Love? Maybe.

Hello, my name is Gwynn. I have long,wavy, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. I'm turning 18 soon and my best friend is Skylar. She has long, curly, wavy hair and blue eyes, and is 19. Skylar is a huge fan of One Direction. Me? Not really. I like there music and, yeah they are all cute but that's it. But what if one day Gwynn catches one of the boys eyes? What will happen then? Is it love? Maybe.


2. Chapter Two

  I was talking with one of the other workers, until I heard the door open. It was my friend, Skylar. She came in wearing a rainbow tank top with white skinny jeans, and some green flip flops. She also had her long, chocolate, brown, hair up in a messy bun. "Hey Gwynn, happy early birthday." She said to me smiling. That's right. I forgot tomorrow was my birthday. "Thanks, I actually forgot tomorrows my birthday." I said. "I went over to your house to go see you, but I forgot you had to work today. But your parents said to give you this since they leave in a hour." She said handing me an envelope. My parents are both lawyers, so there always out of town. "Okay, thanks." I said. "I'll see you when you get home. Don't open it till I get there." Skylar said. "Okay, I won't. Bye see you later." I told her. She waved bye then left. *Later after work* I got home and texted Skylar I was home and she said she will be there soon. I decided to change into something more comfortable, then put my hair messy hair. Once I was finished there was a knock on the door. I went to go answer it. "Hey Gwynn!" Skylar said. "Hey Skylar!" She came in and we went up to my room and we sat down on my bed. I grabbed the envelope off my desk. "Okay well lets open it." I said. When I opened it there was a card. It read, 'Dear Gwynn, sorry we can't be here on your 18th birthday. We hope you have an awesome birthday. We love you. ~Mom & Dad.' It said. "Oh my gosh! Look there's two front and centered tickets to One Direction!" Skylar screamed. Skylar is a HUGE One Direction fan, it's crazy. Me on the other hand not really. I like there music, and yeah there all cute but I'm just not crazy about them. But I was excited I get to see them in concert. "And there's meet and greet tickets!" She yelled. We got up and did a happy dance. We then decided she would stay the night. We got ready for bed then went to sleep. Tomorrow should be fun.          

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