Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


16. Chapter 15

Darkness...it was surrounding you. You could see nothing but the endless black abyss. You held up your hand in front of your face. You could see it as though you were under a bright reading lamp.


Giggles reached your ears, echoing throughout the ample area. You looked around wildly to trace the source, but it was not found. The sound was beginning to drive you crazy. You covered your ears with your hands and sunk to your knees. The floor, however, was not the hard floor you had expected to feel.


As your knees hit a soft material, the darkness faded into a bright light, making you squint in effort to keep your sight. The light vanished, revealing a grassy field that led to rolling waves. A large oak sat upon a hill, a swing attached to one of the upper branches.


The familiar little girl you often saw in your dreams was swinging on it, laughing as her father pushed her. You dropped your arms to your sides and slowly rose to your feet. Stepping forward cautiously, you decided you would make this go somewhere. You were determined to find out why you were having such dreams.


Aimi was sitting on a branch in the tree, her long and slender legs hanging over the side. Her hair looked tangled, as though the depression was really eating away at her heart. The green eyes that were usually so shockingly beautiful and bright with spirit now reflected the deep pain she felt inside; they were dull with melancholy.


She stared off into space blankly, which was no surprise. It appeared her husband and daughter were attempting to keep living their lives, taking care of her in the meantime. Her skin seemed paler than usual, which you had almost thought impossible.


"Mom! Look how high I'm going!" The girl gave another giggle before you were hit with such a force of pain you doubled over. Clutching your head and screaming, you closed your eyes to fight it off. Your stomach writhed with nausea and for a moment you were sure you were going to vomit on the spot.


The pain subsided slightly, but you were hit with another attack. What was happening? The sting swept down your spine and back up again, sending spasms throughout your entire body. When you looked up, you own _(color)_ eyes were dull with weariness.


Aimi was staring at you. Had she noticed you? Was she the only one that saw you throughout this whole mess? When she averted her eyes, you realized she must have been gazing at a flower blankly, giving you the illusion her stare had been resting on you.


You gasped to retain your breath before the world began to fade. Your eyes were shut tight as though you were trying to make it disappear faster. You were sick of these dreams, but they were becoming more and more familiar. You knew Aimi, you knew that man, and you knew that little girl.


Now what you could see was a white pillow and blue sheets. You groaned and rolled over, looking up at the sky above you. There was no longer snow on the roof, but you knew that the snow continued to linger outside.


Climbing out of bed lazily, you pulled on your cloak, boots, and gloves. You heaved a yawn and attempted to exit the room, and would have, had not a certain Nobody barged in with a red face.


"Mm...g'mornin', Demyx," you mumbled groggily before shaking your head and taking a second look. "Good morning, Demyx?" Blinking, you struggled to comprehend what was happening. His hair was a lighter shade of his face.


"You! You did this to me!" he yelled, pointing to his hair. You could not suppress a giggle as you stared at his head. His normally blonde hair was now the same shade of pink as the color of Marluxia's hair, which you had observed in the computer room.


"I-ahaha-did no-hahaha-t!" It did not appear Demyx was in the mood for laughing at this point. The grin on your face was wiped away at the burning seriousness in his aqua eyes. "Demyx, you don't seriously think it was me...do you?"


"Who else?" he retorted sharply.


"Hey...it's a better look on you. You can't hide what's inside!" you cracked, shaking a finger at him. This only seemed to make a vein pulse in his forehead. "What? I can't help that you're a pansy." You made to get past him to leave the room; the fight would be soon, and you had to do some serious meditating to get to a point to where you could take him on without bursting out into a fit of giggles.


As you stepped up to his side, you were stopped abruptly. A hand grabbed your upper arm sharply and yanked you back.


"Wha- hey!" You stared into Demyx's face with annoyance. He looked like he meant business, and he wasn't about to let you just walk out of the room without a proper argument. He was certain you had done this, and you were not going to get away with it.


"You ruined my hair!"


"It's already enough of a mop already!" you yelled back.


"So you admit you did it!"


"I did not!"


"Did too!"


"Oh, that's real mature," you drawled sarcastically, rolling your eyes.


"Oh yeah? Well so is that!"


"I am so going to kick your ass," you muttered through gritted teeth, getting a glare in return.


"Not if I kick yours first!"


"How pathetic; you can't come up with a proper comeback, so you use my starters and make it your own. Real skillful, Demyx."


"You're going down," he grumbled, eyes blazing.


"I hope you like the floor, because you'll be making best friends with it when I kick your butt." With that you stormed from the room. Precautions your ass. This called for full measures; you were using chakrams, fans, kunai...anything necessary for winning this battle. You were not going to lose, not after that.


As you made your way toward the Crooked Ascension, you walked past a confused looking Axel, who called your name after you, but you didn't bother to answer. You wanted to cry angry tears, but that wouldn't change a thing. Tears would only prove that your heart was weak, and living in a place with heartless beings only made it more necessary that you hold yourself back to be just as emotionless as they were.


You ran up the ramps, eyes burning with rage. You had a training session with Xemnas, and because of Demyx, you had enough vigor to fight The Superior and leave him with a few bruises. Whipping your bo from your belt, you charged toward the dark form at the Altar of Naught. He was gazing at the moon thoughtfully, completely unaware of your quick approach, or so you thought. It didn't come to mind that he might be able to hear your boots pounding against the marble floors.


With a squeeze, your bo staff was immediately extended and at its full length. Spinning it, you leaped and prepared a drop attack, your eyes glittering with sadistic glee. Unfortunately, Xemnas was ready.


In a flash an aerial blade connected with the metal. He threw you backwards and you hit the floor with a thud. You weren't, however, going to give up so easily. Pulling yourself to your feet, you retracted your bo and clipped it in its place. Xemnas had no idea you had been training in other weapons, so when you pulled out a few shurikens and whipped them at him, he was entirely unexpecting.


The Superior easily dodged it and shot a few smoldering lasers at you. These were simply deflected with the sais you had swiftly wielded. His eyes flashed with surprise at your wide range of abilities you had kept so well hidden. It seemed it was time to take this up a notch.


More lasers flew to you, and you struggled with knocking so many away. In fact, you had not entirely succeeded. One grazed your left cheek, leaving a small trail of blood where it had passed. You shrunk back and winced. Your flesh burned with the impact of the plasma material, and you touched your cheek gently with the reminisce of being struck. That was most definitely going to leave a mark.


You growled and faced him, spinning a sai masterfully from your hand. It sliced through the air, flipping as it headed straight toward its target. Xemnas caught the blade between his fingers and spun it back at you. You caught it as well, sending him a quick glare.


"Your skills have improved," he observed aloud. You gave a 'hmph' and sheathed your weapons. "What else have you kept from me?" Your eyes narrowed challengingly.


"I cannot reveal all I have practiced," you said carefully. "You are my leader, my teacher, and my hero, but you shall also be my observer. If I do recall correctly, you are to watch a spar with Demyx today." Xemnas nodded and made his aerial blades disappear.


"That is true," he agreed. You crossed your arms and watched him with an adamant gaze. He seemed to be thinking about something, but what? His eyes made you uneasy, and you remembered once again the time when you had fallen upon him. That had been an accident, but you had almost wondered if you had truly willed it to happen.


Each day your respect for the Nobody grew, and though you had friendships with the rest of them, they could never level up with Xemnas. He had proved himself worthy of your trust; he had caught your wrist without even knowing the true you. He had claimed to know you that night, but he had not known you as a person.


Now as you looked at him, you did not only see your guide, but you saw someone worthwhile. This man, without effort, had changed your life so simply, and yet with such complexity. It was something you should most likely thank him for, but there was also the strong pride that burned in your heart. You were too stubborn, but you figured he probably already knew you were grateful.


The passing glances you gave him were already enough to tell him that you felt something different about him. You might not have figured it out yourself, but he knew, and that was enough. If only you would discover what your forgotten heart was trying to tell you, then maybe you could have cut some time off of your journey, but it wasn't about to happen soon.


"I will be looking forward to it," declared Xemnas with a smirk.

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