Unforgettable Summer

Ria,Sam,Lydia,Kaila And Eleanor Are Five Best Friends with the age Eighteen. They've been together Through their ups and downs, Rough and good times, They always stand for each other and aways got each other's backs, Let's say they've spent every second of their lives together.. They're From London but they moved to Los Angels from the age Twelve, They Live together in a pretty cool house, They're ALL HUGE Directioners, good thing is that every girl likes a boy so they wont get much fights over the boys, Louis is Sam's brother, but she never had the chance to meet the boys, nor Lou, she hasn't seen him Since she and the girls moved from London.Last Summer They Decided they're going to London for a visit on Summer ''09'', It's time, they got the tickets and their bags, heading off to the flight, but what they dont know and what they never expected is that flight would change their lives forever. It's gonna be an Unforgettable Summer.


4. Messing up might be Useful Sometimes, (Eleanor's POV)

*Eleanor's P.O.V*

"This is just so messed up!'' i whisper/scream to the lady leading me to my seat. "Please Ma'am no loud voices" . she replied not looking at me. "Well sorry i didnt mean to but can you please do any thing to put our seats back together?" i ask her almost begging. "sorry ma'am but i can'r do anything about it" she replied firmly " now please be quite!" she added .

"excuse me but i dont think this is the best way to treat a guest" i replied mad at how she was talking to me , i know it may not seem as big deal and that she was just trying to do her job but i dont allow anybody to raise his voice at me. i have very  high standards.

well i think ill just have to ignore whoever will be beside me and try to stay as calm as possible, i hope he or she is nice, actually i hope i'd be nice cause' im really on my nerves right now.

"Goodmorning beautiful :)" i hear a smooth irresistible voice calling from beside me as he sat down. "goodmorning" i reply "and thank you" i added a second after. "why are you thanking me?" he asks confused. "Because you called me beautiful" i reply turning my head up to face the one and only : Louis the Tommo Tomlinson.... is that real? i mean is that really happening or am i dreaming? i am really lost .. Lost in his eyes, his hair, his lips his everything.

"Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?" i hear Louis say as he waves with his hand in front of my face. "oh my god im sorry , how long have i been ummm you know.." i say quickly before Louis cuts me saying: "Staring? (;" with a slight grin on his face.

"Yeah fine. i was staring" i reply looking to the floor. "it's okay . but what were you staring at anyway, i mean i looked behind me and there was a window. do you have a problem with windows?" he replies jokingly. "no i was staring at you actually" i admit. "Me? why what did i do?" He replies innocently." you didnt do anything." i reply at how silly he is. "then why were you staring?" he asks still a little confused.

"Cause You A-" , "Would you like your breakfast now Sir , Miss?" the lady cut me looking innocent at Louis and  then at Me. "no thank you" "maybe later" Louis added. "what about you.." "i never caught your name" Louis asked. "Elly" "i mean Eleanor, and no thank's im not hungry. maybe later also" i add quickly almost chocking on my words.

  I am so nervous.i never been that nervous i'll try my best to act all cool and hide the fangirling. but i just cant , every time i look to my right i find Louis Tomlinson, i mean if i wasn't nervous at the opportunity of talking to Louis Tomlinson  for a whole flight what else would i be that nervous about.

"So , Elly , your answer was.." Louis asked. "I was staring at you because you are Louis Tomlinson" i answered him."so you were staring at me for being Louis Tomlinson?" Louis asked confusedly "Yes,isn't that an enough reason to be stared at?"  i say quickly. "well, i dont know , im still not really used to being famous yet" Louis replies looking at me. "Well you should be, it's gonna be a long one direction journey" i say to Louis. "I hope so" he replies after a while. 

"can i have you number?" he asks. "sure of course" i reply giving him my phone to type in his number as he gives me his. as i press the botton i find the phone vibrating between my hands, i read the caller's name: "Hazza" .I immediately give the phone to Louis. oh my god Harry's calling him, i wonder what's wrong, or maybe he's just making sure he's okay.

"okay make Harry text me where you at and ill come" Louis hung up as i look into his face i find him tearing up a bit. "What's wrong" i ask worriedly. "nothing it's just my sister is on the same flight as me and i havent seen her for six years straight or even contacted her, and by coincidence  i find her on the same flight sitting next to Harry and just hearing her voice just got me too emotional" Louis answers with a slight smile on his face. "SAM!?" i ask out loud without bothering to think.

"Yes Sam, do you know her?" Louis asks a little confused. "Yes she's my bestfriend we moved together from London to L.A with Ri Kyky and Lydia " i reply . "Oh My God Eleanor!, How Can I not notice, you have grew up and changed " Louis says as he pulls me into a bone crushing hug as he always did. "Haha Chill Lou you're acting like mom" i say jokingly as i pull away from the hug.

"Dont Ruin The Moment , Peasant!'' Louis replies as he pulls me into another hug. "oh god Lou how can we not notice , i totally forgot that you're Sam's Brother. i feel so stupid" i say as the memories of London comes in flashbacks. "Elly dont "feel" stupid" Louis says as a little Evil Grin curls up to his mouth. " you ARE stupid" he adds jokinly, "okay now who's ruining the moment? i add quickly. "Shut up . i've missed you" he says as he pulls me into another slight hug"Lou What's with the hugs now?" i ask jokingly . "Shut Up" he adds.

"So how has life been since you girls moved to L.A?" Louis asks breaking the silence. "Great. we live in a pretty cool house and life has been good" i answer, "How have the girls been, i've missed them all so much" he asks excitedly. "Pretty sure we did too" i reply smiling "can i get their numbers and surprise them with a prank call?" he asks, "sure" "but im not responsible for what might happen" i add. "Dont worry" Louis says as he gives me his phone to type in the numbers.


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