Dangerous Harry's styles fan fiction

As I'm sitting with my friends at the club I decied to go get my self a drink
Well not beer or alcohol I wanted to go gets some water
As I'm walking a spot a beautiful guy across the room with beautiful green eyes
And a mop of curls but there was no one near him it was like
They feared him no one even dared to make eye contact it even pass by
As I snap out of my thoughts I find those beautiful green eyes staring
Right at me and the I find my self starting at him like a creep he mouth makes a smirk before I know it he walk up to me a grab my waist and I didn't even have the chance to get my water he grab my waist and said what's your name beautiful he said I replied h-hazel I stutterd he reach out to my ear and said I'm Harry with a hot voice he started to kiss my neck and suck on it until I feelt him move and went to my ear and said your mine


2. Another's note

Hey guys I hope you like the story i will be writing more chapters tommorw it's just that I berly started and I have. Lot if more good chapters to come but I'm looking for some girl chareters to play Jackie Harry's  friends girlfriend plz comment if you would like to and like and favorite ill be posting so chapter la tommorow bye :) Xx

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