Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


14. Chapter 13

The alabaster door loomed before you, its magnificent white color glowing with the little light there was. You ran toward it with alacrity, glancing back at Axel to make sure he was following you. He seemed to be doing so, though without any enthusiasm whatsoever. In fact, it seemed he was taking his dear old time.


"Hey, Speedy! If you go any slower, you'll get plowed over by a turtle! Come on!" you yelled back to him. He seemed to take amusement by your comment, responding with a playful smirk.


"Aren't you a bit too fat to be a turtle?" he called back, making you turn a bright red.


"Now that's just rude!" You stood in an akimbo position, an eyebrow raised in arrogance. Axel caught up with you, his jade eyes twinkling with mischief.


"I can't help it if the truth hurts." He pulled off his glove and pressed his hand against the screen. You blinked in shock; you weren't used to seeing Axel's skin other than his face and his neck. A blue light scanned his palm before a loud click reverberated on the walls. A hissing sound emitted from the door before it slid open.


"Thanks, Speedy." You gave Axel a wink and stepped into the new area. It didn't surprise you that the walls and floors were white. Another door loomed in front of you. It was of a large size and was rather baroque. Carved ridges swirled around the Organization symbol, which was of a darker off-white and centered on the door.


You walked up and sighed in exasperation; there was an entry pad that required a password. You would have normally given up, but if this floor had so many tests to get past the security system, surely the Organization must be hiding something there. You puzzled on the password...what could it be?


You tried something simple by typing in thirteen. It was clearly invalid; the keys began to flash dangerously, and you had to punch them to get them to stop. After trying a few more passwords, you were about to just smash the stupid thing and get in without using any more logic. It was at this state of mind that you often worked best because you tried things you would not normally pull.


Rolling your eyes in sadistic glee, you laughed mirthlessly and typed in something incredibly obvious, which is what would make people think it wouldn't work. You typed in the word password, your mind clearly made up that it would not go through and that you would have to punch the keypad again.


The loud clack of the door's lock system made you jump. This door did not seem to have as much technology as the last one. It creaked open at the pressure of your hand as you walked in slowly. Light reflected in your pupils, making you squint. You were so used to the constant nighttime appearance that your eyes were no longer used to the light they were receiving now.


Giving a gasp of surprise, you shut the door behind you and plodded toward the center of the room in shock. Slowly turning around in a circle, you looked up at your surroundings. Thousands of books were stacked high on shelves, and a large chandelier sparkled above your head. It appeared to be some sort of grand library.


A desk was set against the far wall, a small reading lamp set upon it. A wooden chair was slightly pulled away from the small table as though its occupant had recently left. There was something else that also referred to a previous visitor: a book lay open on the desk, its pages divided neatly as though it had been read halfway through before its reader had stopped.


You walked toward it inquisitively and cocked your neck at an odd angle so you could study it. It appeared to be of some sort of romance, making you wonder which Organization member was reading it. But why would you care? You had an entire library to amuse you now, so you didn't need to waste your time in solving pointless mysteries.


A sliding ladder hung on a curved pole that was set above the shelves for elevation use. You ardently ran toward it and climbed a few of the steps. You had always wanted to ride on one of those things.


Pushing off against the wall, you yelled an asinine 'wheeeeeeeeeeeeee' as the ladder slid across the bar and around the library. Giggling, you pushed off from the other wall and returned to your original spot. A few titles jumped out at you.


Taking the few books from their shelves, you climbed down the later and examined them on the desk. They seemed to be atlas books containing maps of the different worlds as well as pictures from visits there.


You frowned and opened one, flipping through some pages. Your eyes rested on a very familiar sight. The beach you had so often seen in your dreams was photographed and placed on the page.


Closing it instantly, you gathered up the books in your arms and ran toward the door. Struggling with it made you stumble out awkwardly, and you barely managed to keep your balance. However, your concentration on making sure the books didn't tumble out of your arms kept your attention away from what was in front of you.


Your arms ran straight into a figure's torso, causing you to look up in astonishment. "D-Demyx!" you exclaimed before looking back down at the books and moving your body to keep them in place. So you had collected a lot of them...so what?


Your attempts nevertheless were worthless; the books fell from your arms and fell to the floor with numerous thuds. Your face grew hot as you kneeled to pick them back up. Cradling them back in your arms, you stood up and blew a stray strand of hair from your eyes.


"What are you doing here?" Demyx raised an eyebrow.


"I was just checking out the library," you said instantly, shrugging. "I could ask the same about you." He raised his brows and smiled innocently.


"But that doesn't mean I have to answer it!" he teased playfully. You gave him a dry look and tilted your body slightly so a few books slid toward him. He caught them without hesitation, though he seemed a bit surprised.


"Then I'm sure you'll be kind enough to help me carry these back to your room," you drawled. You led the way out of the area, quite happily noting the difference in weight. Thanks, Demyx.


The Melodious Nocturne followed you, a pout procured on his boyish face. This brought a smile to your lips as you walked backwards to face him. "You are such a pansy!"


"Am not!" he retorted. You rolled your eyes and shook your head, turning back around. You silently wondered when you'd actually find time to even look at the books today; you had training with Xemnas as well as your individual training. You were practicing on your own with fans today, and you knew that would take up most of your time.


You hadn't learned how to summon your weapons like the others yet. Xemnas had not gotten around to teaching you, but you were certain it was similar to teleporting. In the meantime, you had made sheaths for your sais on a belt that you wore under your robe. It even had a strap for your retractable bo staff.


Unfortunately, the bulk of the weapons under the material did not go unnoticed. The light sounds of shuffling could be heard behind you, bringing a frown to your features.


"Demyx, what are you doing back there?" The water manipulator didn't answer. You adjusted the books in your arms. Some of the cloth on your cloak was caught between your arm and the bottom book. "Ah...oh well," you muttered.


In a quick motion, Demyx ran past you, and you felt a tug on your belt. You looked down in surprise, moving your possessions to the side. Slight anger flared in your chest. You looked up instantly, _(color)_ eyes blazing.


"Give that back!" you yelled after him. He laughed and held up a stolen sai, a stupid grin on his face. You took off after him, the books dropped and forgotten. You started laughing, your smile widening as you closed the distance between the two of you.


You were just about to tackle him when he turned a corner sharply, heading down another hall. Naturally, you instantly turned as well. Demyx stopped short and you ran into his back and fell backwards and onto your rear.


"What the-? Demyx, you little twerp!" you growled, pulling yourself to your feet. "What was that for?" Man, you ran into so many people in this castle...literally. As you peeked over his shoulder, your question was answered.


Saïx glared at you from a foot away, his amber eyes ablaze. Your first instinct was to duck back down behind Demyx and hide. You, of course, followed through with the immature action. Demyx stepped to the side, leaving you out in the open. You smiled at the Luna Diviner weakly.


"If you two have nothing better to do than fool around, I would suggest taking missions," he said calmly.


"Xemnas said I can't-"


"Yes, I know. I was more or less referring to Demyx. You have your own duties to attend to," he informed you unnecessarily. You frowned and stuck your tongue out at him. He snorted. "Adolescent."


"Senile," you shot back. He gave you a weak smile and disappeared into the darkness. "Man, what a jerk!" Your voice echoed down the hallway, making you flinch involuntarily. You hoped Saïx wasn't still listening.


"Senile? Is that the best you could do?" Demyx questioned.


"Do you always speak your thoughts aloud?" you snapped. He shrugged. "You're impossible, I swear."


"But you still love me, right?" he asked hopefully, childish joy sparkling in his aqua eyes. It took a second for you to catch on to how you could get the sai back.


"Oh, of course." You flashed him a charming smile and stepped forward, swaying your hips from side to side. "But you see..." You stood on your toes to reach his ear. "You're such a fool, one would think you're the senile one." Snatching the weapon from his hands, you stepped away and smiled audaciously. He made an indignant pout. "See ya." You disappeared into a portal, watching him just stare at you blankly. He had to fight you tomorrow, and he had no idea just how much your skills had increased.

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