Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


15. Chapter 14

Grumbling, you dropped the atlas books on top of Demyx's bed. They bounced and scattered, but you didn't care. You had just gotten back from your training session with Xemnas, and he had actually had the nerve to insult you. How rude!


He had told you that he had apparently overestimated your abilities. You were supposed to be farther by now. Heh, if he only knew...but he didn't, and that was the joy of it all. It allowed you to freely practice without limits.


However, he had insisted on an extra training session tomorrow before your little spar with Demyx. It was obvious he wanted you to lose; he would wear you out with training, and then you'd be too tired to fight. But you would make sure you were ready.


It had taken you hours of practice, and had made you a bit late for the day's lesson. Xemnas wasn't happy. "Eh...Mansex can go screw himself," you muttered, deciding to take the nickname from Axel. Though you weren't punctual, you had learned something The Superior hadn't planned on teaching you until the very moment before your first mission. Boy, was Demyx in for a surprise.


Speaking of which, you had no idea as to where the Melodious Nocturne had disappeared. It only gave you the opportunity to practice a bit more for the next day. You pulled out your latest weapons you were working with...the ones Axel would immediately protest to: chakrams. They weren't pure chakrams, but more of in the middle of the originals and how technical Axel's were.


The chakrams you were training yourself were also round, but it had no center. The handle was on the outer rim, and spikes jutted out from the outside. It was a strictly offensive weapon; you couldn't block too well with simple rings in your hands. These were meant for physical damage only, which is why you weren't sure you wanted to use them tomorrow.


You would most likely stick mainly with you bo if you could. Short ranges, however, would be a problem, which was why you would keep your belt on and your sais in their sheaths until an opportune moment required their assistance.


You set the chakrams down and unfolded a fan. You had happily discovered that Demyx did not check under his bed, so this is where you had been hiding the weapons. Though, even if he did look beneath it, you doubted he would be suspicious; you always left the fans unfolded, and you doubted Demyx knew that certain fans could be used for battle.


The fan did not require practice; you had gotten used to its tactics easily. You looked around at the different things, trying to decide what to train with next. There were butterflies, but you were not going to use those in battle; those could definitely hurt Demyx.


Hook swords...not likely. Those required much vigilance, and you were certainly not ready to use such a complicated weapon in a tight situation yet. You heaved a sigh and picked up the items in your arms. You would just have to stick with the ones you were used to.


You shoved the weaponry under the bed and pulled down the blue comforter to hide the mess. It was still a little early to be going to sleep disappointedly. The day had seemed long, but you would rather go to bed on the right time instead of going to bed early and waking up early.


Making your way out of the room, you settled on going to bother Saïx again about getting a new room. You were fed up with staying in Demyx's room...especially because he had a problem with sharing. You asked for one thing, and before you even finished your sentence, he had clung to it, screaming "MINE!" You had rolled your eyes and grabbed his sitar. Clearly this was a wrong move, because you had found yourself face to face with an unhappy water manipulator. Laughing softly, you had handed back the instrument, which he had snatched angrily and left the room. And you hadn't seen him since.


You yawned and stretched your arms above your head. The castle was a bit dreary. These guys needed to get more forms of entertainment. Wait...scratch that. They needed to get at least one form of entertainment.


Just as you were about to leave Proof of Existence, you felt a hand grab your upper arm and stop you from going anywhere. You turned around, thinking it was most likely Axel. You were surprised, however, to be looking into the bright blue eyes of Luxord.


"What do you say to a game of cards?" he offered casually.


"I told you I don't play," you said coolly. "If you can teach me, I don't care. I don't want to play cards. Not now, not ever, not with you, not with anyone. Now will you please let go of me so I can go find Saïx?"


"I think you're spending a little too much time with the superiorities."


"Demyx is superior now?" You raised an eyebrow.


"To you." He chuckled. "Just one game. Think of it; just you and me out together in The World That Never Was." He flashed you a charming smile, making it clear he misinterpreted your sudden change of attitude.


"You mean...outside of Castle Oblivion?" you asked hopefully.


"You got it. So what do you say?" The offer was tempting, though you'd rather just leave, ditch Luxord, and go out on your own, but you highly doubted that would happen. You were strictly forbidden to be outside the castle without supervision, which was entirely unfair. You were completely capable of taking care of yourself.


"Fine. Where do you propose we play cards?" You crossed your arms, cocking your head to the side. You had no idea what this nobody had in mind, but you just hoped it wasn't some sort of whorehouse. It almost seemed like something the Gambler of Fate would pull.


"Just a club downtown. It's nothing special, of course, but it will do, I'm sure. Just uh...stick close to me. Things could get rough with a pretty little thing like you." You made a disgusted face, recoiling from his grasp.


"Are you trying to woo me?" you asked incredulously. He chuckled.


"That depends...are you woo-able?" He took your hand as the darkness began to surround the two of you.


"N-not exactly," you stuttered, looking around you wildly. You weren't quite sure you trusted this one. He seemed a bit...you didn't know what word to put to it, but it didn't settle with you quite right. But hey! You got to get out of the castle, right?


You soon found yourself gazing upon a city of darkness, though light gleamed from the glowing neon signs and the lights in the windows. You followed Luxord silently into the club he was telling you about. The moment you stepped in, the sharp taste of cigarette smoke hit the roof of your mouth, making your chest heave with coughs.


Mixed with the thick cloud of smoke was the heavy scent of alcohol. You gave the blonde beside you an odd look.


"A bar?" He turned to look at you with raised eyebrows.


"Are you against bars or something?" You shook your head, which seemed to satisfy him. The two of you found a table where a group of people were already playing cards. Luxord pulled up two chairs and waited for you to be seated. You shot him a stubborn glare, but he was persistent.


Sighing, you plopped into the chair, scooting it forward before he had a chance to do it for you. He smiled wolfishly and sat down beside you in the other chair. You slumped your shoulders; you did not like him...were you that desperate to get away from the castle? It wasn't that bad there, it just needed more leisure.


"Luxord!" It appeared he came here often. The men immediately stopped playing their card game and reshuffled the deck. "Who's the lady?" All eyes were on you, and you returned their gazes with a sharp glare. The dealer, who was a rather large man, laughed deeply. "Rather feisty one, isn't she?" You sneered at him dangerously, causing him to have a moment of hesitation.


"This is _(name)_. She's my date for tonight." You felt Luxord's arm go around your shoulder, but you reacted by immediately giving him a dry look and shrugging it off. You were about to correct the name, but you hardly doubted anyone cared anyway. Besides, it would be better to see Luxord get into trouble later on for calling you by the wrong title.


"I am not your date," you snapped, leaning away from the nobody, who was chuckling with embarrassment. "A game of cards is not equivalent to a date, buster. Get it through your thick head." The men began to roar with laughter and you could feel your cheeks grow red with anger.


"You'd better watch out for this one, Luxord," one of the players said. "She might just get even with you one day."


"I highly doubt that," the Gambler of Fate replied, stealing a glance at you. "I'm her superior. She's our new addition to the Organization."


"Oh," the dealer exclaimed. "No longer Organization XIII anymore, then? More like Organization XIV."


"Actually, we're just pretending Roxas never existed. No one needs to know of a traitor within our midst." Luxord sighed and shifted uncomfortably. "Can we just start the game already? I'll bet 2000 munny."


"Just like you to take the risks. All right," the dealer agreed before he began to pass out the cards. "Is the lady playing?"


"No...I think I'll pass," you decided, glaring at each of them in turn. The man shrugged and dealt the rest of the cards. As they started the game, large mugs of beer were set on the table, one for each person. Luxord set yours in front of you, but you decided it was worth glaring at that as well. Why didn't he take the hint?


The blonde drank his greedily, polishing it off quickly. You blinked in astonishment; you had never seen anyone drink that large of a glass of beer so quickly. It was evident he came here often. Though, after a while, it was also clear he was susceptible to the alcohol.


Luxord began to get a bit giddy, and he tended to hang on you often, though you pushed him away persistently. He would just guffaw at you and lay another pair of cards. Even though he was drunk, you had to admit he had talent. It was no wonder he used gambling for battle, though the idea seemed entirely stupid to you.


It wasn't long before you actually considered returning to the castle alone. Though, if you were caught, Xemnas would not be happy. You didn't exactly want to make him disappointed again; you were already worried about what he had in store for you for the next day.


The men passed through more drinks, and steadily became more intoxicated. And gradually, along with that, your glares became colder. The cigarette smoke with consistently bothering you, and if you hadn't any manners at all, you would consider going around and snuffing all of them out. Of course, that's what you had done. Who needed manners?


Angry protests filled your ears, but you just yelled back. "Eat some sunflower seeds! They're better for you anyway." You turned back to the table and sighed. Luxord didn't notice. You did it again, this time making it a bit more obvious. He looked at you with concern.


"What's wrong, baby?" He chuckled and fell toward you, though your _(color)_ eyes grew cold as he wrapped his arm around you yet again. He sort of stumbled you could say, before his lips closed over yours. Your optics widened in surprise before they narrowed instantly to disgust. You pushed him off of you and stood up in your chair.


"Excuse me. I have to use the washroom," you growled, heading in the direction of the bathroom.


"_(Name)_!" You twirled around and your face lit up with joy.


"Demyx!" He had no idea how happy you were to see him. You wanted to throw your arms around him and thank him, though your dignity held you back from doing so.


"What are you doing here?" he questioned.


"I could ask the same for you." You frowned and cocked your head. He shrugged.


"I had a message for Luxord, but it appears he's too drunk to care." Luxord heaved himself out of his seat and staggered toward you, a stupid grin on his face. Man...you did not like seeing him like this, and you hoped never to see him in that sort of shape again. He fell onto you, making you stumble backwards and into the bar counter.


"Would you get off of me?" You roughly shoved him backwards.


"Ooh, you're pretty when you're angry." He started laughing. You felt Demyx's hand close around your wrist before he gave you a tug toward the portal that had formed near the exit. You gratefully followed, but stopped short.


"Wait, Demyx. I would like to say thank you to Luxord for such a good time." You took your wrist away from the water manipulator and turned to look at the gambler. Giving him a sweet smile, you walked toward him in a whore-like manner, keeping your eyes focused on his.


This seemed to stir something within him, but you did not want to take the time to ask. Quite frankly, you didn't want to know. He had that hungry look in his eyes that sex-starved men often got before they made their way to the red-light district.


You closed the distance between the two of you, stopping only about a foot away from him. Your gaze fell upon his arm as you lifted your own to touch it. You ran your fingers down it in a sexy conduct, a smile playing your features. You looked up and fixed him with a fake, hungry stare. He smirked, completely unaware of what you were about to do.


As your hand reached his wrist, your fingers wrapped around it tightly. As quickly as you could, you yanked him toward you and lifted your leg. Your foot drove itself below his ribs, and you pushed outward with as much force as your leg would allow. You let go of his wrist immediately, watching him crash into the tables, knocking down glasses and chairs. Cards were scattered everywhere, and Luxord ended up on his back, lying on the floor.


"Thanks," you said cheerily before turning around and taking a few steps toward Demyx. "Oh, and Luxord," you called, turning to look at him. "I would recommend you to stop trying to flatter me. It's not going to happen." You turned again and walked past the Melodious Nocturne, turning your head to smile at him. "'You coming?" He stared at you blankly as you opened a portal. Before you stepped into it however, you heard Luxord's voice behind you.


"This isn't over," he gasped, now standing...well, more like leaning against a table. You turned your head to acknowledge him.


"You're right Luxord; it has only begun." You walked into the darkness, letting it surround you and accept you into its depths. A smile played your lips as you disappeared from the bar. Demyx stared at the spot you had previously stood before deciding to follow you. A sense of fear had flickered inside of him; Luxord wasn't too happy, and the water manipulator was no match for him.


"Run! Run Away!" He vanished into the portal as quickly as he had spoken.

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