Dangerous Harry's styles fan fiction

As I'm sitting with my friends at the club I decied to go get my self a drink
Well not beer or alcohol I wanted to go gets some water
As I'm walking a spot a beautiful guy across the room with beautiful green eyes
And a mop of curls but there was no one near him it was like
They feared him no one even dared to make eye contact it even pass by
As I snap out of my thoughts I find those beautiful green eyes staring
Right at me and the I find my self starting at him like a creep he mouth makes a smirk before I know it he walk up to me a grab my waist and I didn't even have the chance to get my water he grab my waist and said what's your name beautiful he said I replied h-hazel I stutterd he reach out to my ear and said I'm Harry with a hot voice he started to kiss my neck and suck on it until I feelt him move and went to my ear and said your mine


3. Chapter 3

I woke up this morning feeling tired I look up at the clock and I jump out of bed I said Ugh I'm gonna be late for work I grab a shirt that's Said Starbucks and black jeans and my coverse as As I'm running to my work my phone starts ringing its Tara I ingnore it (what I was running to my work no time for chit chat) as I arrived I put my apron on and start to help custermers I hear the bell ring signaling me that we had a customer I said - hello welcome to Starbucks how may I help y-y-you I stutterd was I look up I saw the same mop of curls and those green eyes harry said - hello beautiful   I said - what are you doing here not stutterding this time. Harry - I came to see you me - well I don't want to see you as I check my phone I see my shift is over as i walk past Harry and open the door I was suddenly press against the wall w-w-what are you doing I said Harry replied I want to take you out tommorow I know where you live so ill pick you up at 8 bye beautiful  I just stood there shock how was I gonna go with him I fear him oh no what did I get my self into!! I check the time it was 6 I only have a hour to get ready I took a shower and went to get some clothes when suddenly my phone beeps I got a text  from Harry wear something sexy Xx. Just for that I'm gonna wear jeans and a crop top. HARRY POV. I really like this girl I don't know why I just allways use them but she different her innocent just bring me to her there something about her that I just like I'm not gonna use her like the rest she different to me. 

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