Blood Candy

Two demons who share a love for each other. One dead heart. This is there dark, sexy and mysterious love story.


2. Awake

Chapter 2




I woke up and was in a house I've never seen before. I seemed different. I could see better for one,


I could hear better and I felt stronger.


"You awake? Renèe." I noticed the talk curly hair guy. I got up really fast and backed into the corner. "What did you do to me?" I asked. He smiled and walked closer. "I made you my new women." He grabbed a hold of my waist and I gasped. "Made?" I asked. "What do you mean?" He cocked his head to the side and smiled.


He leaned into my neck and I felt his breath and I gasped. "Look in the mirror." He pushed me to the mirror and I noticed that my eyes were red, too.


"Why are my eyes red like yours?" He nuzzled his face into my neck and kissed it. "You're like me now." I pulled away and looked back at him. "What are you?" I asked.


He smiled. "Do you feel different?" He asked and I nodded. He kept dodging the question everytime I asked.


"You're blood was so good. I could smell you from miles away." He said. "What?" He turned me back around and he pulled my collar down.


I saw a full bite mark. And I held it. I then put two and two together. He likes blood and he bit me.


I turned around and backed away.


"You're a vampire?"


Harry smiled "Why are you afraid of me? So are you." That hit me as he said it. I didn't put that part together. I thought about why I left that night. My mom was yelling at me for really no reason. I told her I hated her. Now I know I couldn't see her ever again.


"But my mom..." I said. "You're gonna have to get through this. You won't be able to see her anymore." He said and I balled up my fist. "You're my little girl now." I scrunched up my face and flew at him and pressed him against the wall. A huge thump came from it. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" I screamed. "You're a lot stronger than me right now. You're actually hurting me." He said and I held him tighter. "Good!!" 4 other guys walked in.


"Alright, enough." They said as they pulled me off. "I didn't want to die!" I yelled back at him.


"You're dead, yes, but again you're not. Vampires live forever." I struggled to get out of their arms and eventually did and grabbed Harry again.


"" Harry grabbed on to my wrist. "Calm down." "YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!" Harry grabbed onto my face and his lips crushed into mine. His tongue slipped into my mouth and he was so rough with me.


I felt something take over me and I felt like I couldn't control myself. My finger locked in his curls and I kissed him hard back. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and let moans escape our mouths.


"Guys..." I heard an Irish accent. Harry was pulled off of me and he let go of me and smirked as they held him back. "Not right now." He said.


"This is why I love newborns." A tan guy said as he smiled.




I met the rest of the guys. Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They were basically Harry's brothers. They were all vampires.


There was a girl hiking in the woods they lead me to.


I could smell her from miles away. "You're going to have your first taste of blood." Harry said.


"I'll catch up mum! Go ahead!" The girl yelled.


Harry leaned into me from behind. "Get ready baby." He whispered. "We will Get her ready for you." And he kissed my neck slowly. He was gone instantly.


I waited and watched Harry and Liam fly up in front of her. "Hello love." Liam said. She stood up in horror and backed into a tree trunk.


Harry and Liam grabbed each arm and held her. "Ohhh Renèe, darling." I heard Harry's voice and ran up with the new speed I found. Harry smirked "You ready for your first taste of blood, baby." I nodded "I can smell her from all the way over there." Harry chuckled.


The girl squirmed and tried to scream until Liam covered her mouth. "Come here, baby." Harry motioned me with his head. I ran up with speed and was close to her face. "Her neck." Harry said pointing to the girls neck. "It's better than anywhere else." he said.


I buried my face into her neck a bit. Harry chuckled as the girl screamed.


The taste of blood was so satisfying, now I'm living off of it. I've never loved the taste of it so much.


I pulled back and wiped my mouth to get rid of the blood. I smiled at Harry as they dropped her body and it made a thud. Harry smiled and walked over and kissed me. He pulled back a second to say, "Was that good, baby?" And he kissed me again. "Yeah." I said as his hands gripped my waist tightly.


Whatever Harry and I liked about each other, it was sexual instantly. I wanted to fuck him relentlessly.


"Lets go back." Harry said.


We ran back beside eachother. I couldn't believe how much different everything sounded and looked in the life of a vampire.

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