Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


17. Chapter 16

Sheer meditation. A clear mind; nothingness. All you could see was the dim light through your eyelids, but you were not concentrated on that. You had focused on your determination as you decided to meditate before the battle.


Demyx, it seemed, was already prepared...or so he said. You knew he was off somewhere tuning his sitar and warming up by fighting a few heartless. You silently hoped they kicked his butt so he'd be weak later on.


Your _(color)_ eyes opened with a cloudy haze to them. Standing up, you lifted your sleeve and pulled a black ribbon from your arm. You often had it tied on your upper arm just in case you were in need of it. You didn't care if people thought it was odd; a ribbon could come in handy sometimes!


You reached back and slipped the ribbon beneath your hair and used the material to lift it before you tied it off. Hair could be a major distraction in battle if it got in the way. Now it was time to warm up with stretches. Oh, how you were looking forward to it.


Bending down, you started off with your thighs, feeling the immediate pull in your muscles. Next came your calves, followed up with your arms. Those were what needed the most stretching.


You reached across your chest and pulled on your right arm with your left hand. After doing the opposite, your arms were, in turn, bent behind your head, your elbows (once again in turn) grabbed by the opposite hand. That finished off your biceps and triceps.


Abs were next and last. You threw your arms to your left side and leaned over to touch the ground. Then you did the same to the other side. It was time for battle.


The cloak you were currently wearing was open quite a bit at the bottom so it was easy to grab weapons. You had made sheaths that tied around your thighs and held your kunai. You didn't have many, but they were good to have on hand; you preferred them to shurikens.


If a stranger looked at you without seeing beneath your cloak, they would think you were completely unprepared for a spar. You were yawning uncontrollably, your hair was messed up already from scratching your head, and your eyes were a dull hue from lack of sleep. Hey, it wasn't your fault you'd been having those dreams. It was their fault! They kept waking you up!


You had decided not to wear your usual weapon belt this time. It would be too much of a hassle to have the weight of your sais plus your bo with Demyx as your opponent. You knew you were have to be quick and agile, and you could not afford to have unused weapons weighing you down.


The journey to the meeting hall seemed like no time at all, and as you stared up at the white door blankly, a question formed in your mind: why were you doing this again? Xemnas had said he wanted to assess you, but there was something else...oh yes. There was the fight Demyx had begun over his stupid hair.


You opened the door and walked in, your boots echoing through the spacious area. It appeared Xemnas was already seated on one of the high-leveled seats, and you had to crane your neck to look up at him. His hood was up, making you take notice of another nobody who had joined the party in his own throne: Saïx.


"I want a different room!" you called up to him. He snorted with amusement. You sure were persistent on the matter, though he couldn't blame you. He would go crazy himself if he had to stay with Demyx for so long. But that's what made it so much fun for him- to watch you suffer.


"Would you quit whining!" Another voice made you look in a different direction. His hood was up, but you knew that tone: Xigbar. You glared in his direction, and you knew he was scoffing in a silent reply.


"You're whining because I'm whining!" you shot back. You knew it was childish, but you didn't care. He was a creepy pedophile with a temper problem. He was sort of like Demyx in a way, subtract the seriousness, ugly face, scary eyes, and pedophile part.


"I'm rooting for you, kid." You blinked in surprise and turned around to look in the opposite direction. Once again, his hood was up, but anyone could guess the identification.


"Axel?" He gave a nod. "Sheesh! Is there not some other form of entertainment, or do we have to throw a fiesta?" you yelled through the large room. Xemnas raised a hand in a call for silence. You had obviously failed to notice the entrance of a certain water manipulator due to your distractions.


Turning around, you faced Demyx with a steady glare. You were rather collected, however, which made him hesitate, though only for a moment. Summoning his sitar, The Melodious Nocturne smirked in a battle-ready stance.


You glanced up at Xemnas expectantly. He would decide when this fight would begin. You could feel his burning amber gaze beneath the shadow of his hood. He was staring at you as though calculating something. A moment later he dipped his head in approval.


Though you hadn't brought your belt, you still carried your bo. That was your main weapon, but you just didn't need a belt to carry it. With pressure applied to the center, it ejected the other sides and sprung to its full length.


You stepped back into a proper stance for a bo. Demyx would make the first move. He took a flying leap and gave a blast of his sitar. The tone rang through the hall as water forms began to take shape.


"Shit," you muttered, suddenly remembering that he did not often fight for himself; he used water to fight for him. Though that could be a good advantage for you.


You spun your bo and charged, whipping it through the strange figures. They evaporated at the first blow, leaving Demyx prone to your attacks. He seemed concentrated on playing a rock melody, so he was entirely unaware of your quick approach.


You swung your bo down toward his head, and would have succeeded in the hit hadn't he looked up just in time. The staff connected with the string of his instrument with a loud twang. He winced, receiving a smirk from you in return. His hair still shimmered with the pink color, to which you could hear Axel's snickers from above you.


Bubbles emitted from the water manipulator and blasted toward you. You were about to question the approach, but a moment later you understood why he used it. They were not normal bubbles, as you figured out the hard way.


Electric shock blasted through your entire body, making you grit your teeth in pain. The water pressure blasted you backward, and you did a backflip high into the air, landing in a crouching position with your right arm extended outward and your bo staff gripped firmly in your hand. This was not the end, however.


Streams of water shot up at your feet, throwing you high into the air. You had certainly not expected that. The high pressure stung against your back and knocked the bo clean from your fingers. You looked at your hand in surprise before growling in frustration. The sudden high altitude gave you an advantage, however.


Before you began to drop, you reached into your pockets and pulled out four shurikens. Slipping them between your fingers, you whipped them from both hands. Demyx had to do some serious dodging to miss your throws, and even with teleporting, one of a high elevation grazed his shoulder and made a tear in his cloak.


His eyes followed you to the floor as you landed gracefully once more. He also noticed the lack of weapons in your hands. He was unaware of the kunai you hid beneath your cloak, but he was also oblivious to the ability you had worked so many hours to master.


Throwing out your arms and dropped your chin, you shut your eyes and concentrated hard. You just had to hope he didn't throw an attack before you had time to finish what you were doing. The cool feeling of sais forming between your fingers tingled in your senses. They had been successfully summoned.


Xemnas was taken aback, and rather impressed. He had not taught you this. It only went to show your true potential and independence. Perhaps he had underestimated you. But then again, you certainly had your kinks.


Demyx was rather shocked as well. He was beginning to panic; how many weapons had you actually trained in? As he watched you lift your head to glare at him with a silent mocking laughter, he vaguely remembered fighting against sais. They were skillful weapons but they also had a huge disadvantage. If they were twisted the right way, they could easily break a wrist.


You charged forward, flipping the sais masterfully between your fingers. Oh, how you wanted to kill Demyx; you hadn't even gotten the chance to made a swing before he dropped his sitar (it was strapped around his shoulders, so it didn't literally drop), grabbed the handles of your weapons, and gave them a twist followed by a sudden jerk. They were ripped from your hands painfully.


Gritting your teeth, you ran back to your starting position. He could teleport, yes...so why couldn't you since you had done so when battling Saïx? The answer was simple: Xemnas had not taught you to control it. You had been so busy learning the summoning of weapons that you hadn't taken the time to learn short-distance teleportation.


Once again you were weaponless, and Demyx took this to a full advantage. Water forms began to shape again as his nimble fingers danced over the sitar strings. You growled and quickly summoned your chakrams.


It was Axel's turn to jerk in surprise. You had not informed him that you were training in his specialty, though yours were a bit different than his. Yours, for one, did not have the center core, he noticed. Even so, this could not stop him from taking a special interest in keeping a keen eye on your actions.


You gripped the handles tightly and spun around rapidly, the spikes of the chakrams slicing through the water. It took you a little while this time to cover the distance the bo normally took. Even so, you completed the task.


Once again streams of water sprouted beneath your feet, but you quickly dodged to the side and continued to charge forward. You had to do this multiple times because apparently it never occurred to Demyx to make them come up on your left side.


It wasn't long before you were pinned against the wall. The water began to rise rapidly, and you were faced with an obstacle. It was now or never, and though you had never practiced this, it was your only chance of reaching Demyx before getting blasted away.


Your feet connected with the wall as you rapidly dashed toward the nobody sideways. Jumping off the wall, you made a spiral and brought your chakram down upon the handle of his sitar. He gave a gasp of surprise when you successfully drove the other one into the same shoulder your shuriken had hit. A mirthless laugh escaped your throat as you jumped back only to be electrocuted by oncoming bubbles. Man, you hated those bubbles!


You pulled yourself to your feet and spun around, a spot between the spikes on your chakrams resting against Demyx's neck as you pulled your swing to a sudden stop. At the same time, the sharp edges of his sitar were pressed against your side where it would have pierced your kidneys.


The two of you froze and stared each other down. There was no solution to this battle. You had both fought fairly, and now this was the end. If either of you were to pull something, you would have been cheating.


"Draw?" you asked him in an attempt for truce in battle. He hesitated before giving a nod. You both stepped back and looked up at the rest of the nobodies expectantly. Xaldin and apparently joined the rest of you without alerting you. And most unfortunately, so had Luxord, who was the only one other than Saïx to have his hood down.


He was staring at you with a look of lust played on his face, and even though you glared at him, it never faltered. However, mixed in with the lustful glaze in his eyes was a twinge of hatred from the previous night. He was not about to give up on you; you were a challenge, but all the more reason to watch you squirm.


"Xemnas?" you called expectantly. It seemed The Superior had departed. You looked up at Saïx with a questioning glance, but he only gave you a calm and adamant stare. Sighing, you disappeared into the darkness once more. The feeling still tortured you: being chilled to the core and feeling as though the happiness had been shredded from your very being.


You reappeared at the Altar of Naught, where Xemnas stood staring across the horizon. His hood was down, allowing you to attempt to read his expression. His steely locks glinted in the moonlight, and his amber eyes never seemed to end with how much deepness they reflected. He turned to look at you, his face softening in your presence.


"I am glad you took the hint that I wished to speak to you alone. There is something I would like to discuss."

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