Unforgettable Summer

Ria,Sam,Lydia,Kaila And Eleanor Are Five Best Friends with the age Eighteen. They've been together Through their ups and downs, Rough and good times, They always stand for each other and aways got each other's backs, Let's say they've spent every second of their lives together.. They're From London but they moved to Los Angels from the age Twelve, They Live together in a pretty cool house, They're ALL HUGE Directioners, good thing is that every girl likes a boy so they wont get much fights over the boys, Louis is Sam's brother, but she never had the chance to meet the boys, nor Lou, she hasn't seen him Since she and the girls moved from London.Last Summer They Decided they're going to London for a visit on Summer ''09'', It's time, they got the tickets and their bags, heading off to the flight, but what they dont know and what they never expected is that flight would change their lives forever. It's gonna be an Unforgettable Summer.


10. Seven minutes in heaven

Zayn's P.O.V

"Zaaaaayn get up" I heard a raspy voice from above me , i rolled to the other side as i struggled to open my eyes.

"What time is it" i spoke looking up to Harry. "Almost 11, come on get up" Harry said as he shook my shoulder to move me from my place.

"Why are you waking me up" i questioned,  mostly i am the last one to get out of bed, i dont usually wake up early, and yes 11 AM is early to me, i have told the boys to never wake me up early unless i ask or if there is something important, i didnt ask Harry to wake me up early, so what was important.

"Louis told me to wake you up" he said. "Any Reasons?" i asked, he shook his head.

I Nodded in approval and pushed my self up, i shoved the duvet away and swung my legs down. I got up , grabbing my shirt and swiftly sliding it down my chest walking out of the room soon in the bathroom.

I walked downstairs, Louis, Niall Liam and Harry were sitting in the living room, i took a seat beside Niall and looked at everyone.

"So.." Liam spoke glancing at Louis then at us."Why did you want to wake me up" i said looking at Louis.

"Lads, Claire called and said that Ria, Sam, Kaila, Lydia and Eleanor will be staying here till ..maybe midnight because Claire is doing some changes and adjusts in the house, is that okay?" Louis finally spoke looking at each of us.

"Sure" Harry assured , we all nodded in approval.

"When will they be here" Niall asked. "Anytime by now" Louis replied sipping off his tea and laying backwards,focusing at the television.

I got up checking the clock hung on the wall, i walked halfway towards the kitchen right before the door bell's sound echoed through the house, they were already here, that was pretty fast.

i turned around going my way back to the sound's source, i opened the door and my guessing was right.

"Hello" Ria greeted with a weak smile and swiftly  got in, followed by the rest of the girls.


Ria's P.O.V

"Hello" i greeted Zayn weakly as i walked in,

 I was so tired, didnt get enough sleep, i am usually the last one out of bed, and to be waken up almost 11 am was torture. i couldnt open my eyes, but i had to due to Claire changing some stuff in the house or whatever.

I needed either to drink some coffee or to throw my self on a comfortable bed and drift to sleep

Well dealing with the fact i have no chance to  sleep i had to make some coffee in order to stay awake, Claire wont be done with the house till almost midnight.

A day till midnight with One Direction? An offer that cant be returned.

"Hey" Louis said getting up from the couch giving me and the grls hugs.

We Greeted the other lads and sat down.

"Lou, Can i sleep" i asked, already knowing the answer. "Of course, love" Louis smiled, "Really?" i questioned in confusion, "Hella No, go drink some coffee to keep you awake" Louis ordered.

I got up making my way to the kitchen, Zayn was already there, he looked kind of messy, still somehow attractive, i assumed he just woke up, too.

"Sup" he said glancing at me then at the sandwich he was creating, it looked strange..unusual maybe. i lightly shook my shoulders and mumbled "Nothing". "Whats that" i asked pointing at his creation after he was done.

" I dont even know, i just put  whatever i find on toast and eat it" he replied chewing on his sandwich. "does it taste good" i asked with a grin . "Oh definitely..Maybe. Do you wanna try" he asked trying to look professional.

"Ill Pass" i replied crossing him to the other side of the kitchen, i reached the kettle, putting some water in it and putting it on a flame.

"Do you want something to drink" i offered. "Uhm, sure, coffee" he replied still chewing on his sandwich,

I Gripped a pair of mugs , throwing some sugar and fast preparing coffee in them, rested on the counter and waited for the kettle to boil.


Lydia's P,O,V

Boring and Quiet. two of the most things i hated. it was quiet after Ria went to the kitchen, i wanted to do something, im an active kind of girl,mostly i am super lazy but i hate boredom, i had to suggest something so my torture can stop.

"Lets play truth or dare" I broke the silence as Ria and Zayn joined us again back from the kitchen.

"Anyone up for it" Liam asked.

"I am in" Eleanor replied and stretched her hand out .

"Me too" Niall said placing his hand on Eleanor's.

"Same here" Harry said putting his hand on Niall's, followed by everyone else.

"Okay heres the rules, if you refuse to do or deny a dare or a question you have to take one peice of cloths off" Louis said as we sat in a circle, we all nodded in confirmation.

"Sam, what do you think about cheating" Liam asked. "I think its terrible" she replied

"Niall, i dare you to sing The Barbie Girl song" Sam Smiled, "Alright" he said as he sang the terrible song.

"Kaila, How often do you masturbate" Niall asked but non of us could hold the laugh, it was totally random but for some reason  hilarious. "I Masturbate every second of my life" Kaila laughed sarcastically.

"Elly, i dare you to make your clothes make you look like a prostitute" Kaila dared looking at Eleanor with a grin. "I will take my shoes off" Eleanor said and began to take off her shoes.

"Ria, i dare you to snog on Lydia" Eleanor dared. "When Pigs Fly" Ria protested sarcastically , taking her shoes off too.

"Zayn, i dare you to have seven minutes in heaven with Harry in the bathroom" Ria Glared at Zayn and Harry with a smirk.


Harry's P.O.V

"Zayn, i dare you to have seven minutes in heaven with Harry in the bathroom" Ria Spoke as she kept looking at me then at Zayn.

This game usually happens with a girl and a boy ending up in a closet making out, but i've never imagined it would happen with two guys with the same sex making out in a bathroom. Unless they are homosexual, which me and Zayn are not, Zayn had a girlfriend and im pretty sure i am into girls.

I for some reason didnt want to turn the dare down, but i wasnt sure about what Zayn would do.

I sure wasnt going to make out with him, i just wanted to see everyone's reaction, i was sure all reactions would be funny.

"Harry.." Zayn spoke looking to me, "Dare is a Dare" i answered him and pushed my self up and stretched my arm out to help zayn up.

We went to the bathroom and closed the door.  I was wondering what was on zayns mind, but i was sure he wasnt willing to do anything with me, neither was i.

"So.." i said showing him a grin.

"Dont ask me, i am straight" he spoke as he chuckled.

"What now" i questioned looking at zayn

"This will be hard to do" he said.

"Make noises, like fake ones" i suggested.

"Uhm...No. lets just play Tic Tac Toe on the wall" he chuckled. i glanced at him with confusion.

"Do you have another solution" he asked looking at me. "I will not make out with you" he added.

"I will hit you and you make noises if you cant fake some sounds.

"Harry..I will slap you silly" he joke threatened me.

"Come on, just a couple of minutes are left lets get it over with" i said looking at my hand watch.

"Fine" he said as he shook his shoulders.

I hand and punched zayn in his stomach, careful.

"Owwwww Harry.. why did you" He groaned and placed his hand on his stomach.

"So you can make a noise" i commented, grinning at zayn. just before i completed my sentence i felt pain under my belt, i moaned and groaned in pain and bent down a bit in reaction.

"Dude , you are horrible " i said, still in pain.

"Oh well you can make noises too" he replied with a smirk and opened the door and got out, i followed him.

"You actually did that" i heard Sam question as i sat back in my place. "Sure" i replied sarcastically.

"How was it" Ria asked laughing, "Shush dont say, i get nightmares" Eleanor joked.

"It was pretty...erm.. awkward" Zayn replied.

"Lydia, i dare you to lick your elbow, it might be impossible but you have to do it" Zayn added.

Lydia tried doing Zayn's nearly impossible dare but failed, she looked hilarious, in a good way. "I give up, i cant reach it" she pleaded. "i will just take my shoes off" she added and reached for her shoes, un-tying it.

"Harry, i dare you to straighten your hair" Lydia said, i was shocked, i would never do that , i hate straightening my hair. i shook my head in protest.

"I will just take off my shirt" i replied pulling my shirt up.

"Ahem, pants dude" Lydia laughed,

"I am okay with any piece" i replied winking, Eleanor put her Hands over her eyes like a ten year old.

"Take them off already" Ria joked, "Now" Kaila added, almost shouting.

I knew they were just messing around so i just took off my shirt, i didnt have a problem with taking off my pants but i didnt want to make them uncomfortable, the lads have been used to me getting naked all the time so i didnt worry about them, i just worried about the girls.

"Liam, what would you do if i told you i am pregnant and the father is Mickie Mouse" Kaila said looking at Liam and trying to hold the laugh,

"I would say you have a really, really wide imagination" Liam Laughed out loud, we all chuckled at their short conversation.

"Ria i dare you to kiss Louis" Niall said wiggling his eyebrows at her,

"Cheek" she questioned in an innocent tone, but it was obvious she knew what Niall meant, she just seemed like she didnt want to believe it. Niall shook his head in denial then smirked at her.  Ria's face instantly palmed. "Dare is dare" Niall added.

She crawled over, reaching to Louis.

"Come on, Dont be shy" Louis added joking, She raised her finger in front of Louis face in protestation.

"Dont you dare kiss back" She warned. "I demand i kiss him for quarter a second" She demanded looking at Niall.

"Ten Seconds" Niall Called.

"Do i have to" She questioned, he nodded in approval.

"Start a stopwatch, i wouldnt enjoy seeing that" Sam said rolling her eyes.

Ria leaned closer and kissed Louis but she didnt put any effort in it, she just placed her lips on his and didnt move.

"I SAID DONT KISS BACK" she shouted as she pulled away, i knew Louis didnt enjoy it, he just wanted to bother her, bothering her seemed fun to him.

"What you gonna do about it huh" he spat giving her a sassy look.

"Kiss back obviously, its a damn dare" her voice lowed down. she pecked his lips and pulled away and sat back in her place. rubbing her lips with her hand in disgust.

"Sam, i dare you to give kaila a lap dance" Zayn dared.





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