In Love With the Nerd

I never saw myself with her.
I never saw myself like this.
I never realized who I was until I got the girl.
The guy who I was is still inside me and can come out anytime.
I just want to keep her happy and be me at the same time.


25. Not What I Had In Mind

(hope you enjoy this chapter, i dont know if any of you were expecting this enjoy :) )

*~*~*Sabrina's P.O.V.*~*~*

"Tonight is going to be full of surprises. Nothing bad, just you and me. Possibly the best date ever." He looked at me. His green eyes sparkling.

"Oh Marcel." I smiled at him. We leaned in to each other. Everything was perfect.


The glass broke and everything was spinning. Soon, everything was going in circles.

"Marcel!" I screamed. Pain filled my body and all I could feel was my hand connected to Marcel's. 

The spinning stopped spinning and there was skidding sounds a sounds like metal crashing. 

What just happened?

Then everything stopped. My eyes opened and I saw Marcel, he was upside down. I felt the blood quickly rush to my head and Marcel's eyes met mine. 

"Marcel, are you ok?" I whispered. There was intense pain from my legs, arms and head. 

"The better question is, are you ok?" Our hands were still connected. 

"I love you Marcel." Was the last thing that I said before everything zoned in and out. 

Police, ambulance and firetruck signs. I saw a white light and many different voices scrambling. 

"They're alive!" I heard a man and I was carefully lifted on what I think was a gerny.

I felt my hands empty. 

"Is Marcel ok?" I whispered. 

"Don't worry miss. He will be fine, you however..." Everything went black

*~*~*the next day*~*~*

Everything was black.

It was so dark. "Marcel!" I shouted. "Marcel!" I shouted with pain and fear in my voice. Nothing.

Nothing but black. 

But things started to get light. I squinted and let a sigh of relief. I was alive.

"Where's Marcel?" I whispered. I heard soft whimpers and felt a weak hand on my left and a strong hand on my right. 

"Marcel?" I opened my eyes more. In front of me was a wall with a small dry erase board with words on it and a TV on the wall. I looked to the left.

There was a sleeping Marcel. He had two black eyes, a swollen lip and his head wrapped in gauze with little red spots. He had a cast on his left arm and his right foot was in a brace. I ran my eyes down my arm and saw our hands were together. I smiled. It hurt but I saw his heart monitor beeping normal. 

I looked to my right and saw Logan's head. He was sniffling and had both of his hands on my right hand. I clenched my hand. He looked up with a huge smile. 

Logan's eyes were red and puffy. "Bri." He smiled.

"Logie." I smiled back. "What happened?" 

"You were on your way to dinner with Marcel and you two were looking at each other and his car flipped ten times. Marcel is going to be ok. But you, you're in pretty bad shape. But you're alive. That's all that matters."  His eyes were red, swollen and puffy. The tip of his nose was red and his cheeks were flushed red. 

"The last thing I remember was saying 'I love you' to Marcel and everything was zoning in and out. Wheres Jamie?" 

"She's outside trying to pull herself together. She just came a few minutes ago." 

"What about Edward and Elizabeth. Everyone else?" I was worried. My monitor started beeping faster. 

"Calm down Bri. You're over working yourself." He looked into my eyes. I heart seized. 

"Everyone is the floor waiting room. Mom and dad are coming." He looked at his phone. "It is almost midnight. The paramedics called the house and I came with all of our friends. No need to worry. We're all here." 

"Can you go get Jamie?" He nodded and kissed my forehead. Jamie came in with red eyes and a smile. 

"Oh Bri you're ok! I was so worried you wouldn't wake up!" She ran to me and hugged me tight.

"Ow Jamie." I laughed at the slight pain coming from my chest. "Oh. Haha. Sorry." She let go and we shared a small laugh. 

I looked at Marcel. I squeezed his hand. "Wake up Marcel. Please." I started to cry. "Please Marcel. Don't leave me." 

"I never left." I heard him faintly say. 

"Marcel." I cried tears of happiness. He was awake. I gripped his hand harder. 

His dull emerald eyes slowly opened. The dark bruises on his eyes made his eyes look dark. 

"Are you ok?" I asked worried to death. 

"Well they must have me on a lot of pain medication cause I can barely feel anything." He then laughed. I laughed with him. We both coughed. 

"I'm just glad you're ok." I smiled. 

"This was all my fault. I'm so sorry Sabrina. This is horrible. All my fault." His heart monitor raced. 

"Marcel. Please don't blame this on you. It was not your fault. We don't know the whole story. Just calm yourself." He looked at me, his heart was still bumping. I sat up. Though it hurt.

"Marcel, calm down. You're gonna strain yourself. And you're gonna have a heart attack or something." I gave him calm eyes. I pulled my free hand over to his face. I cupped his cheek.

He would not calm down.

"Marcel baby, calm down. Everything is ok. Just calm down." And the monitor slowed down.

"I'm sorry Sabrina. I never meant for this to happen. My first date, ruined. And this date was going to be perfect. I ruined your life." I started to chuckle in disbelief.

"Marcel calm down. You didn't ruin my life. I was really excited for our date tonight but we each could be dead or more injured than we are now. Just calm down. Think of all the good things. Not the bad."

He lifted his hand up and kissed it. I felt my face get hot and then noise filled the room. I heard my mom saying, "Where's my baby?" When she saw me, her face went pale and she ran to me, pulling me in a painful hug.

"Ow mom, you're hurting me. Ow!" She got the message. My dad stood there, staring at Marcel and me. Hurt and worry in his eyes. When my mom let go I started to cry.

"Daddy." I whispered. He came to me and pulled me in a hug. I felt my dad's hand pull mine and Marcel's hands apart.

"I do not want you to talk to him ever again." He whispered in my ear. "No." I sassed.

"No what baby?" My mom rubbed my arm.

"Dad said never to talk to Marcel again. No. It was a complete accident. He never meant for this to happen. I love him and he would never do this to me on purpose. He had the best night planned for me and it all ruined by some idiot. Not Marcel." I grabbed his hand. "You may be my father, but you will not keep me from talking to him and that is final." Everyone looked at me in amazement. As did Marcel.

"Wow Bri, I didn't know you had that in you." My dad smiled. "I'm sorry. You can stay with him. He hurts you again, he's done." I smiled wide at him and looked at Marcel. He was smiling also.

"Is my baby ok?" I heard a semi familiar voice say. Marcel's mom and Gemma came in worried to death. She ran to him and pulled him in a bear hug and kissed his head. She cupped his face.

"Are you ok?" He chuckled.

"Yes mum. I'm fine. Just a little banged up." She continued to kiss his forehead and came to me.

"Oh Sabrina are you ok?" I smiled.

"Yes Anne I'm alright." I smiled at Marcel. He smiled back.

"So does anyone know the whole story?" Marcel scanned the filled room.

"I can answer that." A deep voice called." Two men walked in the room with white coats, baby blue dress shirts and ties with white and gray dress pants carrying clipboards one with blue eyes and black eyes and the other one with blonde hair and green eyes smiled.

"Glad you two are awake. I was starting to get worried. I am Sabrina's doctor. Doctor Deer." The blonde haired doctor smiled.

"And I am Marcel's doctor. Doctor Tibit." 

"Are they gonna be ok?" My mom asked. The doctors.

"Yes Ms. Miller they're gonna be just fine. They will both need to be in wheel chairs for a while and we need to do one more surgery on Sabrina." He put a x-ray sheet on the board and flipped the switch. It was my arm.

"The first time we opened her up, we moved the bone back in place but some blood from our gloves got inside her arm and gridded the bone out of place. We can fix it in a ten minute surgery and have her back to normal." He smiled pointing at my arm where there was a large crack in me forearm. He came to me.

"You two are very lucky."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well the car that caused the crash was being driven by a man under the influence. He was going over the speed limit by a mile stone and lost control of the car when he passed out in the car. He came across the highway and hit you. Your car is totaled and you flipped seven times. It skidded on the road for half a mile and finally stopped. The man is in custody and is being put in jail soon." I was crying.

Marcel squeezed my hand.

"There was also no way you could've missed the man without crashing." My doctor added. 

"You two are very lucky. You will both be out of the hospital soon but you will not be able to walk or a couple months." Marcel's doctor said. 

"So what about Sabrina's surgery?" My mom asked. 

"Well we can get her in ten minutes and she'll be gone for the most, an hour." My doctor rubbed my arm. I smiled at him and looked at Marcel. 

"I'll be back soon. I love you." I kissed his hand. The doctor smiled and signaled for me to break our hands. It felt so bare. I didn't like it. 

"I miss you already!" Marcel shouted. 

"I miss you more!" I shouted before being taken into a elevator with some people on it. They looked at me with hurt. I just smiled. 

"Will I be alright?" I whispered. 

"Don't worry Sabrina, we will have you back to normal in no time. Also Marcel." I weakly smiled at what he said. The rest of the ride to the operating room was quiet. The doctor wheeled me threw the large two white doors. My heart began to pick up speed. 

There was six other nurses in blue-green scrubs messing around with different tools that made my heart pump almost out of my chest. 

"Don't worry Sabrina. Just count backwards from ten." One of the nurses slipped a gas mask on my nose. I nodded, and started to count backwards. By the time I was to four, everything started to echo. 

Soon, everything was black.


ello everyone!! :D i am so so so so sorry about this long wait for this chapter!! :( ive been working really hard on this chapter and i took all the time that i coul to write!! so yeah this was a huge twist for you guys and me!! i cant believe im posting this!! everything is falling apart after this!! spoiler alert!! the sequal is comin soon!! i cant wait to write it :D so let me know what you think about this chapter and suggest anything you mihgt want me to write!! 

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