The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


15. 08/16/13 Izabella's P.O.V

First off i have to say sorry that none of us have been writing very much. I feel bad i have just been super busy. I have been working like crazy and on top of that Sam the guy i told you about left and i have trying really hard to not be crying all of the time because i really miss him. I am trying really hard to write more and more but the more i write the more i have a hard time thinking of what to write. I know that i have asked you guys to comment before but i really need you to now so i can answer questions and other stuff of the sort. Also if you guys want to ask the other girls questions too... just please give us something! Alright well i have work again tomorrow so i must go to bed

Love you guys

<3 Izz

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