Love? Maybe.

Hello, my name is Gwynn. I have long,wavy, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. I'm turning 18 soon and my best friend is Skylar. She has long, curly, wavy hair and blue eyes, and is 19. Skylar is a huge fan of One Direction. Me? Not really. I like there music and, yeah they are all cute but that's it. But what if one day Gwynn catches one of the boys eyes? What will happen then? Is it love? Maybe.


22. Chapter 22

(Gwynn's POV) When I woke up I realized that Louis wasn't with me in the bed. I got up in put my hair in a sloppy ponytail and went downstairs. I went into the kitchen and saw Louis eating some cereal. "Hey babe." Louis said when he saw walk in. "Hello Lou." I said smiling. I went into the closet and got out some Lucky Charms and poured them into a bowl. I also poured some milk in it and grabbed a spoon, then sat down next to Louis. "So what should we do today?" I asked. "We could call the boys and Skylar to see if they want to go to the water park with us." He said smiling. "Sounds good. Let me finish eating then I'll go get ready." I said. Louis then left the room to call the boys and Skylar. When I finished I put up the dirty dishes and went to get ready. I got in the shower and cleaned up. Then, I brush my hair and teeth and let my hair dry naturally. I decided put on my navy blue bikini and put on some faded jean shorts in with a white tank top. I slipped on my navy blue flip flops, and when I was finished getting ready I went back down stairs to meet up with Louis. "Hey Gwynn, you look beautiful as usual." Louis said smiling. He was wearing his swim trunks and a old t-shirt with flip flops and sunglasses. "Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself." I said giggling. "They all agreed to come so let's go pick them up." He said. We hoped into the car and went to pick everyone up. *At the water park* "LETS GOOO!!!" Niall yelled. We all laughed. "Let's go in the tubes." Skylar said. "Okay let's do it." Liam says then grabbed Skylar's hand. We walked over to go into the tubes. Niall and Zayn went down together in one tube, Skylar and Liam went in one, then me and Louis went into the other. On the way down we were both screaming till we reached the bottom and into the pool. We were laughing so hard. "Let's play chicken!" Skylar said. Liam the put her on his shoulders and Niall got on Zayn's shoulders. "Guess were playing." I said. Then Louis got me on his shoulders and we started trying to push each other into the pool. "Your going down!!" Niall said. We all laughed and me and Skylar both pushed Niall off Zayn's shoulders. Then when I wasn't looking Skylar pushed me off Louis's shoulders and I fell into the water. When I came up Skylar was laughing at me. "What's so funny?" I asked her. "Your.....face...when you.. Fell.." She said in between laughs. I rolled my eyes and we continued to play around in the water. *2 hours later* "I'm hungry can we go get some food?" Niall asked. "I'm hungry too." I said. "Okay let's go and get some lunch." Louis says. We dried off, pulled our clothes over our bathing suits and got into the car. We pulled into a McDonalds and we got out. Once we ordered our food we asked to get it to go and went back into the car and went over to me and Louis's house. *At their house* "Lets just eat in the living room." I say. "Okay sounds good." Skylar said. After we ate we just hung out and watched some tv till they all had to leave. "I'm going to bed I'm really tired." I said. "Okay I'll go with you." Louis says. I change into some sweats and a t-shirt then crawl into bed. "Love you Boobear, night." I say. "I love you too." Louis said. Then I fell into a deep sleep. 


  Hello loves! So I fell like no one likes this fanfic and I'm not getting any comments so I don't know if I should continue with the story or if I should just stop writing it. So if your reading this story please, please comment what you think about it and if I should keep writing it or if I should stop. This is my first fanfic so I don't expect it to be good. After this story I think I might write another but it all depends on what you guys think of this one I guess. Also you could comment ideas or kik me some ideas for the story, that would be very helpful to me. Thanks :)

kik: gwyns_cray_cray 

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