beverage.


Axel struggled to his feet and snatched it from your hands playfully. "Hey!" you yelled in protest and tried to get it back, but the chances were slim; you were still sitting, and he was standing to his full height. You made a mad grab for it again, this time slowly standing up. He held it higher, a smirk on his lips.


"You jerk!" you yelled, jumping to reach it. Your fingers didn't even skim the bottom of the mug. He laughed with amusement. "You're going to pay for this!" You continued to jump in order to grab it, but he kept holding it higher each time. You jumped again, this time practically landing on him as you bumped into his torso. As you fell forward, he fell backward, the mug falling to the floor with a crash.


You found yourself in close proximity with the firebug, your noses practically touching. His jade eyes were wide with shock, but they stayed adamant upon your face. A shudder made its way down your body, and your eyes clouded over with desire. Wait...what?


Still, you could not resist leaning in further. "About the fire...I'll take my chances," you whispered before closing the distance between the two pairs of lips. An electric shock of heat shot down your spine, making you tingle with pleasure.


Axel leaned his head forward, returning the kiss. His lips pressed down hard against yours. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you toward him. Why did it seem that whenever you had been standing in the rain, you ended up in a situation like this?


You moaned as your hands flew to his flaming locks. He answered you with a growl, his tongue slipping from its depths to taste your lips. The two of you stumbled to the side and into a wall. Your back was pressed against it, Axel's torso forcing it back with pressure. He was giving you no personal space whatsoever, but at the moment you didn't care.


Your arms wrapped around his neck as you opened your lips to allow him to enter. His tongue nearly shoved itself down your throat as your own tongue battled with it. He easily won, and you gave a moan of defeat...or that is what you could call it. It also could have to do with the fact that Axel was now massaging your back at the same time with one of his hands. The other one was still wrapped between your waist and the wall.


Your fingers massaged his scalp in return, your eyes shut in pure bliss. You had no idea where the actions had come from, but you certainly weren't protesting, and neither was he. He seemed to be encouraging you, as though he had plotted this from the beginning. Had that been the case, or was it just the situation?


The fire was often an automatic turn-on, so that really didn't help. You broke from his lips to take a breath. The two of you were actually panting, but neither of you made an attempt to separate. Axel smirked down at you wolfishly before his lips crashed down against yours once again.


Your body was still extremely warm, though you were certain it had something to do with the fact that Axel was a fire manipulator. Any simple movement of his sent electric tingling through your nerves.


Your body stiffened as he hardened against your thigh, though you couldn't help feeling the same. You were literally squashed between the wall and the male before you, but strangely the pain only made you press against him harder.


It almost seemed like the two of you would meld into one form with how tightly your bodies were against each other. The kiss was still lasting, making it seem as though it might never end. Then again, you hardly wanted it to. It was sure bliss...ecstasy. This was...you couldn't truly put a word to it. Was this going to be a repeat of a few nights earlier?

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