Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


10. Chapter 10

You rolled over, your hand falling upon an empty pillow. Your eyes shot open and you sat up instantly, your eyes gazing at the other side of the bed in search of the nobody you had hoped to wake up next to. You cupped your hands around your face and pushed again it, bringing them across your temples in an attempt to wake up.


Was last night a dream? Had you just imagined Demyx making love to you? As the sheets fell from your torso, your question was answered. You glanced around the room cautiously before getting up and rushing to retrieve your scattered clothing.


By the time you were zipping down your cloak, the Melodious Nocturne walked in, drying his hair with a small towel. He stopped at the sight of you, his aqua eyes traveling down your body. With a satisfied smile, he waved to you in greeting.


"Hello, Demyx. Sleep well?" you asked coolly. He shrugged.


"I suppose." He went to the CD player to press stop at last. As he put the CD back in its case, you crossed your arms, a playfully disappointed look coming over your features.


"I slept fine. Thank you for asking." He didn't even turn to look at you. How rude! "Demyx." He looked over his shoulder.




"My gosh, you are impossible!" You chuckled and made your way over to him. He bent to kiss your forehead, causing you to blush faintly. "Did you get the laundry?" His brows curled upward and he opened his mouth slightly before giving you an innocent glance.


"Not exactly..." You rolled your eyes.


"Fine. I'll go get it. It has to be put in the dryer..."


"Wait!" He grasped your hand and stopped you from walking away.


"Demyx, no repeats. Come on; wasn't last night enough?"


"No." He blinked and shook his head. "I mean that's not what I meant." You raised a brow in curiosity. "I-I have something to show you. It's really cool," he said in an attempt to be convincing.


"What is it?" Demyx opened his mouth to reply, changed his mind, and began to run toward the portal, dragging a stumbling you behind him. "W-will you let go of my wrist?" you yelled in protest. He released you with uncertainty, making sure you were still following him. He waved you onward, stepping into the doorway.


"Come on!"


"I'm coming!" You ran into the portal, reappearing in Proof of Existence. He was dashing across the room, and with an exasperated sigh, you followed him. It was too early for this.


Demyx ran into your room with you close at his heels. You stopped dead once you gazed upon the balcony in shock. A sheet of white fluff covered the entire platform, and small flakes of it were still falling. Demyx danced around in the stuff, his cloak already covered with white spots that almost looked like dandruff from a distance.


"Watch! You can do this!" He stuck out his tongue and caught a flake. You wrinkled your nose in repugnance and cautiously stepped forward.


"That's disgusting," you said with repulsion.


"No it's not! It's fun! See?" He did it again, this time dashing around in attempt to collect more. He stopped and looked at you. You kicked at the stuff, watching as the excess white flew up in the wind. "I wonder what it is..." He dove into the material, popping his head, now covered in white, and shaking it off. "It's cold!"


You began to laugh, pointing at him. He blinked in bafflement and reached up and scratched his head. After you didn't stop, he stretched one side of his lips over in annoyance.




"You," you gasped, "look old! Your hair is all white." He made a pouting face and shoved his face back into the fluff in attempt to cover his head. You grinned mischievously and scooped up some of the flakes and packed it in your hands. Demyx sat up abruptly and shook the stuff from his head, leaning on his knees. His cloak was no longer black.


You tossed the sphere you had made, giving a whoop as it hit its mark. The ball began to melt and slowly slid off of Demyx's unhappy face. You began to laugh, clutching your stomach. Something hard hit your shoulder, making you jump up in alarm. Flakes fell from your cloak and onto the majority of it.


"Hey..." You frowned and vigorously began to make more spheres. Demyx, with playful glee, began to do the same, his aqua eyes wide and glittering with amusement. The both of you began throwing the balls at each other, ducking when you could and cheering when you hit the target.


Laughter echoed around the outdoors, as well as through a few windows around the castle, catching the attention of a certain firebug. He narrowed his eyes and set off to investigate. He snapped his fingers to an unknown beat as he walked down the corridors.


You and Demyx were panting with exhaustion, both glaring at each other playfully. The Melodious Nocturne seemed to have the aura of joy normally found on a small child, and you could find yourself feeling that same sort of happiness.


"What...the hell...did you do to me?" you panted breathlessly. He shrugged.


"Screwed you?" You gave a giggle, leaning forward slightly at the sharp pains in your lungs. It was bad enough you were exhausted, but now you were laughing.


"I didn't mean that!" You sighed and put your hair back up with the hair tie from your wrist. "I mean...before I began hanging out with you, I was disciplined. I was...calm. You made me into some sort of kid!" He grinned proudly, only to have his face filled with white as you teasingly chucked another sphere. He spit some of it out of his mouth before wiping the rest off with his sleeve.


"What can I say? I'm a good influence!" Your mouth fell open in disbelief. Good influence?!


"You are a terrible authority!" you retorted. He pouted and slouched over, but perked up a second later.


"Watch this! Remember I told you I'd show you more later?" The water forms began to take shape. You chuckled, remembering very clear the show he put on last time. Once again you looked at a water form of yourself, as well as one of Demyx. This time, however, another figure began to take shape.


You recognized the silhouette of Axel as he stepped toward your 'twin.' He appeared to be hitting on her or something of the matter, and you watched with amusement as Demyx's figure clenched his fists. The real Demyx's face was lit with merriment.


You looked back at the show. A sitar had appeared in the Melodious Nocturne's hands, and the form was approaching Axel angrily. He raised the sitar and began to beat the other form to a mere puddle. You began to laugh hysterically, not only because of the show, but mostly due to the nobody whom was standing at the doorway with his arms crossed.


Demyx froze, the forms reducing to puddles. Axel raised a red eyebrow at him and stepped forward, the white substance melting at his boots. In fact, any fluff around him seemed to melt away instantly.


"I see how you can be so amused with snow, Demmy," Axel growled sarcastically.


"Snow?" Demyx cocked his head.


"This." Axel pointed to the white substance. You suddenly brightened with an idea and ducked into the snow quickly. Your hands cupped around the flakes, and you let your body heat warm it slightly before you set it down and let it cool. A wicked glee sparkled in your _(color)_ eyes as you picked it back up again and drew your arm backward.




"Snow, Demyx." Axel's eyes seemed to glare at him, but he twitched in surprise as a snowball hit him in the midsection of his arm. His jade gaze snapped to you, and you smiled weakly. "It's..." He frowned at you and turned back to the blonde. "...a colder version of rain."


"So it's water?" Demyx asked hopefully. Axel rolled his eyes and nodded. You stared at Axel apprehensively before a huge pile of snow fell on top of you, submerging you completely. You dug your way through the darkness before your head popped up. Sending a dry glare in Demyx's direction, you wriggled your way free.


"I hate you," you muttered.


"So it was angry sex I heard last night then, hmm?" Axel asked with interest. Color rose to your cheeks instantly as you rubbed the back of your neck.


"You...heard us?"


"Loud and clear," he responded easily. "I wouldn't be surprised if you two woke the whole castle with your screams. I knew you were a whore." You jumped in surprise at the insult. Pointing a finger at him, you opened your mouth to retort, but suddenly it hit you. Xemnas.


Your eyes widened, and you scrambled to your feet before dashing out of the room. Your head turned from side to side wildly as though the Superior would be standing somewhere in the room. You dashed up the ramp and outside again, ponytail flowing behind you. Your drawstrings clinked as you sprinted up the castle in search of your mentor, your superior, your hero.


You were almost there. Just a few more ramps and you would be at the top of the castle. You panted with the long run, feeling quite warm despite the chilly air that penetrated your robes. Just as you were about to climb the last elevation to the Altar of Naught, a hand grasped your wrist and jerked you backwards.

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