The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


12. 8/2/13 Bailey's P.O.V.

Bailey's P.O.V. So lately I've had weird dreams and its gotten me to thinking more about things, some of the dreams i have are a bit confusing and strange, i can honestly say i can't describe them at all, I'm glad in a way that i have them because what if in a way they are giving a warning to me, I'm kind of choosing not to listen to them but maybe i should so nothing bad happens, oh well!!=) On another note I'm so ready for tonights sleepover with the rest of the girls, they are so amazing and beautiful and tonight we are going to kick some butt in singing and we are going to tackle the issue we've been having about schedules, I'm glad we are all working together and tackling our fears and bringing out the confidence in all of us which we all clearly have, honestly all i have to say is i couldn't have asked for a better family than them, i love you all and I'm ready for tonight, see you all here!!!=)=)=) Bye!!=) Bailey=)=)
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