District 8, harry styles fanfic

I walk to my age group, as a very strange funny looking lady came to the stage, her name was Lucy Goldenwood. "Hello and welcome everyone, lets just get this over with shall we" "LADIES FRIST" she yelled more then she needed to. "Ivory Tomas", I was shocked I have picked for the 74th annual hunger games, my mother screaming in the Distance and John yelling as well. All the children in my age group moved to the sides felling sorry, but overjoyed that they hadn't got picked. I walked up the steps as Lucy grabs my arm. "Now it's time for the boys, harry styles" he was much older then me others screaming as well, ohh great what am I going to do, at least I have this older boy to protect me, I hope.


1. The letter

Ivory's P.O.V

It was a rainy day in district 8, the sky was a gloomy grey. My mother had just woken up, realizing my father had already left for the day, I heard the weeping sorrows of my mother from the kitchen. I managed to get up, remembering what day it was, and I wanted to do was lay in my bed, but I couldn't. I got up and went straight to the kitchen, my mother was holding a letter, the kitchen filled with tears. I tapped her on the shoulder, "mother why are you crying, what's wrong?" She managed to reply ,"nothing darling, I will go get you outfit for the reaping." The word bringing shivers to my body "reaping" is all I repeated. Mother walked out of the kitchen. I was wondering what that letter said, there it was on the table. I walked over looking behind me. The letter read: 

                                                                                                              Dear the Tomas family,
Your husband was working in factory 3. He was working on one of the weaving machines. It blew up and Andrew was severely burned. We took him in and no luck. We are terribly sorry to announce, Andrew Tomas is dead, we are sorry to write this during the reaping. 
                                                                                                                                   With all hope
                                                                                                                                     James Ryan 
The tears streaming down my face as I read over and over again. I couldn't get over the face that my father, Andrew Tomas past, gone forever, never going to see me grow up. I ran up to john my older brothers room. Clutching the letter in my hand, I walked in. John noticed it was crying, running up to me. " Ivory what's wrong?" I didn't answer, still processing what I just had read. "IVORY what happened?, did anything happen to mom or dad?" I simply nodded handing him the letter. We sat on the bed, him reading It.  He set the letter down, and hugged me. We walked to mothers room. She was staring at one his pictures, "mom you've seen this, haven't you" John started the conversation. " mother, to sad to process everything. After minutes she got up and stood in front of us. All she said was "He pasted". A long pause until she spook again, "come on children, we are the Tomas family, we will get by fine. Now come on let's get ready for the big

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