In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


6. They're Ok

As the time came closer for Sabrina and Logan came, the more I became nervous. My mum noticed it

"Honey are you ok?" I nodded. Now that I apologized she turned back into a regular mum. There was a knock at the door. My heart raced. I mumbled, "I'll get it."

I limped to the door and welcomed Sabrina and Logan.

"Hey guys. You guys look good."

"I can say that about yourself." Sabrina smiled.

"Why hello there. Who might you be?" My mum asked behind me.

"The people who helped me with the bullies today." She half smiled.

"Welcome to our home. I'm Mrs.Styles, but you can call me Anne." She loves them. Her hand was out.

"Nice to meet you Anne. I'm Sabrina and this is my brother Logan." They shook her hand.

"We just wanted to tell you what happened today." She smiled and showed them to the living room. I sat beside Sabrina with Logan at her side.

"Anne, Marcel tried to avoid the bullies but he wasn't fast enough. He tried to fight back but when he was on the floor, he couldn't move." She nodded.

"And Sabrina got the bully to stop be punching him and she took care of Marcel."

"You are a nurse?" She furrowed he eyebrows.

"Kind of, our mother works at the hospital with the kids and I knew how to take care of Marcel. He tried everything to keep the bullies off of him."

My mum hesitated. "I'm glad you are telling the truth about Marcel. I was a little harsh on him. And I'm glad he has friends like you two." They smiled.

"Everyone needs someone to look out for them. No matter what. Marcel is a really cool guy."

She smiled. "Marcel you are ungrounded. Sabrina, Logan, you two are welcome anytime." They nodded and we went to my room. I closed the door.

"Thanks guys. You saved my back."

"Anytime. You made her sound like a which."

"She can be. But you guys dressed nice and called your mum mother. She loved you." They nodded.

"Well I think we need to head home and explain what happened at school. The principal called her today."

"Ok, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for all your help. I'll find a way to pay you back."

"Oh no Marcel, a gift from a friend can't be paid back." Sabrina smiled.

She gave me a hug and Logan high fived me. After they left I changed into some sweat pants and went to the living room. Gemma and mum were watching TV. When Gemma saw me, she went to her room.

"So do you like Sabrina and Logan?" She hopped next to me.

"They are ok. You don't need to tell them to dress fancy for me honey."

"I just wanted you to like them." "They're ok. They get bonus points for helping my boy." She shook my hair.

"You should wear it like that more." I sighed. Sometimes I swear she's bipolar. But I loved when she was in this mood. She liked my curly hair.

"Get some sleep. You need to wake up early so Gemma can do your make up."

"She doesn't need to cover the bruises. After today, I don't think people will even notice." She didn't protest and just nodded. I went to my room and carefully crawled in my bed and closed my eyes.


ok i am having a little contest.

~ Logan's girlfriend

~Louis' girlfriend

~Sabrina's best friend

~Gemma's best friend

contest will last til the end of the week. to enter type in your name, hair color, eye color and what person you want. and if you want, you can tell why you want to be the character. only if you want to. good luck to everyone!! :)

what do you think of marcel's mom??

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