Blood Candy

Two demons who share a love for each other. One dead heart. This is there dark, sexy and mysterious love story.


1. Unbearable Pain

Chapter One


Unbearable Pain



"GOD!" I stormed out of the front door. I had just gotten into it with my mom. I was so over her treating me like I was still nothing. I'm 17 and her daughter, I'm not dirt.


I walked down the porch steps and into the brisk winter night. I pulled my coat on as my mom ran out after me. "Renèe!" She called out.


My converse took me out of the drive way down the trailer park road. "You go! I'll lock you out the rest of the night!" I heard her yell.


I ran out of the trailer park and down the back roads to the city.


I knew my best friend Taylor would still be up, so I made my way to her house.


There was a bunch of creeps here at night, a couple that stared at me and mumbled something under their breaths, but I kept walking until I reached an alley.


I heard a women cry out. "No, you can't leave me." I looked around and saw the women was running after a man with curls and looked as though it was up into some sort of quiff. "Get off Emma!" He yelled back and he pushed her off of him and she flew back and hit the wall hard. I could hear it and it sounded like she broke her back, but she got up like it didn't hurt. "Harry, please...I love you." She said and grabbed a hold of his arm.


This time the man pushed her up against the wall and was inches from her face. "I don't want you anymore. Don't you fucking understand, Emma?"


I didn't feel so good. Something bad was going to happen, I could feel it.


"I love you. Just kiss me one more time." She said and his lips crushed into hers and it was kinda rough and the both of them moaning as they kissed each other. I looked away and then heard a snap.


I looked back and saw her body fall to the ground. I gasped and saw him turn around. I backed up as he moved closer to me. I didn't know what to do or where to go, so I started running back home when I was pulled back into the dark.


"Please...let me go! I won't say what I saw!" I pleaded. I was pushed against the wall. The moon shined bright on his face and I noticed he had red eyes. I gasped again and a smile grew on his face. "Well...aren't you pretty?" I struggled as my feet where lifted off the ground and his body pressed against mine. "Don't be scared." He whispered. "I want to go!" I said and he wrapped my legs around his waist. "I know." He replied.


His cold lips pressed against my neck. "You're so warm." I cried out holding moans inside from how good it felt.


I felt a stinging as he pressed his lips closer to my neck.


I cried out louder. "No!"

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