Love? Maybe.

Hello, my name is Gwynn. I have long,wavy, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. I'm turning 18 soon and my best friend is Skylar. She has long, curly, wavy hair and blue eyes, and is 19. Skylar is a huge fan of One Direction. Me? Not really. I like there music and, yeah they are all cute but that's it. But what if one day Gwynn catches one of the boys eyes? What will happen then? Is it love? Maybe.


17. Chapter Seventeen

(Gwynn's POV) We went back stairs and Liam was on the phone with someone. He looked really sad. "Okay, bye." He said then ended the call. "Who was that?" Louis asked sitting on the couch. "It was Simon. He said we have a week left here then we needed to go back to London." He said sadly. I frozed and ran upstairs to our room locking the door. I sat on the  bed and I started to cry. I didn't want him to leave me. I heard people coming up the stairs knocking on the door. "Gwynn, come on out." Skylar said. "No, go away." I said still crying. "Gwynnie, please let me in." I heard Louis say. I didn't answer him. They all finally left and I started to cry more.  
(Louis's POV) "Who was that?" I asked Liam sitting on the couch next to Gwynn. "It was Simon. He said we have a week left here then we need to go back to London." My heart stopped for a second. No! I didn't want to leave my Gwynnie! I felt Gwynn freeze. She got up and ran up stairs to our room closing the door and I heard her lock it. I started to go up stairs and the others followed. Skylar knocked on the door. "Gwynn, come on out." She said sweetly. "No, go away!" Gwynn said. It sounded like she was crying. It broke my heart to hear her cry. "Gwynnie, please let me in." I said worried. I was about to start crying myself. Skylar then started to whisper so Gwynn could not hear. "There's a key to the room, I'll go get it." We all followed her down the stairs to get it. Once she got it she gave it to me and I ran up the stairs. I went over to the door and unlocked it. I slowly opened it and peeked my head inside. There she was on the bed crying. I walked in and sat next to her. "Please don't cry, it brakes my heart." I whispered into her ear. She looked up at me, tears still coming out of her eyes. I put my hand to her face and wiped her tears away. "Don't leave me." She said her voice cracked at leave. "Don't worry Gwynnie, I'll think of something." I say. She nodded her head and cuddled up to me. "I have an idea." I said her head popped up and her eyes lit up. "What is it?" She asked. "I know it's a big step in this relationship, but I think we're ready. What would you say to moving in with me in London?" I asked. "I would say that I love you sooo much and that I would love to." She said. "Okay then it's settled. Your moving in with me in my flat." I said smiling. She tackled me and kissed me. I smiled and kissed her back. Every time we kissed there were fireworks. I finally broke away from the kiss. "Let's go tell the others, and maybe Skylar will move in with Liam." I said. She nodded and went to go clean up. She came back and we went down stairs. "Good news." I said. They all looked at me. "Gwynn is going to be moving in with me." I said smiling like a idiot. "That's great!" Niall said smiling. "And Skylar said she would move in with me too." Liam said smiling at her. They both laughed. We talked for another hour then they left, and Skylar left to go with Liam. 

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