In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


19. You Little Sass

"I hate what I've become." I whispered to myself. I looked up from the floor and saw I was in a bathroom. Everything was a blur. "No Haz, you're awesome." A female voice said. Again, not Sabrina's. "I've hurt so many people. I've lost all of my friends. I'm a total jerk. And don't say that's not true. I'm a complete asshole." Words were falling out of my mouth. When did I start to cuss? This wasn't me. At least I think. I was woken by a constant beep. The dream faded. I woke to my alarm clock annoying me to death. I flipped over and hit the snooze button with my fist and groaned. I rose from my bed and rubbed my face. Everything was a blur, like in my dream. Like I always do, I wrote down my dream and went to the bathroom. I quickly put my contacts in and chose a black dress shirt, one of my new skinny jeans, a white bow tie and black converse to wear. I don't to change to fast. I brushed my curls and used my gel to make a sliht quiff in the front and pull slightly back on the sides. I looked good for once. I felt like a real teen. My phone was going off. I grabbed it from my nightstand and saw it was a text from Sabrina. From Sabrina <3: Hey Marc, me and Logan are sick so I can't come over this evening. Me and Jamie will come over tomorrow :) xx Wow, the first time I'm going to school without Sabrina. I touched the reply and wrote, To Sabrina <3: It's cool. Sorry for you being sick. I hope you feel better :) I hit send and slipped my phone in my pocket. I grabbed my bookbag and made my way to the kitchen. I walked past Edward's room and the lights were off and door closed. I shrugged and continued. I got to the kitchen and see Gemma and Edward were sittiing at the table with red noses and blankets aroud their backs. "Woah, you guys look like you've been hit by a bus." I chuckled. Gemma sneezed and Edward coughed. "Feels like it. We're both sick." Ed looked up at me. "Where's mum?" They both nodded their heads upstairs. "She's also sick. Worse than us." Edward finished. "I'll drive you to school." He offered. "No it's fine. I'll walk. Sabrina and Logan are sick too." They sneezed together. I grabbed a apple and told them bye. I was gonna be all alone today. No Ed to back me up, no Sabrina to surprise, no Logan to get advice off of. Hopefully the boys were going to be there. Also Jamie and Elizabeth. I sucked in a deep breath and walked on the front porch. With my luck, there was no one there. I sighed and walked on my way to school. Yay. Note the sarcasm. *~*~*skip to lunch*~*~* This new look is giving me good and bad looks. People would secretly take pictures of me and post them on facebook entitled, 'Wow Marc. Didn't know you had it in you.' I shook it off and didn't worry about them. With my luck, Louis and Niall were at school today. So was Jayde. She gave me the worst looks of them all. What was her problem with me? I never did anything to her in the past. Was it Louis? I'll never know. It was now lunch and they were having spaghetti. I hate the school's food so bad but I didn't pack anything. I decided not to eat and just to read and scroll on facebook. I get to the lunchroom early so I get to see everyone give me looks and whisper about me. Only if Sabrina was here. I looked up from my book and saw Jayde and her friends walk in the lunchroom laughing so loud for no reason. They can be real loud and stuiped sometimes. They went through the line and were paying when I heard them go quiet and I started to get worried. Prepare for the worst Marc. "Oh look, Marcel finally got a fashion update." Jayde's high pitched voice rang behind me. I turned around and stared at them. "Thanks Jay, you like it?" I smirked pulling on my blazer. "Well honestly, blazers are out of style and so are you." She sassed. "Well looks who talking." The people around us ooed and started mumbling. "Watch your mouth nerd." She gritted through her teeth. I looked down at my nose. "Sorry Jay can't do that." I smiled. She sighed. "Wow, I can't believe you have the guts to stand up for yourself. Looks like you're all alone. The way you should be." I smiled at what she said. I have people around me now who like me. "Well all the people around me are sick. They may have caught the dumb slut disease." She growled. People were laughing and I heard a familiar laugh. I look backed and saw it was Louis. He was cracking up. "Louis!" Jayde screamed. "Sorry babe. Marc has some good comebacks." He walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. She semi calmed down. She looked at her food and gave Louis her purse and walked to me. "I'm sorry Marcel." She then lifted her plate up and poured her entire plate of food in my hair and it trailed down my shirt. "Jayde!" He gave her a hurt look. He looked at me with worry. "Oh my gosh Marc! I'm so sorry. Come on lets get that crap off of you." I held my hand up. Then walked to Jayde. "Hey, Jayde this is your food, take it." I hugged her and got the food from my head and shoved it in her face. Everyone was laughing so was Louis. "Hey no hard feelings?" I laughed. She smiled. A real smile I hope. "Sure Styles. I'm happy you finally stood up for yourself. But this won't be over. This is only the beginning." Then her and her friends walked off laughing. Louis set a hand on my shoulder. "Marc, didn't know you had it in you. You and Jay will be ok for a while. But remember this, she always wins." I chuckled. "Well, this under dog might come out on top." He chuckled along. "We'll see Marc. We'll see." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ello loves!! i know this is a sunday update buttttt i have excuses. but heres a short little paragraph. this chapter mostly focusing on bullying. this chapter has some of the things i want to say to people but i cant :) next chapter will have a loads of drama and romance!! :D so be on the look out ;) lots of love ~Sam p.s. i dont own anything

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