Unforgettable Summer

Ria,Sam,Lydia,Kaila And Eleanor Are Five Best Friends with the age Eighteen. They've been together Through their ups and downs, Rough and good times, They always stand for each other and aways got each other's backs, Let's say they've spent every second of their lives together.. They're From London but they moved to Los Angels from the age Twelve, They Live together in a pretty cool house, They're ALL HUGE Directioners, good thing is that every girl likes a boy so they wont get much fights over the boys, Louis is Sam's brother, but she never had the chance to meet the boys, nor Lou, she hasn't seen him Since she and the girls moved from London.Last Summer They Decided they're going to London for a visit on Summer ''09'', It's time, they got the tickets and their bags, heading off to the flight, but what they dont know and what they never expected is that flight would change their lives forever. It's gonna be an Unforgettable Summer.


7. Messing up might be useful, sometimes. -Ria's P.O.V-

''Hey Hey Hold up why arent the rest of the girls coming?" "The Employee Messed up the seats and your seat is here ma'am no other girls"  "No our seats are booked beside each other!" "i dont know my job is guiding to your seat and here it is " "can you recheck?"  
"i cant the plane is taking off in 5 minutes" "if the girls wont be beside me then can i be seated alone with no one beside me?"  "sorry ma'am you have to sit beside someone that is the plane system"  "can i get a pillow?" "of course, if that gonna make you stop complaining" "A little Nicer please?  Im the guest here!" "can you please sit and i will get whatever you want " "Does food count?" 
"wow." "Can you shut up and get me food?" "your language is inappropriate" "Oh Look at all the fucks i give"

The Lady Started Walking. "Dont forget the pillow,Skitch!" i Shouted to make her Mad. i enjoyed making People mad, im professional at that.

Shadow Forms from a short distance, it's a boy ,i reckon.

He came Near , Taking his Seat.

I know him. He's Zayn Malik.

The Quiff, The Eyes, The Lips, The Nose, The Sense Of Fashion, Its Him.

Wow, Am i actually that lucky? .

"Skitch? ,Is that even an insult?"  Zayn asked Laughing,"Sorry, she was rude , and i had to" "It stands for Skanky bitch by the way." i added. "Okay" Zayn said.

"Hi im Ri and sorry if you heard any inappropriate words." "Zayn, and that was nothing, you haven't heard Louis at home" He points out laughing.  "Haha, i think i saw a video, He's Hilarious." i added.

"so what are you doing here ??" He Asked."Going for the summer" "what about you, arent you supposed to be on tour?" I added asking, "Tour has been delayed for like a month but we have some stuff to finish in London first" "so are you here alone ?" Zayn added."No, im here with my friends but they messed up the seats" i sigh, but why am i sighing,i mean if they didnt mess up the seats i wouldn't of met Zayn..

"Well i am sorry for that" Zayn Said."dont be, its not your fault" "what about the boys, are they here?" i asked, " they are somewhere on this plane, also messed up our seats." Zayn assumed, "these people are lame" I joked off. Zayn just smiled.

A while after,

"So ,we are gonna spend 12 hours with each other i want to know you more" Zayn said breaking the silence.

"Ok well, my name is Ria, you should call me Ri" "and?" " I am from London but i moved to L.A, Im on this flight with my five bestfriends going to London to spend the summer" "yeah?" "what else is left to confess?" "Relationship status?" "i am single" "what else?" "uhm let's see, umm i can't believe i met you?"

"So i guess you're a fan?" Zayn asked grinning at me."Not really, i heard about you, i saw some of your videos and i thought you were really cute, that's it" i pointed out,

I lied when i said im not a fan, well i am not a fan, i am a directioner ,it's different.  but i am just trying not to creep him out, and i guess it worked,he doesnt look uncomfortable, in fact he seems so open, which is weird because according to their book he said that he doesnt open up to anyone fast and he takes a while to properly be himself, so i guess i am lucky.

"So i am cute?,Oh well thank you" Zayn Smiled, "it wasnt a compliment anyway" i added  smiling.


"How's Perrie?" i asked , forgetting i said i wasnt a fan, if i wasn't a fan how would i know about Perrie?, Nice. (A/N i know about Little Mix and i am a mixer so dont get me wrong), "So you know her?, i thought you weren't a fan" Zayn replied grinning. "No she just texted u and my eye caught the name" Oh wow. Thank you Perrie. i didnt really know how i'd get an excuse to say how i know about you while i said im not a fan. but you texted him and saved me, now i think i like you a little bit more.

 "Oh thank you, i didn't feel it vibrate, and oh Perrie's Fine, she's great." Zayn said, he thought i was a fan. which i am...... but i am not....you know what i mean, but he's proved wrong.

"Okay back to you, tell me more about you" Zayn said "Yeah like what?" i questioned looking at him."you're single,have you dated anyone before?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah once" i said looking down trying to clear my throat. "How could he let go of you?" Zayn asked with confusion. "He didnt,.. He Died" i admit."Oh i am sorry Ri" Zayn said with a guiltly tone as if he killed him. "No it's okay, it was long ago.about two years" "i am sorry, haven't you thought about dating anyone after him?" he asked, "No, not really, havent thought about it, it takes me long to find someone who deserves me an wont just play with my heart" i pointed out. "you're so Faithful to him" "he was lucky to have you" Zayn admitted looking at me with mesmerising eyes. i could not manage to look at them for long, i just looked down.

"what about your friends" Zayn said breaking the silence again."no they're not dead really" i joke off. "No tell me about them" Zayn says laughing at my silly reply.

"Well, They're really  nice , they're sassy, carefree, we're like five twins." i say, smiling. "well that's nice" Zayn says smiling "Yeah we also live together." " now your turn, tell me more about you" i say trying to change the subject. of course i know everything about him, but it would feel different to hear it from.Him.

"What do you wanna know?" Zayn says rotating to be properly looking at me. "Umm i dont know, just go with the flow" i say rotating to be properly face to face with Zayn and i leaned my back over to the window.

"I dont know" he says rolling his eyes. "Ok tell me what's on your mind, anything?" i assumed, "You, Perrie and the boys" Zayn says while taking off his hat.

"Okay umm, what was the recent movie you have watched" i randomly ask just to keep the conversation going. "The Mean Girls. and i really liked it" Zayn admits as i raised my hand for a high five "That was the last movie i watched too, and i died" i say laughing a low laugh, "You what?" Zayn asked Confused , yet worried. "Died, means laughed alot."  i informed him  giving him a grin. "oh, Sorry" Zayn chuckled.

"Ok tell me more about the boys" i said.

"Louis is crazy and sassy but he's the oldest, Harry is the flirt, Niall is the cute one,Liam is the sweet sensible one, Fans call him the daddy of the group even though Louis is the oldest, and i am the Bradford Bad Boi" Zayn said smiling at each word he said.

"So you're the bad boy?" i said shooting him a grin."Yeah." he said , chuckling and looking down.

"My friend Fancies Harry....A LOT" i admitted. "Fancies? Zayn asked confusedly. "Yeah....Fancies...Like she likes him and you are the one who is supposed to be living in the United Kingdom?" i cleared out laughing at Zayn. "It has been a while i've been settled in the United Kingdom because of the last tour, it was long." Zayn said. "Sorry i dont think that's an excuse really" i joked off, "Neither do i" Zayn said grinning.

"I'm not a fan but i'd really like to meet the boys if it's possible" i said ...Nice try Ri, of course now he's gonna be creeped out and will probably notice i am a fan and he wouldn't agree a.. "They  would love to, i would love to" Zayn said immediately cutting my thoughts...Oh my God. He just agreed... but that doesnt mean it would really happen like i bet he's just saying that to not embarrass me. "if you would like i'll introduce you to them after we get off the flight?" Zayn said rushing. "Oh .. of course, i would love to..i ..sure. " i said in a chock while i chocked on my words.

"Great, i think you should meet Perrie too, you  both have lots in common, do you like food?"  Zayn asked , "Yeah, i love food, , im like always eating."i smiled, "Yeah , you do have lots in common" Zayn said with a smirk, "i'd like to meet her, i bet she's gorgeous" i admitted , "i dont just "bet" she's gorgeous, i am Sure She is.". "you both are Gorgeous." Zayn said looking right at me. I couldn't help but smile.

"i just met you, but you should know you have a smile that can light up the world." Zayn said smirking,

I couldn't reply, i couldn't even talk, i couldn't help but smile again and again. and look down., i felt so shy, when ever i feel shy i put my hair behind my ears and look down, and i just did.

"Thank You Zayn. That Was Sweet to hear." i finally managed to talk. i dont even know how i dared to look at him again, my cheeks are probably tomato red  while i am looking at him, but i dont care, looking at his hazel mesmerising eyes is worth.

We talked for a while, About Perrie And their Tour, And they boys, We laughed Alot through the Random Chat We had.

"Dont thank me, it is true, we havent even talked that much, we just met, but you're special, and i am glad i've met you." Zayn said.

"How Special?" i said grinning with shyness." Close." Zayn said ,kind of  whispering.

"I Hope So Zayn" i said why even more shyness and looked down. Zayn Smiled Like crazy, he has a really cute adoring smile.

"So, tell me about you again, like where are you from and stuff " i said breaking the silence, it wasnt an awkward silence, it was a cheeky silence. some how.

"I am from Bradford" Zayn starts off taking a breath. "i used to live there" I said with weird tone."Really?" Zayn asked confusedly."No." i admitted, Zayn had no comment he just smirked, "Just wanted to keep the conversation going" i admitted smiling.

"Dont worry about that,I can talk to you all day. you're so easy to talk to." Zayn says smirking at me.

"I bet i can too, but i never really thought i'd talk to a superstar, or even hear those words from him, but here you are so thank you , you proved me wrong" I confessed smiling 

Zayn held my hand and gave it a squeeze and he looked at me with a kind smile, as if he's saying "You are Welcome". i just smiled and barely cleared my throat, it wasnt loud, but he heard it

He Cleared A Throat and Said " I am sorry, i shouldnt be..." Then i cut him saying " No i liked it, it was sweet," "Your hand is soft by the way" i said without thinking, but he just chuckled,

Zayn's phone Rang, "Sorry  i have to get this" Zayn said as he got up and started walking, he answered while he got up, i couldnt talk, i couldnt do anything but i wanted to stop him somehow, i couldnt think, I held his hand so he would stop, He looked a little chocked and suddenly stopped walking and talking. can i be more embarrassed??

"Sorry" i let go as quick as possible, "You're coming back right?" i ask hoping that the call wouldnt move his seat back as it was booked at the first sight, i didnt want him to leave, not because he is Zayn Malik from One Direction,But because he is Zayn. i just felt we are friends,and i like talking to him. He seems so down to earth, not like other superstars, i had a feeling that i've known him for long, but we just met by coincidence, i guess  Fate and Destiny are on my side for once.

"Yes, dont worry i will be right back." Zayn said  smiling at me.

Such a relieve.

Text to: Sam:



Zayn. Jawaad. Malik. Is seated next to me.!


No, you wont believe what he said!!


he said the boys would love to meet me, and that i should meet perrie and we have lots in common.


he said he had a feeling that im gonna be special and so close


he held my hand


and i held his hand and he smiled

wow that secute but gurl dont push he has a girlfriend though.

.im not pushin it, i didnt even mean to hold his hand, he was leavin i couldnt talk and i wanted to stop him

Well okay, just take care so you wont creep him out.

i am trying my best

oh my he's back, i g2g

Okay bye, just smile if he says anything nice!

"Welcome back" I said smiling. "Thanks" he replied smirking."So . who was it?"
 "Sorry its non of my business, Never mind" i added, "It was Perrie, and its okay, you can ask anything, we're friends, right?" Zayn Assumed Smiling. "we are?" i ask confused, yet happy. "Of course we are you silly creature" "im just kidding you aren't a creature" Zayn added joking off. "Why thank you Mr. Malik"  I said with a strong British accent "you do still have an accent?"  he asked.'

"Yeah, but i dont use it alot" i confessed, "well when we hang out you shout use it, it's nicer on you that the American one" he assumed. "We Will hang out?" i asked confusedly.  "we are Friends. Friends hang out  so of course we'll hang out, no excuses Ri, no excuses" Zayn Assumed Grinning.

"So what did Perrie say?" "and yes i just broke in your privacy, you said we are friends, and you  have to take consequences of being my friend, so answer Mr.Malik" I added over and over grinning at Zayn. "Well Mrs.....Umm what's your Famliy name?" Zayn asked. "Darwish" i replied. "Well Mrs.Darwish, Mrs. Edwards Told me to say Hi, and to be nice to you, Oh and to take your number to stay in touch, Oh and she wants to meet you as soon as possible" He Confessed, "You Already Told Her About Me??" I Asked In A Chock. "Yes. And why are we talking so formal?" I dont even know, Ok well that was sweet from Perrie" i admitted.

"Yeah she's sweet, now the number please?" Zayn assumed putting his hand infornt of me which meant he wanted my cell phone to type in his number while giving me his phone to type in mine,....Zayn. Malik. Want's My Number?

I took my phone out of my purse and gave it to Zayn while i took his phone to type in mine.

I finished typing my number and gave him his phone back. "Are you done yet?" i asked," no still typing the name" Zayn confessed, "You're taking long, what are you typing?" i asked in a silly tone. Zayn tried to hide  the phone so i wont see the name before he's done. "Hey i wanna see!!" i yelled pinching Zayns arm . "OUCH, You Meanie! Wait till i finish" Zayn yelled in a childish tone, He is adorable , "Give it back MALIK!" I shouted at Zayn , yet joking. " NO" Zayn yelled. "Sir, Ma'am, Please lower your voices, this is inappropriate!" Some random lady came near us.

We couldnt help but laugh out loud.

"So, who were you texting?"



" one of my best friends, which's on the plane."

"oh, okay"

"She's a fan by the way"

"Your best friend is a ..Fan??"

"Yeah, Not like a Fan Fan, she's a directioner"


"Wait you actually thought i was best friends with an air cooler?"

"Well, yeah, kind of"

"Oh my "

We Both Couldnt stop laughing harder than ever

"You have a nice laugh" Zayn Confessed.

"And you have a really retarded laugh Mr Malik.. Which is not bad for a dude."  I joked off

"Thanks Ri....Thanks, that was sweet to hear." Zayn joked also. laughing still


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