Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


1. Chapter 1

Welcome Back to the Truth
Chapter 1

There are always moments one looks back on and questions why on earth they had even made such a choice. Those moments when all you can hear is the stretch of silence aside from the pounding heartbeat in your head, with the distant shriek of wind. And yet we humans find that in those periods of time- those terrible decisions that almost change our lives for the worse...those were what saved us.


The most dangerous things to mortality are strangely the most beautiful and enticing. Heights were no exception to this rule. City lights stretched out far below you, horns blaring from what looked like a large row of fireflies. Wind tore at your clothes, stealing the very breath from your lungs in its chilling possession.


As you inched your way toward the edge, you closed your eyes, imaging all that you had been; all that you were. Mass murderer, thief, selfish, foolish... You didn't like to think of yourself as the kind of villain that would end up in a superhero comic book, but you weren't too far from it. Although you possessed no incredible power like most of those depicted, you were crafty and emotionally isolated.


Why had you started being such a filthy creature? The thought escaped you; an almost laughable matter. You were sick in the head enough to take an elevator to the top of the tallest building in the city, to assuredly end your life and this misery that forever plagued you, and yet you could not recall why you had begun this lifestyle.


As the most hated occupant of the city, you had reached a final conclusion. This world has had enough of you, as you have of it. There were no more excuses, and no final doubts. And as you inhaled deeply and began to lean forward, you spread your arms and heard...silence. The wild racing of your heart and the sheer stillness of peace. Had the entire world come to a sudden halt?


It was as though you were falling in slow motion, and had only gone a few feet before pain arched through your arm. Your eyes flew open and fixated upon a black figure, someone who had taken the risk to catch you. Who would have even desired to keep you around? It was both astounding and infuriating.


The shadowed man pulled you back onto the roof carefully, as if unsure of whether or not you would break. Frowning, you made another desperate leap for the edge, but he caught the back of your shirt and yanked. Snarling, you gripped the middle of your weapon and elongated it into a bo staff, whirling around and swiping at him like a crazed animal.


Masterfully, he leaped back with grace, dodging your insane pursuits and swings. In an attack that was sure to strike him, he caught the metal rod and twisted it, twirling you as though in a choreographed dance. Before you could even blink, your back was pinned against his chest. You squirmed and wriggled, but were held steady, drawing a strangled cry from your throat.


"Such foolish attempts are sure to get you nowhere." What a deep voice!


"This is no business of yours!" you snapped back, straining to lean back and bite him; another failure.


"Your life has been studied carefully. You would provide very useful to my comrades and myself. So, dear _(Name)_, you are as much business of mine as the choice to leap from a building is yours."


"Studied?! Some creep shows up, claims to have watched my life 'very carefully,' and I'm supposed to just trust him and let him stop me from probably the best decision I've ever made? Who the hell do you think you are?" He released you, and you stumbled back, watching as he made your weapon vanish into thin air.


"Nobody," was his simple answer. You glared at him, panting and arched over in exhaustion.


"Then what do you want from me, Nobody?"


"To offer you a fresh slate at life. I can give you a purpose, and you can do the same for me."


"Nothing you offer me can erase my past."


"But what I'm offering is a new beginning." Your lip trembled slightly with indecision as you straightened your back slowly. Was this really happening? Maybe you were dead, and imagining it all. Hallucinations weren't uncommon for the truly insane, right?


"What do I have to lose?" you whispered softly, hanging your head and shrugging in submission. The next thing you knew, you were gazing up at a glorious citadel of white marble, and being offered a new attire. You were part of 'Organization XIII' now, as it were. It was a group of Nobodies, something you'd heard of in passing from one of the crazy drunks that roamed the streets, trying to capture anyone's attention.


Now you were at their mercy, and somehow, in mystery, they were at yours. Assuming you might as well get yourself acquainted with your new home, you wandered the halls aimlessly, the only sound being your calm, even breaths, and the echo of your new boots. It was strange to think that just minutes before, you had no more purpose. Fate, however, had a different design.


A distant melody began, and you began to follow the notes as though tracking a beckoning voice. Gradually, it got louder, until it seemed it was only a door away. Stepping through said barrier, you felt your jaw drop slightly. A stunning area the size of a ballroom met your gaze, the ceiling glass and offering the cool glow of moonlight.


Aimlessly, you made your way forward, turning about in a circle now and then so as not to miss anything. Abruptly, you felt yourself collide with another body, and the music suddenly stopped. Stumbling backward, you stared in surprise at the source of the collision.


A young man in identical accouterments to yours glared back at you with stunning aquamarine eyes. His blonde hair was trimmed in a mullet fashion, somewhat matching the rock-styled sitar that was gripped in his gloved hands. He huffed in annoyance, waving a hand at you.


"Can't you see where you're going?" came his whiny voice. "It's bad enough that everybody else can't leave me alone. Who might you be?"


"A brand new alliance. Congratulations to the both of us," you said dryly. Confused, he scratched his head and cocked it to one side. Sighing, you turned around. "I'll leave you alone," you stated, on your way out the door. It did not take long for the music to resume.


As you meandered onward, you soon found yourself in a curious group of portals. Scrunching your face in thought, you reached forward to touch one, crying out as you were suddenly whisked away to another area. Startled, you looked around and quickly tried to piece your location together.


"Did you have a nice walk?"


"Y-yes," you stammered, targeting your gaze at the source of the voice. It was familiar; the likeness of the man who had stopped your suicide attempt. His hood, however, was now removed, revealing a dazzling mane of layered silver hair. His bronze eyes studied you as if in condescending amusement. He was stunning, to say the least. It was actually a challenge to seem indifferent and remain calm as you inquired of the other occupants.


He explained that there were originally quite a few more members to their group, but a small handful had been deceased, and one had chosen to leave. Currently, including you, there were eight living in the castle. The man raised his eyebrows expectantly.


"I would imagine you will be looking for some living quarters of your own." With a wave of his hand, a portal of blacks and purples sprouted from the ground. He watched as you slowly walked forward, unsure of whether or not this was safe. Stepping into it, you found your breath stolen.


It was the most disturbing cold you'd ever felt, and it pierced your body with dread. Any happiness you could have had was erased, and you felt slightly sick to your stomach. Was this true darkness? When light began working its way back into your eyes, you were bent over, panting and gasping for air.


"It is always like that the first time. You will grow accustomed," he explained, having ventured in right behind you. A platform designed with kunai was beneath you, and you were staring into a doorway much like the one you had entered prior to finding your rescuer for the second time. "This will be your room."


"All right," you stated weakly. "Should I just get settled in then?" It was weird reporting to anyone other than yourself, but you supposed you had a leader now, and had better get used to it.


"I have nothing else in mind." He opened another portal for himself, and as he moved toward it, you cried out.


"W-wait. Shouldn't I know your name or something?" The man turned his head in acknowledgment, though without looking directly at you.



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