The Start

This is about me and my 4 best friends and our story to becoming famous


3. 07/25/13

Isibellas P.O.V

Soooo their concert was yesterday!! I can't believe we all went. It was amazing. At the end of the night last night i half heartily said that was should become a five person girl group. At the time i really didn't mean anything from it. I mean who doesn't want to live their dreams. So today after work i asked Bree if she thought that we should really do this and put in a shit ton of effort to try to become famous. She made my night when she said yes. I asked her to ask the other three( Baily, Divine and Joanna) and they all agreed that we should at least give it a try. I am super excited. It can be a little frustrating though when we are trying to set up our first meeting and we cant get our schedules to aline. At the first meeting we are going to talk about rehearsal, Vocal parts as in what parts we are going to sing (soprano, second soprano and alto), Songs to sing and practice with, Songs we are going to write together and last but not least our band name. All five of us are willing to work soo hard to make this work. All i can say is i got super lucky with my girls.

xoxo Isi


P.S. Sorry its kinda sort its early in the morning but i wanted to at least write something

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