In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


27. Wacky Gas

Sabrina's doctor came in with Sabrina. 

Oh Lord.

She was laughing so much and she had her arm swinging around like she was conducting an orchestra. I was already laughing. 

The doctor placed her back in her spot and he took his mask off. 

"As you can see, she is high sedated and everything went great." He smiled. I smiled and laughed. 

"She will be back to normal by the afternoon." Keep in mind it was now a little past two in the morning. 

"W-w-well, how ab-bout we g-go to the store any buy some p-p-peanuts." Sabrina looked up. We all bursted out laughing. It hurt me but it was worth it.

"Hey. Hey! Why is everyone laughing?" She looked at everyone. We all started laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe.

"Hold the shrimp!" She literally shouted.

Logan and Edward was on the floor laughing so hard while Jamie and Gemma and Elizabeth was wiping tears from their eyes.  

Both of our parents were trying not to laugh but failing. 

"I'll be back around nine or nine thirty to check on her. The nurses will bring her some breakfast in a few minutes. Good night." We all said our goodbyes and turned our focus back on Sabrina. 

"How are ya feeling sis?" Logan asked.

"I feel like a unicorn took me on a magic ride to pizza world." She looked forward.

"Awesome! What was piz-" 

"WOAH! THIS CAKE IS WAAAYYY TO BIG!" She screamed. We all starting scream laughing. 

A nurse came in with a covered platter. 

"Ok, here is some breakfast for her. There is a little bacon, eggs and a few pieces of toast." The nurse came and sat the plate on her tray. 

"Enojoy." The nurse smiled. Sabrina lifted her good arm and punched the nurse in the arm. 

"Thanks pretty lady! I'll make sure to take it to Africa horse." The nurse laughed and we were crying. The nurse left laughing and Sabrina tried to sit up. 

"Oh no Sabrina, we'll feed you." Her mom lightly pushed her down and turned to the tray and pulled it to her. Sabrina was trying to get up. 

"Sabrina, lay down." Her mom pushed her down. She tried again. 

"Sabrina, lay down!" She said more assertive. She started crying. 

"But I want to ride the penguin and go to Texas!" We started laughing. 

"It's not funny! I need my pineapple! I need; hold the shrimp!" She immediately stopped crying and looked wasted. I was wiping tears from my eyes. 

"Sabrina, what goes on in your head." I laughed. She looked at me.

"Hey! I know you! You were there when I broke my foot in the buy you! Now you listen here son, you never know what goes on in Alabama, but the chicken whale is on full ripe and water."  I grabbed her hand. 

"This is why I love you." 

"I love you too!" She said and then her eyes closed and she was asleep.

"I've never heard such things out of someone's mouth." Ed laughed. 

"To bad it's ended." I laughed.

"Well Marc, me and Gem will get going." Mum came to me and kissed my head.

"Same with us." Sabrina's parents said.

The parents left talking and it was left with us. 

"The couch pulls out and the two chairs are recliners. Plus there is pillows and blankets in that closet." Logan pointed.

Edward pulled the couch out and Logan got the sleep stuff and Jamie fell asleep on the bed and Logan and Ed took the chairs. I turned the TV on and fell asleep.


ello lovlied!! :D hope ou liked this chapter :D :D 99% of this stuff is true and 1% is not. Hold the shrimp was me, hitting the nurse and Africa was my friend Erin and Sabrina trying to sit up was my friend Rayven. We have some wierd minds XD now, next chapter is when the drama starts. so be on the look out!! :D bye guys 


Lots of love 


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