Blood Candy

Two demons who share a love for each other. One dead heart. This is there dark, sexy and mysterious love story.


3. The Two People Who Gave Me Life

Chapter 3

The Two People Who Gave Me Life



Harry and I sat in the living room by the fire place watching the fire. Talking about my life and my mother.


"My mother was just never there for me. I think she hated me. She's rather get drunk and hit me then actually talk to me." I said holding on to a bottle of Jäger. Harry had been listening to me all night. But I was interested in his life, how he became this


I looked over at Harry's orange glowed face and then looked back. "Harry..." His eyes were now golden from feeding earlier. He looked into mine and I realized how perfect looking he actually was.


"How did you become this?" I asked and he smiled. "Emma."


The girl he killed in the alley.


"She- she changed you? The girl from the alley?" I asked and he nodded.


"I met Emma when I was 18 and she didn't change me until I was 19. She wanted me to make her fall in love with me first. She had to know she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me." "So you wanted to change?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes. You ever seen twilight?" He asked. "Yeah." I replied. "It was kinda like that, but different. I wanted to change, but the only difference was, was she wanted to change me to from the very beginning. She just needed to know she loved me."  


He looked kind of bummed after he said that.


"I met her after senior year of summer 1991. I fell in love with her instantly." I frowned and looked away at the ground. "But I didn't know she was a vampire right away, but when she finally told me, I didn't care. I told her I wanted to be with her forever and forever." He smiled and looked at the ground. His red eyes looked back up at the orange glow and stared at it with a smile on his face still.


"So you loved her?" I said to myself. "Oh yeah." It didn't make sense on why he would kill her and I didn't think he heard me. "I did." I nodded and smiled and got up. "Where are you going?" He asked and grabbed my arm. I looked down at him and stopped. "I just-" "I'll stop talking about her." He said with wide red eyes. I didn't answer, because I had no excuse anymore.


I sat back down and he let go when I was all the way down. I stared at the fire and avoided eye contact with Harry.


"Then why did you kill her?" I asked. "Because, I was more powerful than she was. She underestimated me for so long. I had to leave her. But when she didn't let go..." He looked down.


"How did she change you?" I asked. "During sex." I looked away in an awkward way.


Harry pulled up his shirt and showed me the bite mark on his stomach. He took my hand and ran it over his ice cold stomach. I watched as he ran it over it and then looked up at him. "Come here." He whispered.


I smiled and climbed on his lap and he pulled my shirt off over my head and examined my body. "Your body is perfect." He said and pulled me into a relentless kiss. "You can go as hard as you want. I'm strong enough to take it now." I smiled unbuttoning my jeans.


"Good thing I changed you." He chuckled.


His cold fingers ran through my hair and kissed me hard on the mouth. "You're so much better than her though, baby." He said after the kiss. I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair.


He took off his shirt and his cold torso laid on mine as his lips kissed mine again. He kissed down my neck, my collar bones, my chest then my stomach. His tongue trailed down my stomach and my panties came off.


I couldn't believe how bad I wanted him.


Harry smiled up at me and gently kissed me below and a moan escaped my lips. 


Harry climbed back up grabbed my face and made me look at him. "I'm kinda rough, baby." I pressed my hand to his chest and bit my lip. "That's ok. I still want you." His lips formed a smile and he kissed over the bite he gave me and sucked hard, my moans filled the air.


"Harry, please! Ugh!" I begged and he groaned on my neck still sucking. Harry pulled back and pulled me on top of him.


He entered himself inside me and pushed and I moaned and I cried out and he smirked. "So tight and perfect, baby." He said and thrusted harder.


I felt tears form in my eyes from the pleasure Harry was giving me throughout my body. I grabbed ahold of his face and kissed him hard and he moaned.


Harry looked at me with furrowed eyebrows and in his green eyes there was lust. I knew this look was from how I felt. His lips were parted and he breathed heavily.


I moved my hips and he closed his eyes. "I want you deeper..." I wrapped my legs around his waist and I started moving my hips as he kept himself up and I had control from below.


His arms were shaky, but he kept himself up.


Having sex as a vampire wasn't like having sex as a human. Something about it was different...






"So beautiful." Harry said as he held the blond up against the cold dark wall.


"It's a shame no one can admire it anymore." I pressed my lips together from the rooftop where, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis stayed with me.


Harry stroked the girls cheek and then leaned into her neck and bit. I looked away when I heard her cry out and scream.


"Come on, Renèe." I heard Liam say. The rest of the boys were in front of us. "Liam?" He turned his head to me as we continued to walk. "Why me?" I asked.


Liam narrowed his eyes. "Why you, what?" I stopped in my tracks on the fire escape. "Why did Harry bite me? He could have someone way prettier." Liam shrugged.


Harry hasn't talked to them about me yet, so they had no idea.


"Maybe your innocence. Maybe your blood or both.." I cringed at what he said. "Or both."


I continued to walk and jumped the last step and pulled my black jacket closer to fix it. My converse made no sound as my feet walked on the cold pavement. It was eerily quiet outside, even for a vamp.


Harry walked around the corner. "We've been fed. We need to be out of sight." Harry passed me and grabbed my hand. "I haven't been fed." I said.


Harry looked back and smiled evilly. "Your mother." I felt Harry pull me closer to him. His face inches from mine.


"You'll feed off your mother."


My mother?! The women who gave me human life?! I mean, I know she beat the hell out of me, but she's still my mother. She cared at one point...


"Harry, I can't." I said after swallowing a huge lump in my throat. "You can and you will. Think of everything the bitch put you through." Harry let go and walked passed me. He expected me to follow him, but I wouldn't.


I turned away and sat on the edge of the sidewalk. I can only imagine my mom right now. I bet she was sober and looking for me. I bet she's crying her eyes out right now and hurting.


I heard Harry walk back up and grab my arm. "Get up." He said and picked me up and pulled me. "Where does your mother live?" he asked. "Walnut Creek" I replied staring at him and still tried to walk without falling. I kept stumbling. "The trailer park?" he asked and he looked down at me. "Yeah" and that was it. he led me to the trailer park.


I had to lead the way to my house. I turned towards Harry and he looked from the house to me.


"Make this fast. We will wait out here, if you need anything." I nodded and turned back to see my moms lap by her chair on.


I walked up the path to the dark porch. She had the front door open, I peeked through the glass and she was writing something down. She looked upset.


But I was right, she was sober. She had a glass of water next to her. I pressed my lips together and hung my head a bit to hold in my tears.


"Renèe!" I heard my name from my mother's mouth and she opened the screen door and brought me into a warm embrace. She hasn't hugged me in years. I didn't say anything, it surprised me.


She pulled me inside.


"Sweetie, where have you been? I was so worried about you." I kept my head low so she wouldn't see how pale I was or my eyes.


"Sorry I worried you." I replied fighting tears. She rubbed my arms. "I won't let it happen again. I've treated you badly since your dad left, baby." She started to bring my head up and I pulled away.


She shook it off after trying to figure out why I wouldn't look at her.


"Baby, things will be different now. I thought I lost you." She said and hugged me again. I couldn't keep my tears in any longer and I couldn't keep Harry and the other guys waiting longer.


"Mommy..." I said quietly. "Hmm?" He hand rubbed my back and I squeezed my eyes shut. "I love you." I whispered. "I love you, too, my precious baby girl." I opened them back up.


I had to do this. Harry wanted me to.


"I'm sorry." I said and pulled my head off her shoulder. "Renèe-" and I heard her scream as I bit into her skin. I cried as I fed myself.


I dropped my mother and turned. I couldn't look at her dead on the floor. I covered my eyes and hung my head.


The boys came in and Harry leaned against the door frame. "Good job, baby." I looked up at him and walked out.


"She deserved it!" Harry called out.


What I did, I did it because I loved Harry.


She gave me life, but Harry gave me this life...

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