Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


12. Chapter 12

"Well can't I move to a different room?" you yelled angrily at the blue-haired man before you. Xemnas was apparently out doing something important, so you had given up hope of talking to him; the mission was supposedly going to take some time.


Saïx crossed his arms and fixed you with an unbiased gaze. He didn't seem to be taking your request seriously. In fact, from the look of it, he was actually taking pleasure from your pain! How rude of him!


"I don't see why it would make such a difference," he droned coolly.


"If sleeping on top of snow in a cold biome appeals to you, why don't I just take your room?" You crossed your own arms and glared at him, putting some attitude into your stance. He gave a snort of amusement before relaxing his arms at his sides and turning around calmly. He began to walk away, opening a portal. "Hey! Hey, I'm not done talking to you! Saïx!" You growled indignantly and stomped your foot. "This isn't over! I'll get a new room yet!"


The Luna Diviner had already disappeared into the darkness. You heaved a sigh and sat down in the computer chair with boredom. Lights danced in front of your eyes, drawing your attention to the computer screen. The keyboard seemed a bit oversized, but it also had buttons you had never seen before. A certain group of them caught your eye.


Each one of the Organization members' names were listed, every one of them on a different key. You frowned and reached forward curiously. Your finger found Demyx's key and pushed it, a beep sounding from the speakers. You jumped in surprise and looked up in reaction.


A message was printed on the screen, above the massive movement of different files: searching. After a few seconds, you were looking at a picture of Demyx. He was smirking...it so figured.


Beneath the picture and file name was an entire written report on his past, or what they knew of it, and the missions he'd been sent on: those he had completed, and those he'd failed. Your eyes scanned the text, though you had no idea what you were looking for. You supposed you wanted to find anything that might hint what his real life was like.


You touched the mouse and scrolled down, the text rolling up the screen in a blur. Sighing, you pulled up the find menu. Typing in a few words that might indicate the real Demyx, you watched as the message flashed upon the screen that read, 'No matches found.' You tried something else. Nothing.


Sighing, you scrolled down some more until you reached the bottom of the page. A link was pasted there and you inquiringly clicked it. A small window popped up on the screen showing a map with a blinking red dot. What made you take a second look was that the red dot was moving. Narrowing your eyes, you clicked on it. The picture zoomed in immediately.


From what you could see, this was a tracking device. You guessed the zoom would probably only work within the castle because of the cameras that must be set up; you could see Demyx idly walking down a hallway. He stopped at a large door and looked up at it before reaching out his arm to an ID sensor.


His hand pressed against the small scanner, and a moment later the door was opening. The water manipulator put up his hood and stepped into the room. Once again, the map on the screen zoomed out, receiving a groan of frustration from you.


"Stupid computer..." you mumbled and watched as the dot moved through what looked to be a large space. "What...? What floor is that?" You looked closer, studying the map carefully. There was a whole different floor of the castle and you didn't even know it. You must have missed it when taking only the one way to The Altar of Naught.


Well, now you had something to explore. You supposed it might be a bit easier to find your way there and around the place if you joined Demyx quickly, but there were the other files to check out too, and some of the Organization members' names you hadn't even seen before. One, however, you recognized instantly.


You pressed Larxene's key and watched as the computer did its search. Her picture came up on the screen, and you found yourself staring at a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. You cocked your head and scrolled down to her death. She had died at the hands of Sora...who was that?


You looked back down at the keyboard and pressed 'Zexion.' You had no idea who Zexion was...as well as the keys that read Marluxia, Vexen, Roxas, and Lexaeus. You didn't know Xaldin either, but you had heard of him.


Another blue-haired man appeared on the screen, though this one had sort of an emo-style haircut. He looked as though he might be a mysterious one, but then again, he appeared as though he might just be one of those people that would hang out anywhere with anyone.


You checked a few other files out, gaining your own personal opinions on the ones you looked up. Of course, these thoughts were not exactly complimenting.


"Ew! Lexaeus is one ugly dude."


"Haha! Vexen looks like a woman!"


"Oh my gosh...Marluxia looks gay. Ahaha! The element of flower? Who has the element of flower? That pink hair...would look funny on Demyx..." (Though unfortunately, you had no idea of the few people passing through the room, especially at this point. Axel had been walking through in search of some papers and had heard your little comment. With a smirk, he left the room without a word, plots forming in his mind. Poor Demyx.)


"Roxas..." (It was a good thing Axel had left when he did.) "...Who's...Roxas?" You pressed the key and watched as the file made its way to the surface. You wrinkled your nose in disgust; this Roxas person looked like some sort of wannabe. Then again, he looked perfectly natural in the second photo in which he was wearing an Organization cloak. "Why does he have two pictures?" you wondered to yourself, frowning at the screen. You scrolled down and began to read.


"The Key of Destiny..." you read aloud, observing the description of his weapons. "Keyblade? What the heck is that?" You continued reading, mindlessly twiddling your thumbs. "Axel's best friend. Did Roxas...die?" You scrolled down to the bottom of the page. There was no text reading on the nobody's death whatsoever.


You figured you'd try the link and found it worked. You looked upon some strange map that you were sure wasn't Castle Oblivion. The blinking red light wasn't in motion. Knowing the tracking device required cameras to do its full process, you exited the window.


The last key you were entirely curious about was waiting. It didn't interest you to look up Saïx or anyone else's past at the moment. This place wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you could always come back. Besides, you had yet to read up on Xemnas. Xaldin's file opened immediately when you pressed the key.


"Um...OK, those sideburns are not natural," you said with displeasure.


"Maybe not for women," came a voice behind you. Your eyes widened instantly; you always seemed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Turning around slowly, you faced a man that was an exact replica of the photo on the screen.


"Do you know you have really blue eyes? They're very deep," you said instantly with a tone of innocence. You knew you were just trying to get out of the situation, but it didn't seem to work.


"Should you really be toying with the computer? You'll break something."


"Will not!" you shot back immediately. "At least I can look at the screen without shattering it!"


"What an interesting sense of humor you have," he observed.


"My, what interesting hair you have!" you exclaimed dramatically, cupping your cheeks with a mock surprise expression. "Seriously...you should shave those things off. You're scaring people." The Whirlwind Lancer reached up and touched his long, bushy sideburns that curved onto his face.


Instantaneously, you felt as though you shouldn't have said a word. He wasn't threatening you or anything, but there was sort of a dangerous vibe from him. He gave you a sneer before disappearing into a portal. You let out the breath you'd been holding and got out of the chair.


It was time to check out that floor that you'd missed. But first...you'd have to find it. Dashing out of the room, you figured you should ask Axel. You'd only left him a moment ago from your walk, so he had to be around there somewhere.


Your voice echoed throughout the corridors as you called his name repeatedly. The Flurry of Dancing Flames, a few corners away, opened one eye. From where he was standing, he could barely hear you, but your voice still reached him. He shoved himself off of the wall he'd been leaning on and set out to meet you half way.


Your footsteps carried you swiftly down the hallways, and as you turned a corner, you bumped into Axel and fell onto the floor.  "Ow..." you murmured, helping yourself up and rubbing your hip. The firebug before you chuckled and shook his head.


"That was graceful."


"Shaddap." You gave him a dry glare with a slight smile. "Do you know how to get to...um...this other floor. It's got this big empty space, and um...Demyx just went there."


"Oh, that helps me a lot," he replied, rolling his eyes. "I think I know what you're talking about, but I'm not about to take you there."


"Why not?" you wailed.


"Because I'm incredibly enthusiastic about getting there, and I can't wait up for you while you try to catch up."


"That was a bit long for sarcasm, Axel."


"Actually, I'm hungry. I was about to go eat."


"But I need you to get up there," you protested persistently.




"It has this code thingy."


"This code thingy...I see. Why don't you wait for Demyx?"


"He's already up there! Please?" He stared at you blankly as though thinking it over. Shrugging, he shook his head in defeat. Your eyes sparkled with victory as he looked up at you with a cocked head of annoyance.


"I hate you."

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