In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


21. The Cinammon Challenge

After Sabrina and Jamie did their little celebration, we didn't really pay much attention to the project. We hung out and had a good time.

"You know what you two need to do?" Jamie asked. "What?" Ed answered kissing her hand.

"You two need to do the cinnamon challenge!" I looked at Sabrina. She jumped from my grasp and they stood in front of us, begging.

"Please!" They screamed.

After that went on a few minutes, Ed and I gave in. "Fine!" We yelled over top of them. They smiled wide and they pulled us to the kitchen.

"Get two spoons and some cinnamon." Sabrina got her phone out. "You two are really gonna make us do this?" Ed asked pouring his cinnamon then mine.

"If you really like us, you'll do it." They got us there. We groaned as they laughed. Jamie sat two glasses of water in front of us. We looked at her.

"Trust me, if you don't wanna joke to death drink the water." We followed along. "Ok. On the count of three, you guys eat the cinnamon. The goal is to swallow all the cinnamon. One, two, two and a half, three!"

Jamie and Sabrina had their phones taking videos. I looked at Ed and we put the spoons in our mouth.

Man this hurts. It instantly made my mouth dry. It was spicy, bitter and horrible. I wanted to cough it up, but I couldn't. It was more stuck on the roof of my mouth and under my tongue to be able to spit out. I had to finish this challenge.

I looked over at Ed and saw he was holding up to. Til I saw a rust powder come out of his nose. Then his mouth opened with the cinnamon coming out everywhere.

The girls laughed as Ed coughed got his water and did spit takes in the sink. "Marc is still holding up!" Sabrina shouted.

The moist feeling was coming back into my mouth when I felt the last bit of cinnamon in my mouth, I hope. I opened my mouth to breathe and nothing came out. I threw my arms in victory.

"I did it!" I shouted. Jamie's, Sabrina's and Ed's eyes widened. There was a moment of silence when everyone celebrated.

Sabrina gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "You are the only person I know that can complete that challenge, if you can do that, you can do a whole bunch of challenges. No lie."

She smiled at me. I got my water and started to get the cinnamon that covered my teeth. "Never. Again." I said.

All three of them smiled at me and did a group hug. Ed gave me a noogy and the chaos settled down. I still kept a water by my side and would cough up some cinnamon. It would make everyone laugh.

The time got to 10:30.

"Oh wow, we need to head home. Didn't realize how late it was. Shall we do this again tomorrow?" Sabrina grabbed her bag as did Jamie.

"Yeah! Thanks for the good time. See you lovely ladies tomorrow." I smiled as they walked out of the door. After they drove off, me and Ed went to my room.

"Can you believe it? They both said yes to us." I jumped on my bed. "Yeah, I was so nervous. There's something about Jamie that I love."

"Same with Sabrina. Kinda hard to believe we met when I got beat up." When I noticed what I said Ed shot up with rage in his eyes.

"You got beat up? By who? I'm gonna kick their ass." His fists were in balls and turning white. Wow, I haven't seen him this mad in a while.

"Woah Ed, calm down it was just one time. Now that you're hear and Sabrina is my friend, no one has seemed to bother me. You don't need to kick some arse." The rage in his eyes cooled down his hands were still in balls.

"You sure Marc?" I nodded.

"One hundred percent positive. No worries." His hands went to normal. He sighed.

"Ok, but if anyone gives you any crap I will hurt them. Night Marcel." He smiled then walked off. He left me with a confused face. I shook it off and went to bed.

Tomorrow I'm gonna wear my 'Edward' clothes. Hopefully Sabrina will still want me.

Boy I'm scared.


ello lovlies!! :) =* hope you liked this chapter!! :) :D i felt like doing something challengy cause i did the cinammon challenge last week and it was awful!! :( my adive, never do it!!!!!! other than that check out my other stories if you haven't already!! also check out the stories im co authoring!! All four of them are talented writers!!!!! and if you havent fanned me, fan me please?? *puppy dog face and bats eyelashes* haha

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