Unforgettable Summer

Ria,Sam,Lydia,Kaila And Eleanor Are Five Best Friends with the age Eighteen. They've been together Through their ups and downs, Rough and good times, They always stand for each other and aways got each other's backs, Let's say they've spent every second of their lives together.. They're From London but they moved to Los Angels from the age Twelve, They Live together in a pretty cool house, They're ALL HUGE Directioners, good thing is that every girl likes a boy so they wont get much fights over the boys, Louis is Sam's brother, but she never had the chance to meet the boys, nor Lou, she hasn't seen him Since she and the girls moved from London.Last Summer They Decided they're going to London for a visit on Summer ''09'', It's time, they got the tickets and their bags, heading off to the flight, but what they dont know and what they never expected is that flight would change their lives forever. It's gonna be an Unforgettable Summer.


2. arriving at the airport

*Lydia's P.O.V*

"Tonight let's get some and live while we're young" the music played while we sung along. Ria Locked the house's front door and turned around to get in the car, "GET IN LOSER WE'RE GONNA GET SOME" I shouted sticking my head out of the window, while i watched Ria Die of laughter while she opened the car's door. "Scoot to the side yew Evil" Ria spoke after she cought a breath, "NEVER, YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO , BITCH!!" i screamed at her  face jokingly, "Lies, i tell you ma friend LIES'' she screamed back, "Oh Well xD", i scooted  aside offering her a place beside me.

"Oh i just wanna take you any where that you like , we can go out any day any time, baby i'll take ya there take ya there, baby i'll take ya there yeah!" we sung along. My Phone vibrated in my pocket, " A Text From : Rii " What..? why would she text me we r in the same car, SITING BESIDE EACH OTHER, i opened the text ."Ri: I love you, you love me, let's go both and kill Barney with a shot gun, BAM BAM, Barney's on the floor, No more fucking Dinosaur x) xxx'Ri" I can swear this girl is the craziet girl i have ever met. Lydia: Deal BABEHH, wait aren't we gon need some help? i replied as i pressed Send, Ri: Na Uh We Wont (; Lydia: Then what are we waiting for Babe xD?,

The Car Stopped Before we realized,  that was fast, "Let's go girls" Sam said turning the music player off. "Omg we're here already? Wait so we wont have a chance to kill Barney?" Ria responded to sam while she was  looking at me with puppy eyes. "What..?" the girls looked at Ria Confusedly. "Nothing." Ria replied seconds later breaking their gazes.

We got out of the car, took the bags out then we went inside . Putting our bags in as we sat on the chairs while Sam and Kaila went to see when is the flight taking off and asked if we could have Five seats in a row so we can sit beside each other.

As soon as they came back Eleanor popped up from her seat like a popcorn,"So did they agree?" Eleanor Started off, "Yeah, we still have an hour till the take off" Sam replied taking a seat beside Kaila."So What are we gonna do to spend a WHOLE hour?" Ria Added taking a seat, on my lap!.our bags got on the flight so we have the whole hour For our selves

"Well Let's go buy some random stuff to entertain us while we're on the plane" I replied looking up to Ria. "Yeah, Stuff like what?" Kaila asked looking around, "You Know  ,Stuff Like Magazines, Crisps etc." Eleanor suggested, "OR, We Could gow buy Ice Cweem" Ria Said in a child tone, "N'oh ,Ri I dont think that's right " Sam Replied Looking at Ria, " D'oh Please Please Please Please, PLEASEE Sammie Please!" Ria begged as she was pulling Sam's Red Skinny Hollister Jeans up and Down.

"No Ri, No More Ice Cream!" Sam said patting Ria's head as if she was a puppy, "Lydieee Make Her Say okay about getting me ice Cweem "  Ria  said looking at me giving me the puppy eyes. "Sorry Sweety the queen has spoken " I replied to Her  while pushing her off my lap causing her to fall.

"AAAAh" Ria Screamed as she held Sam's legs so she wont fall, but the best part is that Sam tripped off because of Ria's Sudden "Knee Hug".

The Whole Air Port Was Staring at us, And some random old Lady came and stood in front of us and said : " I Swear to god you are the most Loud Red Unicorns i've ever seen" " Why didn't you stick to your rainbows and stopped coming to air ports to annoy people with your blue hands and you Purple Voices!"  as she walked away like nothing happened, which caused us all to Die even more because of Laughter.

An Hour Later..

"Flight Number 6 to London , UK. Takes Off After 60 Seconds" The Lady Spoke into the Microphone, As We got up and took our stuff off the table, as we Headed to the flight.

The sun hit our eyes as we climbed up the long stairs, Can't Wait to see London Again.


So that's the 2nd chapter , and i didnt get any comments or votes or even reads on the first one so i will keep going till i get at least one comment xD hahaha i am too desperate, BTW 1D ARE GONNA APPEAR ON THE NEXT CHAPTER SO KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE   xxx'Ri

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